One lie per minute

One lie per minute

By EU vs Disinfo Dmitry Kiselyov keeps living up to his reputation as one of the Kremlin’s most passionate propagandists. On 17 March, while celebrating the fifth anniversary of Crimea’s annexation on his show, the Russian state TV host managed to formulate a total of three lies in a matter of less than three minutes. However, Mr Kiselyov’s statements were picked apart already on the following day in an article titled

#PackOfLies. Does the Kremlin use Trotsky to warn the opposition?

By Donatas Puslys, Vilnius Institute for Policy Analysis, for StopFake “We will come back and destroy you all“, – Leon Trotsky said after the failed 1905 revolution. The governor of the Saratov region and the future Tsarist Russian Prime Minister, Pyotr Stolypin, replied: “You don’t understand one thing. Any religion built on blood is a monster that will sooner or later devour its children. Do you think you will feed

Fake: EU and US Opened a Criminal Case Against Poroshenko

A number of Russian and pro-Kremlin media distributed information about criminal cases allegedly opened against Ukraine’s president Petro Poroshenko in the European Union and the United States. The websites, “Narodnyi Korrespondent”, «Gazeta.RU» , and other media outlets quote Ukraine’s presidential candidate Yulia Tymoshenko who made the claim during a press conference in Lutsk on March 23. According to Yulia Tymoshenko, the anti-corruption investigation against Poroshenko was opened by a Cyprus

The wooden anniversary of Crimean annexation

By EU vs Disinfo Five Years of Lies, Deception and Abuse When it comes to weddings, a five year anniversary is associated with wood, and it is certainly a rather woody feel to the disinformation on the fifth anniversary on the illegal annexation of Crimea. A couple of French tourists travel to Crimea, and, lo and behold, suddenly we hear that this confirms that Crimea isn’t occupied at all. And the old

StopFake News #227 with Marko Suprun

Fake: Ukraine denies German election observers accreditation. Petro Poroshenko wanted to exchange Crimea for NATO membership. Foreign troops in Ukraine will destroy the country.

5 Years of StopFake: The Evolution of Fighting Against Russian Propaganda in Ukraine

StopFake: How it all began Five years ago, during the Revolution of Dignity, when Ukraine’s ex-President Viktor Yanukovych went on the run and Russian troops started to occupy Crimea, Ukrainians simultaneously experienced a massive propaganda attack from Russia. The informational space of Russia, Ukraine and Europe was flooded with deceitful messages from Russian and pro-Russian media that began to write “about the unconstitutional coup in Ukraine”, about the activities of

Fake: New Language Law Prohibits Use of any Language other than Ukrainian

Ukraine’s new draft law on language has not yet been passed but it is already the source of many a myth, the predominant one being that once enacted, it will prohibit the use of all languages except Ukrainian., Rambler, Pohnews all disseminated this fake citing statements made by two pro-Kremlin Ukrainian politicians, Yuriy Boyko and Viktor Medvedchuk. The draft law “On safeguarding the Ukrainian language as the state language”

Kremlin Watch Briefing: European Parliament calls out Russia and calls for Magnitsky Act-like sanctions

Topics of the Week The European Parliament pointed out that Russia is not a strategic partneranymore and calls for new Magnitsky-style sanctions. Russian oligarch sued the U.S. government over sanctions posed on him last year. Vladimir Putin “celebrated” Crimean residents as heroes and survivors of the “Crimean Spring.” ENISA’s forward-looking recommendations to improve the cybersecurity of electoral processes in the EU. Good Old Soviet Joke Advertisement: “I am selling a mobile phone from Soviet

Fake: Acting Minister of Health Bans Antiseptics

Ukrainians will soon be without basic antiseptics and other first aid staples such as iodine and hydrogen peroxide announced the pro-Kremlin publication last week with Antifascist quickly following suit. The publications claim that the person allegedly responsible for the imminent disappearance of these medicines is none other than Ukraine’s acting Minister of Health Ulana Suprun. “Protecting Ukraine’s medical mafia, Ulana Suprun has banned the sale of Russian medicines and

Crimean limbo: How low can you go?

By EU vs Disinfo How low will the Russian state news agency RIA Novosti go in trying to create the impression that Crimea has become accepted by the rest of the world as a part of Russia? The answer is: Very low. Ahead of the 5th anniversary of Russia’s illegal annexation of Crimea, RIA Novosti published an article under the headline, “German Media Outlets Report on the ‘Renaissance’ of Russian Crimea,” quoting

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