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Cyber attacks on defense minister undermine bilateral relations

By Dalia Bankauskaitė, for CEPA On 18 January, Lithuania experienced a cyber attack  aimed at TV3.lt—the website of a major Lithuanian TV channel—in which hackers inserted false information about Raimundas Karoblis, the minister of national defense. According to the story, Karoblis admitted to being gay and was accused of sexual harassment by a well-known radio journalist and some diplomats. In contrast to previous cyber attacks on the country, this story

Militarily, Baltic region is stable; but in terms of information war, it’s not, Latvian expert says

By Paul Goble, Window on Eurasia The situation in the Baltic region militarily is “quite stable,” Andis Kudors says, not only because NATO has beefed up its defenses there but because Vladimir Putin is interested in the first instance in maintaining the status quo in Russia, something that would be threatened by an attack on Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The director of the Riga Center for Research on the Politics

Russia can only affect Lithuanian society with internal problems – analyst

By The Baltic Times The Kremlin can only have an effect on Lithuania’s society, if it is shaken by internal problems, says Lilia Shevtsova, political scientist and analyst at the international policy institute Chatham House. “I do not believe that Russian disinformation, the activity of Russia Today, Sputnik, Russian media or Russian social networks is a very powerful factor of influence. It could be a factor of influence only when

Winter is coming: Observations from the Baltic states

By CEPA In the summer of 2017 the Center for European Policy Analysis sent Colin Dueck on a listening tour of the Baltics to interview diplomatic, military and economic government officials in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia on the subject of Russia’s long-term challenge to these countries, their national responses and related NATO and U.S. policies. He reports back that winter is coming and the Baltic states, as well as the United States,

Sputnik retouches Soviet memories in Lithuania

By Dalia Bankauskaitė, for CEPA In recent months, the pro-Kremlin, Lithuanian-language media outlet Sputniknews.lt has disseminated photos about how happy Lithuanians were during the Soviet era. In July, Sputniknews.lt published “Vilnius University in the Soviet epoch” and “Earth salt: Lithuanian heroes of the Soviet era” followed by “Basketball Club ‘Zalgiris’ in Soviet times” “A moment of the past: Vilnius in the time of the USSR” “Lithuanian women in Soviet times”

Polish TV channels to be broadcast in southeastern Lithuania to offset Russian propaganda

By Baltic Times In an effort to counterbalance Russian propaganda, three Polish television channels will be made available to viewers in Lithuania’s southeastern districts with large ethnic Polish communities. Free-to-air terrestrial broadcasts of TVP Info, Kino Polska International and Kino Polska Muzyka International are planned to begin in the districts of Vilnius, Salcininkai and Svencionys next February. The Lithuanian Transport and Communications Ministry last Friday published the technical specifications for

Moscow Outlet Describes How Russia Should Break Up Each of the Baltic Countries

By Paul Goble, Window on Eurasia Arguing that the Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians are more russophobic than any other nation in the world, the Russian propaganda site, SputnikPogrom, outlines how Moscow must work to split up the three countries into smaller units dominated by ethnic and linguistic minorities to put them on course for reabsorption into a Russian empire. The 3500-word unsigned article entitled “How We Will Reorganize the Baltic

Russian TV Channel is facing restrictions on broadcasting in Lithuania

Russian Channel Planeta TV is facing restrictions on broadcasting in Lithuania due to the incitement of inter-ethnic discord and calls for war, the DELFI news portal reported. The Lithuanian Radio and Television Commission began investigating violations of the law on the Russian TV talk show, Duel. The program by Vladimir Solovyov was broadcast on the 16th of October by RTR-Planeta. The Chairman of the Lithuanian Radio and Television Commission, Edmundas

How to survive war: Lithuanians are handed 75-page manual telling them what to do if Putin’s forces invade, including a handy guide to spotting a Russian tank

By Julian Robinson for MailOnline Lithuanians have been handed manuals telling them what to do in the event of a Russian invasion, it has emerged. The 75-page booklet, called ‘Prepare to survive emergencies and war’, urges citizens to ‘have the will to resist’ if Vladimir Putin’s forces attack. Extensive guides range from how to recognise Russian tanks to step-by-step survival tricks, including using condoms to help transport food and water.

The Baltic Elves Taking on Pro-Russian Trolls

What at first looked like as a social media grudge match could be a precursor to invasion, war and resistance in the Baltics, Michail Weiss wrote for The Daily Beast. My elf was on time and surprisingly tall. Mindaugas is an unassuming, thirty-something advertising agency director by day, and a ferocious cyber-warrior by night. He started a phenomenon, here in Lithuania, of countering Kremlin propaganda and disinformation on the Internet.

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