How to verify information from Internet. Several useful recommendations

How to verify information from Internet. Several useful recommendations

Ukrainian journalist Oleksandr Piddubny demonstrated step by step how to verify quickly the authenticity of information with the help of available instruments. Case №1 July 14 the famous Ukrainian blogger Denys Kazanskyi published photos on his Facebook page. He stated in a caption that a “tank” (it actually was a self-propelled (SP) gun but in this context it does not matter) overturned while going to the Ukrainian border. At the

The big role of russophile trolls in Putin’s media warfare in the West

This a translation of Janne ‘Rysky’ Riiheläinen‘s blog post “Valheiden tulivoimaa” in his blog Väkivallaton maanpuolustus ja sen henki on July 21, 2014. Russia has attacked Ukraine and wages a new type of war. It has been called hybrid warfare, because it combines traditional armed force with cyber attacks, information warfare, trade policy and all manner of other means of coercion and pressure. In addition, maintained plausible deniability is absolutely

Russian “Komsomolskaya Pravda” published fake evidence that a girl from Torez does not use make-up looted from the downed aircraft

Russian website “Komsomolskaya Pravda” published (reference to website copy) an alleged evidence with a reference to a blog (reference to website copy) of the LiveJournal user – a girl under the nickname Ki Bella. She claimed that resident of Torez, Donetsk region, Ekaterina Parkhomenko didn’t boast in social networks about having make-up looted from Malaysian liner. “Ukrainian media immediately spread this fake widely, not even bothering to verify whether it

About propaganda, fakes and release of untrue information during the Russian-Ukrainian conflict

During World War II enemy aircrafts dumped propaganda leaflets on the cities, writes Sergei Didkovskiy in his article for The leaflets appealed: “Defect.” And thereafter, they were describing the benefits of switching over to the enemies’ side. The leaflets were scattered by both sides – the allies and the “evil”. Even before that the military opponents of Vlad Dracula printed (on what they could then print on) chunks of

False: Ukraine was to blame for the crash of the Malaysian Boeing, IATA adjudged

July 21 website published the news that the International Air Transport Association (IATA) allegedly rendered a decision on the Malaysian aircraft downed in the skies over Donetsk: Ukraine was to blame for the accident. This news spread out across the Internet. However, this information about the decision of IATA did not correspond to reality. The source of the article was the English-language Australian daily newspaper The Sydney Morning Herald, which refered

Leaked Correspondence Shows Agency’s “Trolling”

Anonymous International last week uploaded hacked correspondence alleged to be between employees and their superiors at the Internet Research Agency, a secretive company based in the village of Olgino near St. Petersburg, which revealed its extensive pro-Kremlin activities on the Internet. The correspondence showed that paid bloggers and commenters have been heavily used to infiltrate the Internet forums of Western media outlets and blogs, even posing as Westerners despite their

Malaysian Boeing MH17 Tragedy: Questions and Answers

In his article on, blogger 0serg analyses versions and questions around the downing of Malaysian Boeing MH17. Q: What was MH17 doing over the combat zone? What a bastard had sent it there? A: MH17 was following the usual air route L980 for civilian aviation. There are several such air routes from the West to the East of Ukraine; I marked them in blue on the map below. Q: So why did it

Fake: 82% of Czechs believe that the Malaysian Boeing was shot down by Ukrainian army

Information about Czech survey findings is being actively spread throughout the Network. July 19 it was published by Russian mass media. According to them, 82% of Czechs accuse Ukrainian army of shooting down the Malaysian aircraft. 13% believe that the plane was shot down by Donbas separatists, 3% accuse Russia. 2% of respondents think that it was an accident. This survey was conducted by the Czech site «Parlamentni Listy». Web

StopFakeNews. Special issue. Number 19

In this special issue we have tried to check the versions around the downed Boeing 777 of Malaysia Airlines on July 17th. English subtitles are available (you can activate subtitles by clicking on ‘titles’ button; search a square icon near video settings).

The News about Putin’s Planned Visit to Kyiv was Made up by the Owner of «Dozhd» TV-Channel

The owner of Russian TV-Channel «Dozhd» Aleksandr Vinokurov made up the news about Russian president Vladimir Putin’s visit to Kyiv to negotiate about the situation in Donbas with the president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. Though the press-service of the president of Russia had no clue about his upcoming visit to Kyiv, the news was quickly spread across the Web. 4 hours after the breaking news was released, Vinokurov refuted it, stating that it had been «an

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