Fake: UN Criticizes Kyiv for 2014 Odessa Violence Investigation

Fake: UN Criticizes Kyiv for 2014 Odessa Violence Investigation

Russia’s government daily newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta announced that the United Nations have criticized Ukraine’s investigation of the violent events in Odessa which claimed the lives of 48 people in May 2014. “Ukraine has made little progress in investigating the murders in the center of Kiev in the winter of 2014, and the tragedy at the Odessa Trade Union House” writes Rossiyskaya Gazeta. The publication cites the UN report on the

Fake: US Ambassador to Russia Calls for Lifting of Russia Sanctions

Russia Today completely misrepresented the position of the American Ambassador to Russia regarding the lifting of sanctions against the Russian Federation. RT’s story entitled “US Ambassador hopes, the sanctions against Russia will be lifted” is misleading and does not correspond to the text of the story. The headline suggests that the American Ambassador wants all Russia sanctions lifted; in the actual story the Ambassador states that sanctions can be lifted

TASS: UN Concerned about Falling Ukrainian Standard of Living

Earlier this week scores of Russian media (Vzglyad, Euronews, Russkaya planeta, Nezavisimaya gazeta, Pronedra and others) disseminated a TASS story claiming that the UN is “concerned about the falling Ukrainian standard of living and insists that Ukraine provide social protection for its population”. According to TASS, Ivan Šimonović the Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights made these claims during a recent briefing. The data TASS refers to is part of the

Fake: Ukraine Launches Federalization

Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova announced recently that the process of federalization has begun in Ukraine. “Call it what you want, decentralization, federalization. That’s not important. What’s important is that it has begun” Zakharova wrote on her Facebook page. Other Russian media quickly picked up Zakharova’s claim and combined it with another fake that appeared in the newspaper Vzglyad that same day, claiming that the Odesa regional council asked

The “Return of Stalin”: Understanding the Surge of Historical Politics in Russia

(PONARS Eurasia Policy Memo) At the beginning of this year, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov published an article in Russia in Global Affairs explaining the recent radical changes in Russia’s foreign policy. Instead of dealing with the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century, however, Lavrov devoted his article to Russia’s thousand-year history. His boss, President Vladimir Putin, has similarly engaged in historical discussion, often as a way to link state

Russian TV Lies: Exchanged Russian Officers Did Not Ask for Clemency

Russia’s television network Channel Five broadcast a story in their May 29 weekly program about the exchange of Ukrainian pilot Nadiya Savchenko for two Russian officers captured in eastern Ukraine. Anatoliy Mayorov, the journalist presenting the story, claims that the two Russians did not ask for clemency. “Yerofeyev and Alexandrov  were  volunteers captured by Ukrainian security forces, sentenced to 14 years in prison for offenses that were never proven in

Exposing Russia’s False NATO Narrative

A staple of Russian, pro-Russian, and so-called realist narratives is that NATO not only reneged on its promises to not enlarge after German reunification, it also rebuffed all Russian efforts to integrate with the organization. To paraphrase Ernest Hemingway, it is pretty to think so — but that is not the truth, Stephen Blank writes for Atlantic Council. As Mikhail Gorbachev himself said, the issue of NATO enlargement was not

Kremlin Watch Monitor. May 30, 2016

Weekly update on Kremlin disinformation efforts in Europe The Czech Ministry of the Interior will establish a specialized Centre for Terrorism and Hybrid Threats. According to the Czech Minister of the Interior, this new team should develop into a 30-man body, focusing on monitoring and responding to the disinformation campaigns coming from pro-Kremlin activities and also to the spread of Islamism. We have prepared a set of recommendations of what exactly those

Kazakhstan: Mud-Slinging at Protesters Highlights Apparent Media Double Standards

Aimira Shaunkentayeva reads her news bulletins with a stony and ferocious demeanor. But on the turn of a dime, her voice softens as she warns with matronly concern of the threats besieging Kazakhstan. For many, Shaunkentayeva, a newsreader on First Channel Eurasia – a station jointly owned by the Kazakhstani state and a Russian TV channel – has emerged as the most recognizable face of an increasingly aggressive propaganda assault

Russian Propaganda and Disinformation in Ukraine: Current Challenges and the Way Forward

More than two years have passed since the outbreak of the conflict in eastern Ukraine and Russia’s illegal annexation of Crimea. These events not only challenged the post-Cold War European security order, but also brought the fundamental role of media into sharp focus. Manipulation of information and biased reporting has been a key feature. To what extent has the media landscape changed since Maidan? What kind of challenges are associated

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