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Annexation of Crimea beats space exploration as Russians’ proudest moment

Russians are prouder of the annexation of Crimea than they are of their nation’s achievements in space exploration, provided this year’s results of a Levada Center survey held annually since 1999. In January 2017, victory in the Second World War (called the Great Patriotic War in Russia) retained its leading position as the proudest moment of the Russian people. This option was selected by 83 percent of respondents. Second place

Russia waging information war against Sweden, study finds

Swedish Institute of International Affairs accuses Russia of using fake news and false documents to influence opinion, Jon Henley wrote for The Guardian. Sweden’s most authoritative foreign policy institute has accused Russia of using fake news, false documents and disinformation as part of a coordinated campaign to influence public opinion and decision-making in the Scandinavian country. The Swedish Institute of International Affairs said in a comprehensive study that Sweden had

Kremlin Propaganda Effort Ever Less Effective on Russians, Surveys Show

By Paul Goble, Window on Eurasi The messages Kremlin propaganda is disseminating and the actual beliefs of Russians are increasingly diverging, except on the “sacred” issue of approval for Vladimir Putin, surveys show, an indication that his regime’s media efforts are ever less successful in shaping public attitudes, according to Igor Yakovenko. The Russian commentator argues that Russians have become accustomed to live in an authoritarian country with elements of

Russians Increasingly Skeptical of ‘False’ and ‘Biased’ News

The number of Russians who think media reports are false or biased has doubled in the last 12 months, a report by Russian journalism charity Mediastandart has revealed. The number of respondents who said they frequently found media reports to be false or partial skyrocketed from 24 percent in 2015 to 48 percent in 2016. Half of all Muscovites and 47 percent of St. Petersburg said they believed the news

Putin’s New Totalitarianism Relies on ‘Targeted Repression and Mass Manipulation,’ Gudkov Says

Unlike classical totalitarian rulers who relied on “total terror and mass repressions,” Lev Gudkov says, Vladimir Putin relies on a “new technology of rule,” one based on the assumption that “targeted prophylactic repressions and the manipulation of mass consciousness” are all he needs. The Levada Center director draws that conclusion on the basis of his work as a pollster who has found that the Putin regime doesn’t manipulate the population

Putin has the Right Message for Everyone

The Russian propaganda machine has been targeting Germany for some time now. The aim of this disinformation is to unnerve society. But we can defend ourselves against it, Ingo Mannteufel wrote for Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Do you belong to those Germans who want to move to Crimea because the situation in Germany has become so difficult? No? But I am sure you know someone among your friends who is planning

Is Russia’s National Character Authoritarian?

Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and the Russian public’s acquiescence in direct government control of news media have many people wondering if Russians are predisposed to authoritarianism. It seems like a sensible question. But I have learned from experience that we have to be very careful about drawing conclusions about national character from isolated events, Robert J.Shiller wrote for Project Syndicate. In 1989, I was invited to an economic conference in

How Donbas gets split by Russian propaganda

Donetsk region residents have felt the power of information war in the last two years. Donetsk region residents have felt the power of information war in the last two years. Families are separated, friends stop communicating, brothers find themselves on different sides of the trench. Russian propaganda, which turns Ukrainian citizens against their state, creeps even onto liberated territories of the Donbas. Journalists of “Donetsk Dialogue” programme (Donbas Public TV)

Putin’s Ukraine Admission and a Culture of Lies

After persistent denials, Russian President Vladimir Putin seemingly admitted to a Russian military presence in Eastern Ukraine (before he didn’t). In any “normal country”, coming clean about a clandestine military operation on live television would have huge political implications. But in Russia, it didn’t even make the evening news. It all started on December 17 during Putin’s annual marathon Q&A session, a PR exercise in which he vacillates between his

Why Russia’s Alternate History of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 Matters

On Tuesday, the Dutch Safety Board issued its long-awaited report on what brought down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 in eastern Ukraine on July 17, 2014. Speaking at Gilze-Rijen Air Base in the Netherlands, Tjibbe Joustra, the safety board’s chairman, announced that after meticulous study — including the plastering the charred scraps of the plane onto a skeleton model of the Boeing 777, which sat behind him as he spoke —

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