Fake: the Netherlands Accuse Ukraine of criminality in the MH17 Investigation

Fake: the Netherlands Accuse Ukraine of criminality in the MH17 Investigation

Russian media have reported that the Netherlands accused Ukraine of criminality during the investigation of the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 which crashed over eastern Ukraine after being hit by a Russian Buk missile. The source for the story is Vladimir Kornilov, a Donetsk native currently living in Moscow. Stories using Kornilov’s Facebook post as a source claim that Kyiv has been accused of committing “serious felonies” because “Ukraine has not

Fake: EU Countries Massively Denying Visas to Ukrainians

The newspaper Vesti has published a story with this misleading headline: “Ukrainians in mass rush for visas:  such hopelessness not seen even in the 1990s”. The author Alexandra Kharchenko writes that Ukrainians are desperately applying for Schengen visas, but find that instead they are increasingly being denied. Despite Ukraine-EU cooperation deepening and a visa-free regime likely to become a reality in the near future, the very process of applying for EU

Russia Media Scaring Moldova with Fake Restitution

Pro-Russian media in Moldova  are spreading  news of the imminent restitution of historical land and property held by Ukrainian citizens to Poland and similarly of Moldovans having to return land and property to Rumania. According to these fake reports, the Association Agreements that both Ukraine and Moldova signed with the European Union in 2014 calls for such restitution. The issue of restitution was raised on the Russian site Eurasia Rhythm

Ukrainian Library director to remain under house arrest on ‘extremism’ charges

A Moscow court on Jan 27 extended for a further 3 months the house arrest imposed on Natalya Sharina, Director of the Ukrainian Literature Library in Moscow.  The application for the 58-year-old librarian to be at least allowed short walks so that she could walk to a clinic was turned down.  Her lawyers had stressed the need for both exercise and a medical examination and say that she has constant

Russian Media Calls Mentally Unstable German Citizen “Refugee”

Russia’s Channel Five television channel published a story entitled “Refugee pushes 20 year old girl under a train in Berlin”. The man who allegedly committed this crime, according to Channel Five’s reporter Vitaliy Chashchukhin,  was a “28 year old refugee from Iran” who “like all refugees was looking for shelter or at least a place to sleep for the night” and having not found anything pushed the girl onto the

Fake: Lavrov Lies about Russia’s Budapest Memorandum Obligation to Ukraine

During a January 26 press conference summing up Kremlin’s foreign policy in 2015, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov announced that Russia did not violate the Budapest memorandum, which according to Lavrov contains only one  commitment “not to use nuclear weapons against Ukraine”. TASS, Izvestia, Russia’s Channel One, RBK Ukraine, Channel 112 and many other sites carried this story. The Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances is a political agreement signed in

Fake: 20 Soldiers Die From Leaked Mysterious Virus

On January 26 the webside Pravda.ru ran a news item claiming that 20 Ukrainian soldiers died and 200 were hospitalized with the deadly California flu virus outside the eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv. Two fake stories generated by the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic appear to be the source for this false claim. On January 12 the Donetsk News Agency reported that more than 20 Ukrainian soldiers died from an unknown mysterious

Latvia: Re:Baltica Battles Right Wing Propaganda from… Russia

Latvia-based OCCRP partner Re:Baltica has published a series of investigations on right-wing propaganda and misinformation about  Latvian media which reporters found originated from Russia. Vladimir Linderman, Latvian pro-Kremlin activistThe series is part of a two-year investigation tracing Russia’s influence networks. Previously, Re:Baltica exposed Russian funding of Latvian non-governmental organizations who promote a Kremlin-friendly world view. The new series focuses on links between conservative organizations and propaganda originating in Russia, which

Putin’s Selective Reading Of Soviet History

Russian President Vladimir Putin often accuses the West of distorting history. But in his latest comments about Soviet founder Vladimir Lenin and his successor, Josef Stalin, Putin’s penchant for shaping history to suit his goals was on stark display, Merhat Sharipzhan wrote for RFE/RL. Speaking to pro-Kremlin activists in the southern city of Stavropol on January 25, Putin — for the second time in a week — accused Lenin of

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