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Countering information influence activities: A handbook for communicators

By RIB-Meny The handbook aims to assist and support communication specialists in public administration to identify, analyse and counter information influence activities in order to mitigate their impact on society. A central principle for all activities described in this handbook is that they always comply with Swedish laws and principles on freedom of expression and freedom of the press, on which our democracy is founded. This publication is also available

Russian journalist forced to resign for criticizing pro-Putin propaganda on Instagram

By Global Voices On May 24, 2018, reporter Alexandra Terikova was forced to resign for posting an Instagram video of kindergarten students singing a song for Russian president Vladimir Putin and then giving an interview about it to an independent channel. Terikova, who works with N1, a small local TV network in Nizhnevartovsk in western Siberia, posted a video of her daughter and other children in their nursery school singing a song

Four factors affecting press freedom in Russia

By EU vs Disinfo The World Press Freedom Day has been marked every year on 3 May after it was proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in 1993. In connection with this date, Reporters Without Borders (RSF) publishes the annual World Press Freedom index, which takes the temperature of the issue internationally. In this year’s index, Russia’s position as number 148 out of 180 countries was unchanged compared to last year’s result.

Will we ever see the end of information control in Azerbaijan?

By Arzu Geybullayeva, for Global Voices At a meeting of NATO allies in Brussels in November 2017, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev highlighted the importance of free speech and internet freedom. A summary published on the official presidential website paraphrased Aliyev’s remarks as follows: “Highlighting democratic development issues, President Ilham Aliyev said the free internet, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and other freedoms are ensured in Azerbaijan.” This and other

Russia-imposed court in Crimea upholds journalist Semena’s verdict

By RFE/RL The top court in Ukraine’s Russia-controlled Crimea region has upheld a separatism conviction against journalist Mykola Semena in a case that has been criticized by media freedom advocates and Western governments. The court, which Russia calls the Supreme Court of Crimea, left the conviction and suspended 2 1/2-year sentence in place in its ruling on December 18. At the same time, it shortened — from three years to

Plucky Russian Newspaper Stands By Warning Against ‘Distorted’ TV News

Running an independent newspaper can be a risky business in Russia, where failure to toe the Kremlin line can lead to fines, closure, or even jail. And when a publication has been branded by state-controlled media as “U.S. propaganda,” the danger that the police will come knocking is even greater, Amos Chapple and Tony Wesolowsky wrote for RFE/RL. But the editor in chief of Yakutsk Vecherny, one of the most popular newspapers

Kazakhstan: Mud-Slinging at Protesters Highlights Apparent Media Double Standards

Aimira Shaunkentayeva reads her news bulletins with a stony and ferocious demeanor. But on the turn of a dime, her voice softens as she warns with matronly concern of the threats besieging Kazakhstan. For many, Shaunkentayeva, a newsreader on First Channel Eurasia – a station jointly owned by the Kazakhstani state and a Russian TV channel – has emerged as the most recognizable face of an increasingly aggressive propaganda assault

Getting The News From Chechnya – The Crackdown On Free Press You May Have Missed

When a minivan with eight Russian and European journalists and human rights activists was attacked on March 9 by a band of professional thugs near the border of Ingushetia and Chechnya last week, the story was covered briefly in some world news outlets but didn’t attract much attention. Putin’s war in Syria has distracted from the war in Ukraine; both wars have distracted from the lower-level, even if worsening conflict

Is Russia’s National Character Authoritarian?

Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and the Russian public’s acquiescence in direct government control of news media have many people wondering if Russians are predisposed to authoritarianism. It seems like a sensible question. But I have learned from experience that we have to be very careful about drawing conclusions about national character from isolated events, Robert J.Shiller wrote for Project Syndicate. In 1989, I was invited to an economic conference in

How censorship works in Vladimir Putin’s Russia

Russia can be a murderously difficult place to do independent journalism; the killing of reporter and activist Anna Politkovskaya in 2006 ought to have made that manifestly clear. But journalism isn’t the only kind of speech that’s under threat in Russia. A new report from PEN America makes it clear how a confluence of laws ostensibly aimed at combating terrorism and religious hatred and protecting children have created an environment

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