News in the section ‘Context’ are not fakes. We publish them in order to provide you with a deeper understanding of the techniques and methods used by the Russian government in its information war.

Russia Spreads Yet Another Fabrications About American Military Experts in Ukraine

In mid-April a group of pro-Russian hackers distributed an article about the arrival of US military experts who were allegedly to take part in the provocations on the territory of Ukraine, told ATO spokesman of the Presidential Administration Olexander Motuzianyk during a briefing on Wednesday, April 29, in Kiev. According to the spokesman, the hackers have posted a copy of the so-called “letter from the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine to

The Pro-Kremlin Youth Group: Putin’s Propaganda Machine (Part 1)

Despite sanctions, a plummeting economy, and isolation from the world as a result of its actions in Ukraine, a wave of patriotic fervor is spreading across Russia. Thousands of Russians have attended rallies in support of President Vladimir Putin, whose popularity ratings remain sky-high, while voices of the opposition are increasingly stifled. On the streets and in the media, the Kremlin has tightened its grip on power. State-controlled television channels

Sputnik Launches Danish Language Website

The new website will feature a wide range of perspectives on key international events. Sputnik multimedia news agency announces the launch of a news portal in Danish at Promoting a “multipolar vision of the world”, Sputnik’s websites target “an audience that seeks to compare various alternative perspectives”. The Danish language portal joins the family of Sputnik websites already available in English, French, Serbian, Portuguese, Arabic, Hindi, Polish, Italian, Czech, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, Farsi, Urdu, Dari,

Sputnik Launches Norwegian Language Website

The Sputnik multimedia news agency has announced the launch of its Norwegian language web site. The new media resource,, offers diverse perspectives on major international topics. Sputnik’s websites reflect today’s multipolar world and are geared toward audiences interested in comparing alternative points of view. The Norwegian language website is the latest addition to the family of Sputnik news resources in English, French, Serbian, Portuguese, Arabic, Hindi, Polish, Italian, Czech, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, Farsi, Urdu, Dari, Pashto, Kurdish,

EU hiring ‘myth-busters’ on Russian propaganda

The EU foreign service is recruiting a handful of new experts to help counter Russia’s anti-Western propaganda. The job description, sent out on 20 March to EU states’ embassies in Brussels, says their task will be “correction and fact-checking of misinformation/myths”. It will also involve “development and regular updating of EU ‘narrative’ via key messages/lines to take, articles, op-eds, factsheets and infographics, with an emphasis on communicating the benefits of

Kremlin cash flows towards pro-Putin MEP

The so-called Latvian Human Rights Committee, connected to pro-Russian MEP Tatjana Ždanoka, received about €95,000 from the Fund for the Legal Protection and Support of Russian Federation Compatriots Living Abroad last year, reported Latvian Television LTV’s investigative news program De facto Sunday. Members of the board of the Committee, on their part have transferred up to €10,000 to Ždanoka’s political party Latvia’s Union of Russians. The Fund for the Legal

Lithuania bans Russian language channel for “inciting discord”

This article is part of Index’s media freedom mapping project that monitors censorship in the European Union Lithuania has banned a Russian TV channel for “inciting discord, warmongering [and] spreading disinformation” according to the country’s media regulator. RTR Planeta, the international broadcasting service for the All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (VGTRK), a powerful state run media empire that operates more than a dozen TV channels and radio stations,

Czech Echoes of the Kremlin’s Information War

2014 marked the end of the post-Cold War era as we knew it and revived the significance of geopolitics. The turmoil in Ukraine has come as the final blow to any hopes of having common, if tough, partner relations with the current regime of the Russian Federation. While the ravages of war and escalating diplomatic tensions have dominated the headlines for many months, the contours of a parallel struggle are

Russian Propaganda Exploits Western Weakness

It is becoming clear that certain authoritarian models of government are capable of matching and, in some respects, even exceeding the accomplishments of their democratic counterparts. Whether Russia, with its dependence on energy exports and otherwise undiversified economy, should be counted among them is debatable, but there is one area in which the Russian state has so far demonstrated a clear mastery over its Western opponents: its propaganda or, to use the public relations term, its messaging. But impressive as the information component

Social Network Analysis Reveals Full Scale of Kremlin’s Twitter Bot Campaign

With the aid of open-source tools, Internet researcher Lawrence Alexander gathered and visualised data on nearly 20,500 pro-Kremlin Twitter accounts, revealing the massive scale of information manipulation attempts on the RuNet. In what is the first part of a two-part analysis, he explains how he did it and what he found. RuNet Echo has previously written about the efforts of the Russian “Troll Army” to inject the social networks and

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