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Russian news site distorts U.S. coronavirus poll

By Polygraph News Fronta pro-Kremlin news site“Every fourth American is against taking anti-COVID-19 vaccine.”Source: News Front, May 21, 2020FALSE On May 21, the pro-Kremlin news site News Front covered a survey commissioned by Reuters. The News Front story, published in Russian, was headlined “Every fourth American is against taking anti-COVID-19 vaccine.” The headline is false. News Front downplayed findings showing support for a coronavirus vaccine in the survey, which polled 4,428

When you can’t trust a liar is lying – whom can you trust?

By EU vs Disinfo News Front has always been a reliable source of disinformation. The site, operated from illegally annexed Crimea, is ambitiously publishing lies in eight languages. The site has been praising Hitler, it has claimed that Britain is becoming Islamic and hinted that the yellow vests movement in France is a US project to get rid of Macron. For years, we have counted on News Front to tell lies, nothing but lies

Pro-Kremlin News Front praising Hitler

By EU vs Disinfo Russian disinformation outlet News Front is a regular provider of content for our database on disinformation. From them we have got the case of Finnish politicians suggesting Ukrainian traces in the Skripal poisoning, and that the US is staging a colour revolution in France to get rid of Macron, or that Britain is becoming Islamic, and dozens more. it’s a reliable source – for disinformation. If you

The half-truth, a little of the truth and a lot of stuff besides the truth

By EU vs Disinfo Sometimes facts can be disinformation. Taken out of context, a quote, a number, a statement or a picture can be deceiving, while factually correct. Lies work more effectively, when they are supported by something factual; something real, something true. A picture, published by the pro-Kremlin disinformation outlet Sputnik, is a good example of this. Two smiling young men, in front of the burning Notre Dame. The

No news on the News Front

By EU vs Disinfo How a Pro-Kremlin Disinformation Outlet Tailors Content to Different European Audiences One frequent “guest” on our database of disinformation is News Front – a Russian site, established in November 2014 as a mouthpiece for the self-proclaimed “People’s Republics” of Eastern Ukraine. According to media reports, it’s financed by the Russian state security services, the FSB. It is published in eight languages and has a large audience.

One image, 4 x disinformation about migrants

By EU vs Disinfo On May 14, news agency “News Front” published a story including an image of “Kosovan and Albanian migrants storming EU borders” from Serbia. The story was published on News Front’s English, German and Spanish sites. According to Brandwatch analytics tool, the story achieved 48.507 impressions on Twitter and was tweeted by disinformation-related accounts in the Netherlands, Serbia and Slovenia, among others. News Front is a growing

Video Fake: The Execution of Militia Man and His Pregnant Wife

On May 21, the News Front site published a video fake entitled “The Execution of a Militia Man and His Pregnant Wife, Presumably by the Donbas Battalion.” The News Front site alleges that the video of the execution by hanging was found on the phone of one of the “chastisers of the Ukrainian battalion, who was terminated by the Popular Militia of the Luhansk Popular Republic.” A representative of the

Fake: Ukrainian Military Beat Andrey Makarevich at Kharkiv Concert

Russian and other media have falsely reported that Ukrainian soldiers recently beat Russian singer Andrey Makarevich. According to the reports, the incident allegedly took place during a private concert in Kharkiv by the singer for the leaders of the ATO on the eve of Victory Day. Allegedly, one of battalion commanders punched the singer in the face and then broke a guitar over his head. The story first appeared on

Video Fake: Explosion on the Road to Komsomolske

Separatists’ channel News Front again used a fake video in its news program. December 27, in “Novorossia news summary” the old video of an explosion on a road was shown (starting from 0:25). The anchorwoman tells that Ukrainian raiding forces allegedly became more active on Donbas. “In the evening a car with local inhabitants was blown up on the road to Komsomolske. As a result of the diversion three people

Video Fake of “Novorossia” Channel

December 26, separatists’ channel News Front showed in its program “Novorossia news summary” an old video of a car destroyed on Donbas (starting from 0:27). An anchorwoman told that Ukrainian militaries destroyed a civil car near the mine Verhulevska, 2 kilometers east from Debaltsevo. “A power engineer of Stakhanovsk distribution zone died, a mine guard was delivered unconscious to the hospital of the town of Briansk”, informed the anchorwoman. However,

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