The Pro-Kremlin Masquerade in Berlin

The Pro-Kremlin Masquerade in Berlin

By EU vs Disinfo Berliner Tageszeitung – not to be confused with Berliner Zeitung or Tageszeitung (taz) – is a German-language online outlet which pretends to be a local news outlet in Berlin, Germany – at first glance. When we take a more careful look at the outlet, it appears that the paper itself defines its editorial line as “determined by the owners of the outlet”, which are located in

#EUelections2019: Kremlin-Friendly Voices in Latvia

By Ianis Bucholtz and Solvita Denisa-Liepniece, for Disinfo Portal In Latvia, the Kremlin benefits from politicians whose public stances on both domestic and foreign policy issues align with the narratives Moscow seeks to implant and multiply in Europe. Kremlin-linked outlets such as RT and Sputnik are adept at crafting and publicizing such stories, but local politicians may further Moscow’s long-term influence when they take pro-Russian positions and make public comments

Inosmi: Kremlin stealing news to shape the views

By EU vs Disinfo is the Russian state media holding Rossiya Segodnya’s service for translating media content to Russian. It’s part of the same media conglomerate as Sputnik, RIA Novosti and a few other disinformation outlets, managed by Dmitriy Kiselyov, the Überpropagandist of the Kremlin. The scope of Inosmi is impressive: media outlets from Australia to Zimbabwe, languages from Azerbaijani to Norwegian are translated to Russian. Neither language barriers,

StopFakeNews #237 with Marko Suprun

Fake: IMF killed Ukraine’s Economy. Kerch Strait incident was a Ukrainian provocation. UN Maritime tribunal Decision on captured Ukrainian soldiers and vessels is illegitimate.

Russia’s active measures strategy in Italy

By By Sergio Germani and Massimiliano Di Pasquale, for Disinfo Portal Around 2012, the Kremlin shifted to an increasingly confrontational stance toward the West and began to implement a strategy of chaos aimed at spreading instability and disorder in Europe and North America. This strategy combined traditional “active measures” alongside modern cyber-warfare and information-warfare techniques. Consequently, around 2013, Moscow initiated a subversive active measures strategy in Italy that aimed to

Disinformation and censorship: Two sides of the same coin in Russia

By EU vs Disinfo A scandal has hit Russia’s media environment following last week’s public exposure of censorship at one of the country’s leading privately owned daily newspapers, Kommersant. Events escalated when two journalists were forced to resign after they had authored an article which relayed inside information about upcoming reshuffles in the top of Russia’s most powerful political circles. Censorship is not a problem which is isolated to Russia.

Figure of the Week: 500

Be EU vs Disinfo Avaaz, a global non-profit organisation and activist network, investigated Facebook accounts active in six biggest EU member states: France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain and the UK. The findings bring a wide array of tactics applied. A mixture of far-right disinformation messages, racist and hate speech (targeting migrants, among others) was reported in France; Italian and Polish networks showed similar patterns, and so did German one –

Journalists lack knowledge of social media and propaganda: the results of the Presidential election campaign monitoring were published

On May 20, 2019, the coalition of civic organizations “Ukrainian Commission on Journalism Ethics”, “Human Rights Platform”, “Ukrainian Media and Communications Institute”, and StopFake, with the support of Council of Europe projects, held a final press conference on the results of the independent monitoring of media coverage of the presidential race in Ukraine. Final report on the results of independent monitoring of media coverage of the presidential election campaign in

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