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Kremlin trolls exposed: Russia’s information war against Ukraine

UKRINFORM journalist Lana Samokhvalova found something strange while browsing facebook for a schedule of commemorative events dedicated to the Euromaidan Revolution– she accidently unearthed an entire network of very suspicious, self-identified “Ukrainian patriots.” She quickly realized they were Kremlin trolls who had been working systematically to destabilize the situation in Ukraine: “There was a very distinct pattern. Every two-three days, they’d urge people to bring Molotov cocktails to these commemorative

Russian troll farms behind campaign to topple Ukraine’s government

Over 2,000 social media profiles, directed from Moscow, were orchestrating a “third Maidan” campaign in Ukrainian social media. The internet portal Texty.org.ua investigated the origins of the social media frenzy urging to topple the government over 8 months and uncovered a network of trolls coordinated by a former “Donetsk People’s Republic” (“DNR”) militant now leading special operations in Moscow. “Stepan Mazura” and his “Third Maidan” It was in February 2016 when

This is How Pro-Russia Trolls Manipulate Finns Online – Check the List of Forums Favored by Propagandists

Hostile trolls distributing propaganda messages from the Russian leadership try to silence and mislead Finns and to manipulate the Finnish public discussion online according to the journalistic investigation of Kioski on pro-Russia trolls. Pro-Russia trolling, in other words, aggressive online texts following the agenda of the Kremlin is everyday reality on many websites used by Finns. The distribution of false information supporting the information warfare waged by the Russian leadership has increased significantly

Ukraine’s Lonely Cyberwarrior vs. Russia

He hacks Russian ministries and CCTV cameras in rebel areas, but Eugene Dokunin and his team are up against a horde of Russian trolls. KIEV — Despite the ceasefire announced for eastern Ukraine last weekend (which already appears to have fallen apart), Eugene Dokunin, the self-titled Chief Commander of the Ukrainian Cyber Army, is gearing up for a major offensive. His team is working on an ambitious plan, codenamed “Apocalypse,”

The Ukrainian Communications Standoff

In all political conflicts, when feverish crisis management turns into stalemate and the focus shifts from who acts quickest to who lasts longest, communications becomes of the essence. This moment has now been reached in the Ukrainian standoff between the West and Russia. Granted, escalation dominance still lies with the Kremlin. Moscow is in the tactically advantageous position of being able to scale up or down its involvement in Ukraine’s

How an RT Columnist Tries to Influence the Debate on Russia and Ukraine

This article was written by The Interpreter’s editorial staff and utilized the extensive research by independent journalist RobPulseNews of Ukraine: War Log. The Russian media landscape has changed dramatically in recent years, and much of that change has occurred only in the last eight months. Domestically, Russian-language print and broadcast media outlets have been dramatically reorganized in order for the Kremlin to exert greater control over content. Avowed propagandists have

Putin´s Trolls

Western publishing houses faced a new phenomenon lately. Commentary sections on the webpages of the mentioned online print houses and Facebook were flooded by many negative comments. These comments were aimed against one or another newspaper/article or against some journalists to blame them in lies, propaganda, and warmongering, writing under the influence of the US State Department or at least in publishing one-sided reports. This phenomenon did not stay unnoticed

Leaked Correspondence Shows Agency’s “Trolling”

Anonymous International last week uploaded hacked correspondence alleged to be between employees and their superiors at the Internet Research Agency, a secretive company based in the village of Olgino near St. Petersburg, which revealed its extensive pro-Kremlin activities on the Internet. The correspondence showed that paid bloggers and commenters have been heavily used to infiltrate the Internet forums of Western media outlets and blogs, even posing as Westerners despite their

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