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Being occupied as a privilege

By EU vs Disinfo In September last year we revealed how the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs smeared the Baltic countries by claiming they have not become democracies respecting the rule of law. Despite the pushback, the Kremlin’s disinformation campaign has once again been dialled to history, due to the postponed Victory day parade celebrating the 75th anniversary of WWII. This time, the kick-off came from the Twitter account of the Russian embassy

Sputnik: Revising history one infographic at a time

By EU vs Disinfo Every year on the 13th of January, Lithuania commemorates the events of 1991 when Soviet forces attempted to crush the country’s recently re-established independence. On that winter night, Soviet troops, still garrisoned in the capital city of Vilnius, attacked its radio and television centre, killing civilians who had congregated there to form a human shield. More than a dozen people lost their lives, and hundreds more

Fake: Lithuania Teaches War to Ukrainian Children 

Russian media featured several stories this week about summer camps in Lithuania for children of Ukrainian servicemen deployed in Donbas. “In the Baltics children are being prepared for war, they will replace their fathers. You cannot call this normal,” writes Russkaya Vesna, while the orthodox and monarchist site Tsargrad claims that youth camps in Lithuania and Latvia are teaching Ukrainian children partisan warfare. Both publications emphasize that the camps are

Fake: EU Turns Blind Eye to Russian Passport Distribution in Donbas

Lithuania and Estonia are the only two European Union countries willing to “ruin relations with Russia” and speak out against the Kremlin issuing Russian passports in the occupied Ukrainian territory Donbas, declared Russian media in the wake of statements issued by the Foreign Ministries of the two Baltic States that they would not recognize such passports. One Russian political analyst called the move a PR stunt and declared that the

How come a Russian military pundit is obsessed with the President of Lithuania?

By EU vs Disinfo Igor Korotchenko is a vocal advocate for the Russian Military Industry. He is the editor-in-chief of a major defence journal and a frequent guest in talk shows in TV-channels with strong connections to the Kremlin. He has campaigned to get elected to the Russian Parliament for the Nationalist Rodina party. He is an ardent twitter user with more than 100 000 followers. And he seems to be obsessed with

Kremlin targets Lithuania’s energy policy

By Dalia Bankauskaitė, for CEPA On 30 November, Lithuania’s National Commission for Energy Control and Prices (NCC), the independent agency that regulates energy fees in accordance with the international energy market, gave final approval to domestic electricity and gas rates for 2019. Electricity prices for residential consumers will rise by 15 percent, while residential gas prices will rise by 15-20 percent. Industrial consumers will also have to pay more: a 40 percent increase in electricity rates

Lithuania Asks Walmart To Stop Selling Clothing With Soviet Symbols

By RFE/RL Lithuania is urging U.S. retail giant Walmart to stop selling clothing with Soviet hammer-and-sickle symbols, which it says insults victims of Soviet-era persecution. “You wouldn’t buy Nazi-themed clothing, would you?” the Baltic state’s foreign minister, Linas Linkevicius, tweeted on September 7. “We trust @Walmart’s moral stance & call to withdraw products with the symbols of mass murders.” The hammer-and-sickle symbol is banned in Lithuania, a nation of 2.9

Cyberattacks in Lithuania: The new normal

By Dalia Bankauskaitė and Simas Čelutka, for Integrity Initiative On 18 January Lithuania encountered a cyberattack aimed at TV3.lt website, one of the most popular TV channels in Lithuania. The initial hackers’ IP address led to St Petersburg, Russia. Hackers inserted false information about the Minister of National Defence Raimundas Karoblis. Also, emails from the TV3.lt account with the attached false story containing a malicious code were sent to Lithuanian

Russia’s “Nazi” Narrative Against Lithuania and the Baltic States

By Lukas Andriukaitis, for Integrity Initiative The 2016 US Presidential elections were the final wake-up call for Western countries to grasp the full scope of Russian information warfare. For more than a decade, Russia has been waging (link sends email) an unceasing and far-reaching information campaign against NATO and the Western countries, which were caught by surprise. Meanwhile, the Baltic States have been fighting on the information front (link sends email) since gaining independence in 1990.

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