NTV plays with fire

NTV plays with fire

By EU vs Disinfo On 29 November the Russian state-controlled network NTV broadcast a smear documentary targeting Russian NGO activists alongside European diplomats. The production applied different kinds of manipulation in an attempt to discredit Russian grassroot activists, incriminating them of being foreign “agents of influence”. The programme also included covertly obtained footage and surveillance recordings. NTV is owned by Gazprom-Media, which is a subsidiary of the Russian state-controlled energy

Men and white people believe the news is less reliable now than it was in the past. Women and people of color think it’s gotten more reliable.

By Laura Hazard Owen, for NiemanLab Different groups of Americans perceive news very differently: It depends on your race, gender, age, education level, and political affiliation, according to a new RAND survey of 2,543 Americans ages 21 and older. The research is part of RAND’s ongoing “Truth Decay” research. There’s plenty here that won’t be surprising to people who’ve followed research from Pew and others: People who rely primarily on

Kremlin denies knowledge of MH17 suspect it included in prisoner exchange

By Nik Yarst, for Polygraph Dmitry PeskovRussian Presidential Spokesman“No, you know, this is a question that has nothing to do with the Kremlin, so I can’t say anything here.” Source: UNIAN.info, Dec. 3, 2019 False The Kremlin is connected to the Tsemakh case. On Dec. 2, Dutch prosecutors announced that Russia had refused their request to extradite Volodymyr Tsemakh, a Ukrainian national, a former officer in the Russian-led militant forces

Multiple measures failed to control mis- and disinformation in Tunisia’s 2019 elections

By Yosr Jouini, for Global Voices Facebook’s Ad Library ‘failed to provide any measures of transparency’ On October 23, 2019, Tunisia’s newly elected president, Kais Saied, was sworn in before parliament. In the second round of the presidential election, Saied garnered 72 percent of the votes (2.7 million votes), beating his rival, business magnate Nabil Karoui, who obtained 1 million votes. According to estimates by the polling company Sigma Conseil,

Russia’s response to Olympic ban: ‘Chronic anti-Russian hysteria’

By Polygraph Yevgeny RevenkoDeputy Secretary General, United Russia party“I am sure this decision is to a large extent political. I cannot call it honest and clean, because thousands, tens of thousands of clean athletes from Russia cannot be subjected to bans!” Source: RIA Novosti, Dec. 9, 2019 False Clean athletes from Russia can compete under neutral flag The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) on Dec. 9 announced a four-year ban on

StopFakeNews with Marko Suprun (No.264)

Ukraine plans to forcibly resettle and reeducate residents of the Donbas because Kyiv has finally capitulated to Moscow after Russia returns Ukrainian ships the Russian navy captured a year ago.

A quarter of Belarusians rely on Russian media for news, new study says

By Paul Goble, Window on Eurasia One Belarusian in four has not read the Belarusian media during the last month but instead relies on Russian media often delivered via the Internet, according to Mikhail Doroshevich, the director of the Baltic Internet Policy Initiative, on the basis of a new survey. This group watches NTV on the Internet, goes to Russian portals like Lenta.ru, and communicates with each other via Russian

How social media companies are failing to combat inauthentic behaviour online

By Sebastian Bay, Rolf Fredheim, for NATO Strategic Communication Centre of Excellence Download publication file (2.77 MB) EXECUTIVE SUMMARY From the 2014 invasion of Ukraine to more recent attempts to interfere in democratic elections, antagonists seeking to influence their adversaries have turned to social media manipulation. At the heart of this practice is a flourishing market dominated by Manipulation Service Providers (MSPs) based in Russia. Buyers range from individuals to

Russian ‘troll farm’ posts ersatz report on Hong Kong Thanksgiving Rally

By Polygraph RIAFAN.ruRussian news agency“Then everyone watched a video prepared by the organizers of the action. The video encouraged [them] not to stop there, but to continue the fight. Various white American uncles and aunts performed, and, against touching background music, spoke about the support of the ‘people of Hong Kong.’ In the frame appeared different faces from among American politicians and officials. All of them talked about how you

In Ethiopia’s disinformation epidemic, the crumbling ruling coalition is the elephant in the room

By Endalkachew Chala, for Global Voices This story is the second in a two-part series on online disinformation and politics in Ethiopia. You can read the first part here. On November 17, all except one ethnic party that comprises Ethiopia’s ruling coalition, the Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front — the EPRDF — declared that they have agreed to merge. Tigray People’s Liberation Front, (TPLF) the most senior of the four parties,

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