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Two new signs Russians are ceasing to trust the Kremlin’s messages

By Paul Goble, Window on Eurasia In a lead article today, the editors of Nezavisimaya gazeta say that for the first time fewer than half of all Russians say they trust government TV in large part because the economy and its problems are the primary focus of Russians in their everyday lives but the last thing the media attend to (ng.ru/editorial/2017-07-25/2_7036_red.html). And in a Rosbalt commentary, Lyudmila Semenova, a specialist

Nearly two-thirds of Russians now favor statues honoring Stalin and oppose memorials to his crimes

By Paul Goble, Window on Eurasia Sixty-two percent of Russians say that statues and other memorials should be put up in Russian cities to remind about “the successes of Joseph Stalin,” a new VTsIOM poll says; but at the same time, 65 percent of them are opposed to any monuments that recall his crimes. Young people under the age of 24 are somewhat more favorably inclined to the erection of

The worse things become, the more Russians look to the state and to Putin

In most countries when the economic situation deteriorates or the government behaves in ways that fail to help the population out, an increasing number of people turn against the government and its leadership and demand either changes in policies or even changes in the leadership itself. But in Russia, the relationships between the economy and the state, on the one hand, and the population, on the other, is very different.

Kremlin pollster says 15 percent of Russians are unpatriotic ‘shit’

By Meduza Valery Fedorov, the head of the state-owned VTsIOM polling agency, said in a television interview on Thursday that 15 percent of Russians make up the unpatriotic “shit” who regularly criticize Vladimir Putin. “These are the people who have no love for our Russia. These are the people who have no desire to make it better. These are the people who are always ready to criticize and protest, whether

Stalin Named World’s ‘Most Remarkable’ Public Figure — Poll

By The Moscow Times Soviet dictator Josef Stalin has been named by Russians as the world’s most outstanding public figure, new data has revealed. Some 1,600 Russians were asked to name ten of world’s greatest personalities as part of a survey by independent pollster the Levada Center. Stalin came in top place, after being named by 38 percent of respondents. He was followed by Russian poet Alexander Pushkin and President

Two-Thirds of Russians Believe USSR Would Have Won WWII Without Allied Help

By The Moscow Times Nearly two-thirds of Russians believe that the Soviet Union could have defeated Nazi Germany without the help of its wartime allies, a new survey has revealed. Some 63 percent of Russians said that the Soviet Union would have triumphed without aid from abroad, a new poll by independent pollster the Levada Center found. Twenty-eight percent said that the Soviets needed Allied help to secure victory over

The Daily Vertical: Not Just A Putin Problem (Transcript)

By Brian Whitmore, for RFE/RL “Krym Nash” was just the beginning. Crimea is not the only place and Ukraine is not the only neighbor where Russia has territorial ambitions. And this is not just a fixation of Vladimir Putin and his cronies, but for large and stable majorities of the Russian population. According to a new poll by the Pew Research Center, 60 percent of Russians believe that parts of

Awareness and Attitude toward the Problem of Disinformation and Propaganda in Mass Media

The research goal of the StopFake project was to find out the level of awareness and attitude of Ukrainian citizens regarding the problems of disinformation, informational manipulations and propaganda in the media. Research consisted of two parts: representative opinion poll and focus group discussions. The reason for this type of research design was the need to determine general tendencies in attitudes and opinions of the population towards the problems defined,

Talking Heads: How Russia’s Videobloggers are Shaping Public Opinion

As Russians turn from their televisions in favour of YouTube, the Kremlin is struggling to find a primetime slot. By Ola Cichowlas, for The Moscow Times When Sasha Spilberg addressed the Duma on May 22, few Russians under the age of 25 even knew who she was. “My name is Sasha Spilberg and I have over 10 million followers on social media,” the 19-year-old told the Russian parliament as part

‘Crimean Effect Weaker But Still Significant for the Kremlin, Experts Say

By Paul Goble, Window on Eurasia With the passing of time, the euphoria with which Russians greeted the Crimean Anschluss has weakened, a process that has been intensified by declines in standard of living and that has left public attitudes about the regime more negative than they were even before Vladimir Putin seized the Ukrainian peninsula. Indeed, a study by the Levada Center, says that “assessments of the activity of

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