Fake: Ukrainians Voting at Gunpoint

Fake: Ukrainians Voting at Gunpoint

Ukrainians are voting in the presidential elections under the barrel of a gun and under the watchful eyes of Special Forces declared the Kremlin propagandist website Politnavigator. The pro-Kremlin NTV television channel announced that Ukrainians cities were filled with armored vehicles, special forces and drones. This unprecedented intimidation is aimed at morally pressuring the Ukrainian electorate, the publications claim, and Ukrainians see the move as an attempt to intimidate disloyal

Fake: 10 million Ukrainians denied the right to vote in Ukraine’s presidential election

The propaganda website Tsargrad.tv reports that 10 million voters have been denied the right to vote in Ukraine’s presidential elections. The report is referring to Ukrainians residing in the Russian Federation and Donbas. The number of Ukrainian citizens living in Russia and the occupied territories in Donbas is actually closer to 6 million, and they can in fact vote in the Ukrainian presidential elections. “These are the first elections where

Fake: Kyiv prevented Donbas residents from voting in the elections

“Official Kyiv” is taking the right to vote away from residents of Donbas in Ukraine’s presidential elections. This fake was distributed by Russia’s First Channel. The news item reports that not a single voting station was opened in Luhansk and Donetsk oblasts. This statement is false. According to OPORA civic network, an election watchdog, voting stations were in fact opened not far from the frontlines in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts.

Fake: Conscription notices will be handed out at voting stations

Ukrainians are being misled by reports circulating in media, social media, and even on notice boards outside apartment buildings in Lviv oblast, that army conscription notices will be handed out at voting stations.   This is being reported by Politeka, Informator. This is not the first time this method of voter suppression has been used. Similar disinformation has appeared in the past.    Screenshot from Informator website Screenshot of Politeka

Fake: “Dead souls” in the voters’ list — a frequent occurrence in Ukraine’s elections

Ukrainian and Russian media outlets are spreading reports citing election monitors from “Uspishna Varta” [“successful watch”] who said that, as of 11 AM, “one of the most common problems at this time is the presence of ‘dead souls’ in the [voters’] lists.” “Uspishna Varta” was created by politician Aleksandr Klymenko, a minister under ex-president Victor Yanukovych. This information has not been confirmed by other Ukrainian organizations involved in monitoring election

Kremlin Watch Briefing: Online platforms should provide more access to information for researchers

Topics of the Week The European Commission calls for online platforms to provide more information to researchers in its monthly report. Mueller report released: No verified collusion, unclear on obstruction of the investigation. New report: online platforms should be more transparent and establish robust appeal procedures. Good Old Soviet Joke In the time of Stalin’s mass purges, a knock at the door woke a family in the middle of the night. All family

“Ukraine will turn into a banana republic”: Ukrainian elections on Russian TV

By EU vs Disinfo Ukraine experienced the impact of Russian hybrid warfare and pro-Kremlin disinformation earlier than most other states. The Kremlin has long used Ukraine as a testing ground for its (dis)information and hybrid operations, refining techniques that it would later apply in Europe and the US. Its election interference efforts are no exception. Ukrainian presidential and parliamentary elections in 2019 will take place in the context of conventional and hybrid aggression from the Russian side. Thus, the ongoing disinformation campaign ahead of the Ukrainian vote is both an attempt to interfere in Ukraine’s democracy and an extension of

Kremlin accuses the West of interfering in Ukrainian elections

By Roman Shutov, for Ukrainian Election Task Force The Kremlin tends to shift blame away from itself by accusing its adversaries of interference while disregarding its own interference efforts in Ukraine’s presidential election. When the Kremlin perpetrated the Salisbury poisoning and fabricated explanations following the tragedy, its media accused the West. When the Kremlin seeks to justify its military aggression in Ukraine, it accuses the West of destabilizing the country. We now see

Ukrainian outlets Vesti and Strana.ua on Presidential Elections in Ukraine: Fake Narratives, Heroes and Antiheroes

Author: Anastasiia Grynko, PhD Fieldwork and Coding: Artem Laptiiev For ‘Stop Fake’ March 2019 Inroduction News and news-making processes are no longer narrowly focused solely on media practices related to the simple exchange of information.  In a growing number of cases it has become part of a proactive political and moreover, military strategy. Having been a part of the Soviet Union where the whole media system was centralised and controlled

Mueller report summary doesn’t deny Russian interference in 2016 election

By Polygraph Russian Foreign Ministry Twitter account Official social media account “We hope #Washington will eventually master the courage to officially admit that there was no collusion whatsoever & that all the allegations about (Russian) interference are nothing more than a defamation attempt designed for use in (U.S.) political infighting” Source: Twitter MISLEADING The summary confirms Russian election interference. On Sunday., March 25, U.S. Attorney General William Barr released a lettersummarizing

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