Recommendation for the Czech Strategy against Systematic Disinformation Campaigns of Foreign Powers

Recommendation for the Czech Strategy against Systematic Disinformation Campaigns of Foreign Powers

European Values Think-Tank’s Jakub Janda, Head of the Kremlin Watch Programme, put together a cohesive recommendation for the Czech Strategy against Systematic Disinformation Campaigns of Foreign Powers. This strategy proposal was developed under umbrella of Audit of National Security, organized by Interior Ministry of the Czech Republic. European Values Think-Tank served as a consultant for chapter „Influence of Foreign Powers“. It was extensively consulted with Czech security forces & agencies. It

Fake: Nadiya Savchenko Advocates Amnesty for Donbas Separatists

Russian government funded cable and satellite television network RT, citing another official news agency,  RIA Novosti, broadcast a story claiming that recently released from Russian custody Ukrainian pilot and MP Nadiya Savchenko called for amnesty for Donbas separatist militants supported by Russia.,, reprinted this story. “Yes. Because there are a lot of stupid guys there who just came to shoot” RIA Novosti quotes Savchenko’s response to a

StopFakeNews #86 with Lada Roslycky

The latest edition of StopFake News with Lada Roslycky. This week’s fakes include Russian media manipulation of a French Senate resolution on Russia sanctions.

Fake: Several Ukrainian Oblasts Demand Autonomy

Russian state owned Rossiya 24 television channel broadcast a report claiming that four Ukrainian regions were demanding autonomy from Kyiv. The regions featured in the fake Rossiya 24 story are the western Ukrainian Khmelnycky oblast, Zhytomyr and Kirovohrad oblasts in central Ukraine and the southern Odesa province. Rossiya 24’s claims were quickly picked up by, Channel 5, TVC, the sites and In fact none of the regions

Lies, Damn Lies and Translation: Mucking With Quotes in Russian

Normal people have normal hobbies. They garden. They hike through the woods. They collect stamps. I am not a normal person. My favorite pastime is scouring the Internet to find the original statement of a U.S. official that in Russian translation is an outrageous insult to the great Russian nation, its history, its leaders, and its ice cream. Why do I do this? Because most of the time in the original it’s not so insulting, or not insulting at all, or something else

“Beware, Propaganda!”: Russia’s Independent Media Take On State TV

Russia’s NTV state television channel is facing an unexpected backlash over a bit of its trademark anti-Western rhetoric. After NTV accused a regional newspaper of doing Washington’s bidding, independent media have rallied to defend their peers and launched a nationwide campaign to denounce propaganda on state television. On June 8, independent Russian newspapers began publishing warnings in their television listings cautioning readers against watching NTV. “Beware!” the warnings read. “Under

TASS Distorts French Senate Resolution on Russia Sanctions

This week Russia’s news agency TASS reported that the French Senate adopted a resolution calling for” the gradual softening of sanctions imposed on Russia by the European Union”.  This decision was dictated by the desires of the French public who are against the EU sanctions, claims TASS. Some Russian and Ukrainian media such as Vesti and RBC even went so far as to claim that the French Senate had actually

Why Ukraine banned 17 Russian journalists

On 27 May 2016 Petro Poroshenko signed a decree banning 17 Russian journalists from entering Ukraine till the end of 2017, accusing them of “stirring hatred.” Following scandals around Ukraine banning dozens of foreign journalists in August 2015, as well as a recent controversy when the Myrotvorets website published personal contacts of thousands of journalists, the most recent decision also sparked outrage and discussions. For instance, on 1 June Human Rights Watch condemned Ukraine

Fake: Germany and France Want Special Visas for Ukraine

At the beginning of June Russian tabloid Komsomolskaya Pravda published a story claiming that Germany and France want to introduce special visas for Ukrainian and Georgian citizens. ”Germany and France are examining the possibility of rewriting the Schengen open border agreement because of Ukraine and Georgia. At a time when the European Union is preparing to abolish visas for these two countries, Berlin and Paris wants to have the right

StopFakeNews #85 with Ed Johnson

The latest edition of StopFake News with Ed Johnson. This week’s fakes include a claim that the US Ambassador to Russia is calling for sanctions against Moscow to be lifted, Nadiya Savchenko is accused of writing a new Mein Kampf, Russia turns a sleepy German town into a foreign policy authority and Moscow claims Ukraine is amassing military hardware along the Crimean border.

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