Fake: Ukraine entered into an alliance with the USA

Fake: Ukraine entered into an alliance with the USA

Recently mass media, blogs and social networks have been actively spreading information about the USA having granted Ukraine the ally status without NATO membership. For example, uainfo.org informs: “So, the United States Senate passed a bill that allows Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova to enter into an alliance with the USA without NATO membership. Now, in case of the direct armed aggression against mentioned states the USA could march their army into these

The crucifixion of a 3-year old, the U.S. helped Kiev shoot down Flight 17, and other tales the Kremlin media tell

On July 12 Russia’s main state television channel, Channel One, interviewed a Ukrainian woman with a heart-wrenching story. The woman said she had witnessed the public execution of a 3-year-old boy, who was crucified in the crowded main square of Slovyansk in eastern Ukraine. The town had been a rebel stronghold but was retaken by the Ukrainian army a week earlier—and that’s when the execution took place, the woman said.

Mouthpieces for the Kremlin’s propaganda channel aren’t brave

When a journalist admits that he has been lying to the public for years, this usually results in a flurry of media coverage castigating the guilty party, along with a dose of self-flagellation by his employer for having failed to notice the lies sooner. When this wave of humiliating publicity ends, the offending journalist is allowed to slink away in shame, writes Masha Gessen in the article for The Washington

National Security Council of Ukraine and militants from Donetsk People’s Republic refuted CNN information about Ukrainian army using ballistic missiles in Donbas

In its news program from July 29 American TV channel CNN informed that over the last 48 hours Kyiv authorities used several short-range ballistic missiles in Donbas. “We start from breaking news out of Ukraine, which marks a major escalation in the Ukrainian crisis. CNN has now learned that Ukraine’s military did fire ballistic missiles at rebels”, says TV presenter. “Three US officials confirmed to me a short time ago

Fake: The Netherlands Accused Ukraine of Lying about Downed Boeing-777

Russian website vesti.ru published a news piece about the Netherlands claiming Ukraine lied when stating Malaysian Boeing-777 had been hit by a missile. The same information was repeated by «Russia-1» TV-channel, which owns vesti.ru. In fact, the Netherlands representatives did not touch upon the subject of the missile attack or accuse Kyiv of lie. The only known criticism which came from the Netherlands representative can be found in Twitter of American TV-channel

Ukrainian site Censor.net published edited photo of a Russian soldier

One of the most popular Ukrainian news site Censor.net published a photo, changed for the purpose of the news with a graphic editor. This image is said to be a photo of a Russian soldier. As far back as May 26 Censor.net published the news “Russian terrorists leave near Sloviansk bodies of their “comrades-in-arms”. Shocking PHOTOS” and used several photos of bodies with a reference to the site Glavnoye. July

Russian Mass Media Made a Page One from News Taken from a German Satirical Website

Russian newspaper «Moskovskii Komsomolets» with reference to «the German mass media» published (website copy) news about allegedly Ukrainian Sukhoi Su-25 pilot who had admitted downing the Boeing-777. MK assumed the article «might be a bombshell». «The pilot, whose name is not revealed, has confirmed downing the Malaysian aircraft with his fighter’s cannon. This confession strangely coincided with the publishing of photos of the holes on the “Boeing” wreckage, which according to some

The tragedy of Flight MH17: who lied to us

Blog belongs to Vadim Lukashevich, PhD (technical sciences) on “Echo of Moscow”: In the night air of the program “Segodnya.Glavnoe” on RBC (July 27, 2014 at 21:00) I said:” Since the beginning of Ukrainian events, which started in December last year, for the first time arises the situation where an independent international arbiter of the conflicting parties appears. Therefore, I want to appeal to our audience to propose them clearly

13 online tools that help to verify the authenticity of a photo

The web-site Mediasapiens.ua tells about several online tools, using which you can verify the authenticity of photos, extract as much data from them as possible, and to find more information about a person. Findexif.com – a free tool where you could upload a photo or provide a reference to it and Findexif will identify EXIF-data (when and with what device a photo was made, image characteristics, sometimes a place, where a

Churkin announced at the UN that the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine is dissolved

July 28 Russia’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Vitaly Churkin held a press-conference in New-York. In his speech Churkin made several highlight declarations. StopFake focused on some of them. At 10:14 of this video Churkin’s words are interpreted into Russia as the following: “I watched TV coverage and today madam Pillay announced that their calculations is that about 100 thousand civilians have been killed in the conflict”. It appears

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