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‘House of Cards,’ Or The Tough Workdays Of Russian Trolls

By EU vs Disinfo Working in a Russian troll factory may not be that dreary after all. According to a former troll interviewed by Russia’s independent TV Rain station, he and his team were instructed to watch the popular Netflix series House of Cards. The troll, identified as “Maksim,” said the series – which casts Kevin Spacey as a ruthless U.S. congressman with presidential ambitions — was meant to educate the

Kremlin Distances Itself From Fake Facebook Accounts Ad Buying Revelation

By The Moscow Times The Kremlin has nothing to do with the hundreds of fake Facebook accounts that reportedly bought political ads during the U.S. presidential election, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Thursday. “We have never heard about this. We do not know anything about, and moreover we have nothing to do with these cases,” Peskov told reporters, as quoted by the state-run TASS news agency. Facebook revealed this week that it had shut down 470 “inauthentic” Russia-based accounts that bought 3,000 social and political

Facebook Blocks 470 Fake Accounts Linked to Russian ‘Troll Factory’

By The Moscow Times Facebook has blocked 470 fake accounts it claims are linked to Russia’s infamous “troll factory” that may have bought thousands of ads during the U.S. presidential campaign. “We have since shut down the accounts and pages we identified that were still active,” Facebook’s chief security officer Alex Stamos wrote in a blog post Wednesday. The social media network’s analysis indicates that the 470 fake Facebook accounts were linked to each other “and likely operated out of Russia.”

Revealed: Confessions of a Kremlin Troll

Being paid by the Russian government to troll the internet just isn’t what it used to be. By Katie Davies, for The Moscow Times Russia’s paid government trolls have been blamed for everything from the fall of Hillary Clinton to the conflict in Ukraine — They have dominated headlines and sparked political intrigue. But is clocking in as a professional troll really everything it seems? Following in the footsteps of other

Le Pen’s (Small) Online Army

How a French far-right group tried to break into Twitter’s trends By Ben Nimmo, @DFRLab France holds presidential elections on April 23. Ahead of the polls, reports are emerging of sophisticated online groups supporting some of the candidates, especially far-right leader Marine Le Pen. According to the Financial Times, Le Pen is supported by “an aggressive social media operation that is the most powerful in French politics”, putting her at

Kremlin Trolls and Other Acquaintances of Russian embassy in Canada

When you build out a network based on the Russian Embassy in Ottawa, the first thing you notice are the non-Canadian trolls most closely associated with the RU Embassy in London. The attached graph is more self-explanatory than usual, but I would like to highlight a few entities of interest: @gorchakov_fund @ivorcrotty @danielleryanj @daniellmcadams By kremlintrolls.com

Is Ukraine Tomorrow the New Russia Today?

The July 15th announcement that Ukraine’s Cabinet of Ministers has submitted draft legislation to launch a new state-owned foreign broadcasting channel, Ukraine Tomorrow, appears to have turned few heads in the West, with pundits predominately focused on renewed tensions on the battlefield rather than the war of words being fought between Russia and Ukraine. The new station, to be launched in record time in September 2015, is an initiative stemming

The Many Minutes Hate

Russian propaganda, which has reached an unprecedented scale, is readily compared to its Soviet ancestor. Indeed, the similarity of maneuvers often reaches the absurd and now the tale of a Soviet agitprop about AIDS having been developed by Americans is reproduced in the form of allusions or even direct accusations aimed at the USA concerning the creation of the ‘biological weapon’ which has come to be known as the Ebola

Game of trolls: the hip digi-kids helping Putin’s fight for online supremacy

The job ads give little away. They ask only for “content managers” or “production editors” in a nondescript part of St Petersburg, and offer an above-average salary. But for successful applicants, a thriving business offering rich opportunities for creativity and professional growth awaits. You can hone your writing skills subtly weaving patriotic sentiments into blog posts about beauty tips, fortune-telling, fishing or photography. You can revile the United States and

RussiaInsider Plus Three Top Kremlin Trolls

“This week I bring you @RussiaInsider and the top three #KremlinTrolls (@MarcelSardo, @mkj1951, and @Malinka1102), writes Andrew Aaron Weisburd on the website Kremlin trolls. I began with those accounts in a reciprocal relationship with @RussiaInsider (as measured by Follower/Following relationships), then identified the reciprocal relationships of each of the top 3, and finally produced the graph. The graph contains only those accounts that have a reciprocal relationship with at least

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