Fake: Ukraine Leads In Anti-Semitism

Fake: Ukraine Leads In Anti-Semitism

Russian publications such as RIA Novosti, Ukraina.ru, Strana.ua, Moskovskyi Komsomolets and others disseminated a story claiming that over the past year Ukraine has become the most anti-Semitic country in the post-Soviet space. The source of this information purports to be the Israeli Ministry of Diaspora Affairs annual anti-Semitism report for 2017. On January 21, a few days before Holocaust Remembrance Day Israel’s Minister of Diaspora  Affairs Naftali Bennett presented the

Why Moldova’s battle against Russian propaganda isn’t what it seems

By Nicolai Paholinitchi, for Open Democracy New legislation banning Russian news from Moldova’s media market seems less about countering disinformation, and more about defending vested interests. Next month, a ban on rebroadcasting Russian news and analysis will come into force in Moldova. The ban, legislated via amendments to the country’s broadcasting code, will apply to all foreign news and analytical programming produced outside the EU, the United States, Canada or

Human rights defenders, Western diplomats attacked by Russian TV

By EU vs Disinfo On 18 January, a disinformation attack hit European and US diplomats, alongside Russian human rights defenders, in a programme aired by state-controlled NTV. The reporting made systematic use of incorrect and misleading information. NTV conducted covert operations in order to obtain video and audio recordings and exposed named individuals at closed meetings as well as in private, in some cases even in intimate situations. The production, whose

Sputnik and RT fail to cover nationwide protests of Russia’s upcoming ‘elections’

By Polygraph RT (Russia Today) and Sputnik Charter The charter establishing Russian government international broadcasters RT and Sputnik requires they cover government policy and also “public life in the Russian federation.” Yet neither mentioned anti-Putin protests Sunday in 84 cities, that resulted hundreds of arrests including opposition leader Alexey Navalny. Source: RT, Sputnik, December 28, 2017 Misleading Nationwide anti-government protests, ignored by state media, present a misleading view Nation-wide opposition

10 mistakes the West makes about Russia

By Edward Lucas, for CEPA Worrying about Russian foreign policy used to be seen as eccentric. Now it’s mainstream. But misconceptions still abound, which hamper our response to the Kremlin’s mischief-making. Here are 10 of them: 1) “The threat is military.” Yes, there is a war in Ukraine, and yes, our presence in the Baltic states needs further bolstering. Yes, modern Russian weapons are sometimes impressive (at least in the

The Daily Vertical: More Than One Way To Undermine Your Neighbor’s Sovereignty (Transcript)

By Brian Whitmore, for RFE/RL There’s more than one way to steal your neighbor’s territory. There’s more than one way to undermine your neighbor’s sovereignty. There’s more than one way to violate your neighbor’s independence. You can do it Crimea-style, quickly and forcefully — sending in your little green men, staging a referendum at gunpoint, and following up with the pomp and circumstance of a formal annexation ceremony. Or you

Fake: Russian Language Woes in Ukraine

Russian propagandist site Ukraina.ru published an article this week declaring that the Russian language was in the worst possible situation ever in Ukraine. The source for this claim was an interview with the Director and Secretary of the Venice Commission Thomas Markert to the Ukrainian internet newspaper Evropeyska Pravda. Markert was discussing Ukraine’s new law on education, according to which, the Russian language has found itself in a worse position,

EU Commissioner scourges “pro-Russian disinformation campaign” – media

By UNIAN EU Security Commissioner Julian King says the European Union is a target of a pro-Russian disinformation campaign, aimed at turning open democratic systems against themselves. “There is little doubt that we are currently dealing with a sophisticated, carefully orchestrated pro-Russian government-led disinformation campaign,” writes EU Security Commissioner Julian King wrote in a feature for Die Welt, Zeit reports. “The Russian military apparently perceive the Internet as a new

Russia Cannot Acknowledge MH17 Role without Exposing Secret Ukraine War

By Peter Dickinson, for Atlantic Council The shooting down of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 over Ukraine on July 17, 2014, transformed a localized post-Soviet conflict into a major global crisis. With victims from eleven different countries including 189 Dutch citizens, the international backlash was prompt and marked a clear escalation in the confrontation between Russia and the West over the war in Ukraine. Initial analysis of the incident identified Russia

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