Why Facebook is more revealing on nudity than on Russian disinformation

Why Facebook is more revealing on nudity than on Russian disinformation

By EU vs Disinfo Researchers, election observers, and governments alike all struggle to measure the scope and impact of Russian disinformation campaigns. So far, sporadic press releases by online platforms constitute the bulk of first-hand evidence of these campaigns, as is the case with Facebook’s latest takedown of Russian operations targeting African countries. More systematic access to this evidence will be key to tackling disinformation and election meddling. Even though

“Distracting the audience from the real problems”

By EU vs Disinfo Maria Borzunova is a Russian journalist who works for the independent online TV channel TV Rain. Together with her colleague Ilya Shepelin, she hosts a weekly programme on TV Rain called ‘Fake News’, which describes and debunks disinformation broadcast by the dominating, mainly state-controlled national TV channels.  In this exclusive interview, Maria Borzunova discusses why the disinformation is such a dominant feature on the large TV

The unequal aplication of advertising transparency

By Sara Nelson, for Disinfo Portal The role of social media and search engine companies in political campaigning and elections is under scrutiny. Concerns range from the spread of disinformation and profiling users without their knowledge, to micro-targeting users with tailored messages, and foreign election interference. Significant attention has been paid to the transparency of political ads, and more broadly to the transparency of online ads. While these concerns are

OSCE Media Rep collaborates with Russia on propaganda event in Moscow

By Halya Coynash, for Human Rights in Ukraine An OSCE conference has taken place in Moscow and been very widely covered by Russian state-controlled media.  This is hardly surprising, given the clear propaganda benefit for Russia from the event on 6 November, initiated by the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media, Harlem Désir with the support of Russia’s Foreign Ministry. In his opening address, Désir tried hard to give

“Russia is the world champion in free speech”

By EU vs Disinfo “Russia is the world champion in free speech.” This claim was made by the Russian TV host and state media boss Dmitry Kiselyov during a lecture he delivered to students of journalism at Moscow State University on 23 October. Mr Kiselyov repeated his own remark at a Russian journalism conference held in Sochi earlier this autumn. #149 out of 180 It is not difficult to make

Whataboutism at its best

By EU vs Disinfo Paedophilia in Finland. Civil war in the US. Total feminist destruction of men in the West. The usual fever dreams of the pro-Kremlin media were out in full force this week (ok, when are they not?!), milking the entire spectrum of master narratives that are the hallmark of Russia’s vast and multifaceted disinformation machinery. In a nutshell, this alternate reality posits, the Western establishment and institutional order threaten everything that “we”, ordinary

Manipulation of history – yet another tool of Russia’s hostile influence operations against Poland

By Stanisław Żaryn, Spokesman for Poland’s Minister-Special Services Coordinator One of areas Russia heavily exploits in its hostile information activities against Poland is history. For the Kremlin, this year’s 80th anniversary of the outbreak of the Second World War was a good occasion to push multiple manipulated narratives. They included not only quasi-historical bits, but also attempts to meddle with the current political agenda. Yet, such activities are just a

The US investigations highlight Europe’s laxity on disinformation

By Jakub Kalenský, for Disinfo Portal This article is a part of a special series for #StratComDC 2019. Learn more at stratcomdc.org On October 8, the United States Senate Intelligence Committee released its updated report on Russian interference into the 2016 US presidential election. Labeled as “the most comprehensive look at the efforts of the now-infamous Russian propaganda factory,” this new Senate report is another entry on the long list

Propaganda under pressure

By EU vs Disinfo The Russian state-controlled TV channel Pervy Kanal is in serious financial trouble, the business daily Vedomosti reports. According to Vedomosti’s sources, the channel’s problems have begun to affect one of its creditors, the Ostankino TV Centre in Moscow, which is responsible for broadcasting the channel’s programmes, and where Pervy Kanal rents premises and technical facilities. Pervy Kanal (in English also known as Channel One Russia) plays a

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