Fighting the disinformation virus: Georgia edition

Fighting the disinformation virus: Georgia edition

By EU vs Disinfo This week the Disinformation Review comes to you straight from Georgia, the land of ancient traditions, home of the “first Europeans”, site of unique modern architecture, and a favourite target of pro-Kremlin disinformation. EUvsDisinfo has exposed over 300 cases of pro-Kremlin disinformation explicitly targeting Georgia. That is close to 5% of all the cases we have collected since 2015. But the numbers do not reflect the

Understanding and reducing the spread of misinformation online

Authors: Gordon Pennycook, Ziv Epstein, Mohsen Mosleh, Antonio Arechar, Dean Eckles, David Rand Abstract The spread of false and misleading news on social media is of great societal concern. Why do people share such content, and what can be done about it? In a first survey experiment (N=1,015), we demonstrate a disconnect between accuracy judgments and sharing intentions: even though true headlines are rated as much more accurate than false

Moscow’s man in Belgrade

By Edward Lucas, for CEPA Will a recent spy bust cause Serbia to reconsider its relationship with Russia? Imagine you are the leader of a country that has caught a Russian spy. Here are a few things you should say to the Russian ambassador. First, show your displeasure. Cancel an upcoming visit, freeze trade talks, postpone other events. Also, discuss expulsions. At least one, and perhaps several officials based at

In Russia, individuals can now be branded ‘foreign agents’

By RuNet Echo, for Global Voices Today, Russia’s State Duma passed the third and final reading of a new bill expanding the scope of the country’s controversial “foreign agent” law. The first iteration of the law appeared in 2012, and introduced the term “foreign agent” to refer to NGOs which receive foreign funding. It’s a loaded term in Russian, with strong associations with espionage. In November 2017, mass media organisations

“Propaganda Must be Opposed by the Language of Values”

By EU vs Disinfo Andrei Arkhangelsky is a Russian journalist, columnist, author and the cultural editor of the weekly magazine Ogonyok.  Andrei Arkhangelsky is also one of the most active commentators in Russia on the topic of disinformation and propaganda. His work is published by Carnegie, Colta, Delovoy Peterburg, Kommersant  and Republic. He appears regularly on Radio Echo of Moscow and Radio Liberty, as well as on TV Rain and Current Time

Who becomes a Reddit conspiracy theorist? They have these things in common

By Laura Hazard Owen, for NiemanLab Plus: “Subtly inducing people to think about the concept of accuracy decreases their sharing of false and misleading news relative to accurate news,” and the scariest deepfakes of all. Do people mainly share misinformation because they get distracted? A new working paper suggests that “most people do not want to spread misinformation, but are distracted from accuracy by other salient motives when choosing what

Kremlin Watch Briefing: NATO is allegedly brain-dead. What does the Kremlin think?

Topics of the Week Russia takes advantage of the power vacuum in the Balkans to expand its economic and political influence. US Senate sheds light on GRU’s online operations and pseudo-think tanks. Kremlin’s Current Narrative: NATO might be brain-dead, but so are all the European leaders. Is there a way for the West to engage with Belarus? Good Old Soviet Joke Question for the Radio Yerevan: Is it true that

Governments countering disinformation: the case of Italy

By Christina la Cour, for Disinfo Portal Fake news and disinformation are divisive topics in Italy. There is far from consensus on the size of these problems, nor the solutions. Policy makers have introduced initiatives ranging from media literacy education to a ‘red-button service’ allowing citizens to report fake news to a special cyber police unit. Disinformation, misinformation, fake news and online propaganda—these are all concepts frequently debated in Italy.

Erdoğan calls U.S. House of Representatives’ resolution on Armenian genocide ‘slander’

By Polygraph Recep Tayyip ErdoğanPresident, Turkey“We are saddened that a slander against our country is being accepted by a country’s parliament. We would consider this accusation the biggest insult towards our nation.” Source: The Time, October 30, 2019 False The Ottoman Empire’s mass extermination of Armenians was a real historic event On October 29, the U.S. House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed a resolution recognizing the Armenian genocide – the Ottoman

Gazprom’s Double Standards

By EU vs Disinfo The Russian state-controlled energy company Gazprom wants to be known in Europe as a serious business partner capable of providing a stable supply of gas. But back home in Russia, the gas giant plays a different role. Here, Gazprom owns the nationwide network NTV, which conducts systematic media attacks on diplomats representing the European countries, alongside Russian civil society activists. Smear documentary A smear documentary broadcast by NTV

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