In a ‘Post-Truth’ World, Evidence and Experts Matter More Than Ever

In a ‘Post-Truth’ World, Evidence and Experts Matter More Than Ever

By Molly Morgan Jones, RAND As the Remain and Leave campaigns for the UK’s EU referendum gathered steam in the first few days of June, debates intensified, appeals to the electorate became more passionate, and new analyses emerged daily. The rhetoric took a more personal turn, too. A politics based more on personalities and less on the facts seemed to be dominant. Michael Gove, a member of the UK Parliament,

The Dynamics of Russia’s Information Activities against Ukraine during the Syria Campaign

Abstract Two major geopolitical conflicts are at the core of this research. Military conflict in Syria and the related rise of terrorism carried out by Daesh, in both the region and beyond, pose an enormous policy challenge for the governments of the United States of America (US) and Europe. Simultaneously, Russia faces sanctions after it annexed Crimea – the biggest and most serious geopolitical violation of national borders in the

StopFake Launches Donbas Newspaper

The StopFake organization has launched a new monthly newspaper called Your Right to Know aimed at Ukraine’s occupied territories in the eastern Donbas region. Supported by the British Embassy in Ukraine, the publication has two goals, to educate and inform. “Our stories will focus on media literacy, we will help our readers differentiate fakes from real news stories, introduce them to trustworthy media and debunk the newest Russian fakes and

Fake: Kyiv – The Most Dangerous City in Europe

Last December  the British Independent newspaper published a story about the most dangerous cities in Europe, allegedly based on the Mercer company’s quality of living ranking. According to the article, written by Lianna Brinded and originally published in the Business Insider, Kyiv, is the most dangerous city in Europe. Despite the fact that Russia’s Moscow and Saint Petersburg are rated lower that Kyiv in Mercer’s personal safety ranking, Brinded declares

StopFakeNews #114 with Marko Suprun

The latest edition of StopFake News with Marko Suprun. This week fake videos are used to illustrate renewed fighting in Russian separatist occupied Eastern Ukraine; to quote Mark Twain, the death of the Ukrainian currency is “greatly exaggerated” and Oliver Stone jumps on the Russian disinformation bandwagon about Ukraine with his new film “Ukraine on Fire”.

Kremlin Watch Monitor. December 22, 2016

New Publications Our Jakub Janda argues in the Observer that Angela Merkel is going to be the next target of the Russian disinformation campaign. Here are the 6 tools Russia can use: Massive disinformation operations Undermining the deal between Turkey and the European Union Cyber-attacks Abusing of the Russian minority Support to European far-right, far-left, and extremist groups Economic operations You can also read two more of his recently published

Spokeswoman for Russia’s Foreign Ministry Accuses Facebook of Working With ISIS

Maria Zakharova, the colorful spokeswoman for Russia’s Foreign Ministry, accused Facebook administrators of working for the Islamic State, after the network temporarily unpublished one of her posts on Monday. Shortly after Moscow formally confirmed the death of Andrei Karlov, Russia’s ambassador to Turkey, Zakharova posted a photograph on Facebook, showing Karlov standing in front of Mevlut Mert Altintas, the man who would shoot him from behind moments later. Zakharova added

Fake: Ukrainian Currency’s Collapse “Greatly Exaggerated”

Russian media have interpreted the recent currency fluctuation in Ukraine as a complete collapse of the national currency, the hryvnia. The recent nationalization of Ukraine’s biggest lender Privatbank has brought on the collapse of the hryvnia and an immediate reaction from currency rates, declared the Russian site not only declared the death of the Ukrainian currency, but also illustrated its story with photos featuring flowers and candles with

Fake Videos Illustrate Renewed Fighting in Russian Separatist Occupied Eastern Ukraine

Scores of Ukrainian and Russian media published a video this week of what purports to be a battle between Ukrainian military and Russian separatists in Donetsk oblast of eastern Ukraine. The same video was also posted by Ukrainian MP Andriy Lozovyi on his Facebook page. The footage however, is not of any recent battle; it was shot in 2012 in the Krasnodarsk region of Russia during the Kavkaz 2012 military

Russians Increasingly Skeptical of ‘False’ and ‘Biased’ News

The number of Russians who think media reports are false or biased has doubled in the last 12 months, a report by Russian journalism charity Mediastandart has revealed. The number of respondents who said they frequently found media reports to be false or partial skyrocketed from 24 percent in 2015 to 48 percent in 2016. Half of all Muscovites and 47 percent of St. Petersburg said they believed the news

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