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Fake: Crimean Tatars “Owe Stalin”

While Ukraine and Crimean Tatar Diasporas throughout the world commemorated Crimean Tatar Deportation Remembrance Day on May 18, Russian bots and trolls launched yet another fake about the reasons for the forcible ethnic cleansing of Crimean Tatars from their homes in Crimea in 1944. In posts absolutely seething with enmity and hatred, the criminal actions of the then Soviet government and its leader Joseph Stalin were completely whitewashed. “By deporting

Kremlin creating a syncretic religion combining state-controlled Orthodoxy and a neo-pagan Victory cult, Eidman says

By Paul Goble, Window on Eurasia The appalling revelation that the faces of Vladimir Putin, Sergey Shoygu, Joseph Stalin, and Putin’s “little green men” of Crimean infamy will grace a mosaic in the Russian military’s new cathedral highlights Putin’s effort to create “a syncretic faith” combing state-controlled Orthodoxy and “a neo-pagan” Victory cult, Igor Eidman says. In ancient Rome, the Russian commentator says, “statues of emperors (alive and dead) were

Figure of the week: 80

By EU vs Disinfo 80 years ago: Stalin sending German Jews to Hitler Historical revisionism is an important strand of disinformation. The EUvsDisinfo database contains a large number of cases of this kind, most of which pertain to rewriting the history of World War II. Pro-Kremlin disinformation outlets are attempting to diminish the meaning of the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact, concluded between Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany in late August 1939. The

The best defence is good offense

By EU vs Disinfo Pro-Kremlin Coordinated Efforts on Disinformation The new coronavirus epidemic is dominating the news this week, and this is clearly reflected in the flow of disinformation from pro-Kremlin outlets. The narrative on the virus is getting focused on hinting on it being man-made, and probably manufactured by the same British lab that poisoned the Skripals. The virus is further tailor-made to target Asians and spread by the

Kremlin’s increasingly positive image of Stalin leading to whitewashing of deportations, specialists on the North Caucasus say

By Paul Goble, Window on Eurasia Moscow’s promotion of the Great Victory in World War II, the basis of the current regime’s legitimacy, has contributed to an increasingly positive image of Stalin; and that in turn, experts on the North Caucasus say, has led to a serious reduction of attention to the mass deportations and the whitewashing of this crime against humanity. On the one hand, they say, this shift

Historian Anne Applebaum Details Stalin’s War Against Ukraine: ‘I Believe It Was Genocide’

By Natalya Golitsina, for RFE/RL The latest book by Pulitzer Prize-winning American historian Anne Applebaum, Red Famine: Stalin’s War On Ukraine, sheds new light on one of the seminal events in Ukrainian history – the deadly famine of 1932-33 that Ukrainians call the Holodomor. Some 4 million Ukrainians were killed in a famine that was engineered by Soviet dictator Josef Stalin to eliminate a perceived threat to central Soviet power. RFE/RL

Putin feels a kinship with Stalin and Ivan the Terrible, Eidman says

By Paul Goble, Window on Eurasia Vladimir Putin “defends Ivan the Terrible and Stalin ‘from excessive demonization’ because unconsciously he feels himself” to share with them a common approach, Igor Eidman says, and views criticism of them like criticism of himself as “the slander of hatred foreigners.” Stalin defended Ivan for the same reason, the Russian commentator says; but unlike Putin, Stalin viewed the tsar as “an insufficiently decisive murderer,”

Russians name Stalin and Putin “the most outstanding figures” of all times

By Halya Coynash, for Human Rights in Ukraine Nothing should surprise us when Russian President Vladimir Putin goes on record warning against ‘excessively demonizing’ a dictator responsible for the death of millions, and that same dictator, Joseph Stalin, is considered ‘the most outstanding figure of all ages and nations’ by a terrifying 38% of Russians polled.  Yet the news that the Moscow Law Academy has erected a monument to this

Stalin Named World’s ‘Most Remarkable’ Public Figure — Poll

By The Moscow Times Soviet dictator Josef Stalin has been named by Russians as the world’s most outstanding public figure, new data has revealed. Some 1,600 Russians were asked to name ten of world’s greatest personalities as part of a survey by independent pollster the Levada Center. Stalin came in top place, after being named by 38 percent of respondents. He was followed by Russian poet Alexander Pushkin and President

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