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Fake: Pope Presents Putin with Guardian Angel of Peace Medal

The recent visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to the Vatican inspired pro-Kremlin media to come up with a rather fawning fake, that Pope Francis presented Putin with the Guardian Angel of Peace medal. The sources for this fake are none other than the Putin-faithful president of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov , who announced the fake in his Telegram account and Dmitri Peskov, Putin’s press secretary, who confirmed the fake, that

Putin’s Direct Line and Ukraine

When asked what advice would he give his grandchildren, Russian president Vladimir Putin responded with an answer that is uncharacteristic for a former KGB officer who has a history of magnificent mendacity behind him. Don’t lie, Putin said.  While his advice for grandchildren might have a ring of honesty to it, everything that the Russian ruler said about Ukraine followed the well-known script of untruth we are all too familiar

Fake: Suddeutsche Zeitung Declares Poroshenko Autistic

Russia’s federal news agency RIAFAN published a story claiming that the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung diagnosed Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko with autism.  Without citing the German publication directly or providing a link, RIAFAN writes “Süddeutsche Zeitung journalists have come to the conclusion that judging by his behavior lately Ukrainian President Poroshenko acts as if he is autistic”. Obviously Süddeutsche Zeitung never published such a story, but the Russian publication Dni.ru

RT Twists CNN Russia Story to Raise Moscow’s World Role

Attempts to isolate Russia have led to increased Moscow influence in the world and if Russia’s president was isolated at the G20 summit held in Australia last year, Moscow’s influence on the world stage has grown so much, that it is impossible to ignore it, declared Russia’s international broadcaster RT. RT uses a CNN story entitled “Russian to take center stage at G20 summit” as its source, in which journalist

Russian media and Putin’s huge G20 summit success

“The busiest schedule” , “an open and honest meeting with the US president that Barak Obama himself requested,” – according to the Kremlin media, the G20 summit was a huge triumph for Russian President Vladimir Putin, why he even led the column of presidents and prime ministers as they entered the conference hall in in the Chinese city of Hangzhou. Western media however, were less fawning, the Obama-Putin meeting was

Russian and Ukrainian versions of the Crimea “sabotage plot”

The fallout from Russia’s accusations of Ukraine planning a sabotage mission in occupied Crimea that the Kremlin’s security forces had allegedly foiled is far from over. Russia claims to have prevented terrorist acts in the peninsula and captured two alleged saboteurs who, according to Moscow, were trained in Kyiv by the Intelligence branch of Ukraine’s Defense Ministry. Ukraine has denied these accusations and said the alleged terrorist acts Russia was

Russian Crimea Annexation Documentary Filled with Lies and Errors

In February 2015 Russia’s national television channel Rossia-1 aired “Crimea, the way home”  Andrey Kondrashov’s film about the annexation of Crimea by the Russian federation. The film consists largely of interviews with Russian president Vladimir Putin, current members of the Crimean government, pro-Russian activists from the spring of 2014 and features assorted staged pro-Russian scenes and reenactments. Clocking in at 2.5 hours, the  films examines how Russian special services organized

Fake: Bulgaria Invites Erdogan instead of Putin for the Commemoration of the Liberation from Ottoman Rule

The Russian publication Pravda.ru published a story claiming that Bulgaria invited the president of Turkey Recep Erdogan instead of Russian President Vladimir Putin for the commemoration of Ottoman Liberation, a national holiday that Bulgaria marks on March 3. Pravda.ru cites the Bulgarian Times as the source for this story, the Bulgarian times however names the Podoko.eu site as the source. The Podoko site does not list any contacts. The site

Russian Media Putting Words in the Pope’s Mouth

On the eve of Pope Francis’ historic meeting with Russian Orthodox leader Kyrill, Russian sites reported that Pope Francis called the Russian president “the only man with whom the Catholic Church can unite to protect Christians in the east. Citing the French publication Le Journal de Dimanche as their source, Russian media claimed that the Pope called for a united effort with Russia to save Christians being persecuted in the

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