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Klimov: Russia never interferes in the affairs of foreign states, including Iran

By Polygraph Andrei Klimov Deputy Chairman, Federation Council foreign affairs committee “Russia does not interfere in the domestic affairs of foreign states. Iran is a sovereign state, they have their own legitimate government, and we in such instances act the same way practically everywhere. As I told you, Russia does not interfere in the domestic affairs of sovereign states.” Source: Radio Business FM, January 1, 2018 FALSE FOR “NEVER” AND

Lavrov, Donbass and the Duties of Translation

By Michele A. Berdy, for The Moscow Times Ввязаться: to meddle, get involved , get entangled, take on A couple of weeks ago Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov made a statement about Russia’s involvement in the war in Donbass. Several correspondents and commentators immediately wrote that he had admitted military involvement, but then a chorus of Russian speakers and translators said he hadn’t. So did he or didn’t he? You’d think

Russia uses money and threat of prosecution to hide Russian soldiers’ deaths in Ukraine

By Halya Coynash, Human Rights in Ukraine While whole villages, sometimes regions, come out to bid farewell to slain Ukrainian soldiers, Russians killed are likely smuggled back in Moscow’s supposed ‘humanitarian convoys’ or lie in unnamed graves in the Rostov oblast near the militant-controlled part of the border. Valentina Melnykova, Head of the Union of Russian Soldiers’ Mothers Committees, stresses that Russia has followed the Soviet tradition of not publicizing

Tanks of Buhaivka: A training facility in Eastern Ukraine

By Klement Anders, Bellingcat On March 16, 2017, popular Ukrainian Twitter user @GirkinGirkin published a tweet sharing imagery of armored vehicles, including tanks. The user claims that the photographs were uploaded on the same day near Buhaivka, Luhansk oblast, thus in an area currently not under the control of the Ukrainian government. After analyzing new satellite imagery from Digital Globe captured on Wednesday, March 15, we can confirm that Russian-separatist

Putin’s Ukraine Admission and a Culture of Lies

After persistent denials, Russian President Vladimir Putin seemingly admitted to a Russian military presence in Eastern Ukraine (before he didn’t). In any “normal country”, coming clean about a clandestine military operation on live television would have huge political implications. But in Russia, it didn’t even make the evening news. It all started on December 17 during Putin’s annual marathon Q&A session, a PR exercise in which he vacillates between his

Debunking the fake article on 2000 Russian soldiers killed in Donbas everyone fell for

Several days ago WarInUkraine team saw the following text on a website bs-life.ru: The article talks of a Russian Government decree to compensate the families of over 2000 Russian soldiers killed and 3200 wounded in Ukraine The text was as groundbreaking (wow, finally here’s Russia’s confession of their troops fighting in Ukraine!) as it was absurd. The absurdity comes from the fact that adopting such a decree or even discussing

Russian TV’s silence on troops near Ukraine

Russian TV has a plethora of programmes dedicated to the activity of the Russian military. Over the past year and a half, however, they all have been studiously silent about one of the Russian army’s biggest operations in recent times: the amassing of troops near the border with Ukraine. Any reporting on their manoeuvres, to say nothing about the deployment of Russian regulars inside Ukraine, is taboo. What they talk

Selfie Soldiers: Russia Checks in to Ukraine

As the conflict in Ukraine continues, so too does Russian President Vladimir Putin’s denial of any Russian involvement. But a recent report from think tank the Atlantic Council used open source information and social media to find evidence of Russian troops across the border. Using the Atlantic Council’s methodology, VICE News correspondent Simon Ostrovsky follows the digital and literal footprints of one Russian soldier, tracking him from eastern Ukraine to

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