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An anti-American bandwagon

By EU vs Disinfo This week, the pro-Kremlin media’s focus on the US shifted from disinformation about the racial injustice protests to fabricated accusations of other American misdeeds around the world. With the US caught firmly in the global spotlight for the ongoing racial injustice protests sweeping the nation, pro-Kremlin media outlets are cynically using the opportunity to remind audiences about their favourite anti-American disinformation narratives. One of the first

Moscow Pre-Schoolers Being Taught to Hate America

By Paul Goble, Window on Ukraine In what is a clear violation of Russian law but fully in line with Kremlin policy, kindergarteners in Moscow are being taught to hate America and to ignore any relatives they may have living there about what life is like in the United States, according to Andrey Chernov. On his Facebook page, the Russian blogger reports that his “older daughter writes that in Moscow,

The limits of anti-Americanism in Russia

No matter who wins the White House race, Russia’s anti-Americanism will eventually exhaust itself, Anton Barbashin wrote for Open Democracy. Not since the Cold War Russia has Russia had so much attention in the US elections, arguably being the “hottest” issue of the 2016 electoral cycle. Throughout the presidential debates, Putin and Russia were mentioned more than any other subject. Still, the US is nowhere near Russia when it comes

Joel Harding: How Does RT Fight Western Propaganda?

How Does RT Fight Western stories highlighting Russian attacks on Syrian civilians? Blame the United States Say bad publicity will increase the Syrian war. Attack bad publicity’s credibility Deny. Say “they lie”. NEVER accept responsibility Trot out a “useful idiot”, Lew Rockwell, to espouse a Russian perspective. Use evil words like “imperial” when referring to the US. Say “the government” is behind adverse publicity for the Russians. RT is predictable

Russia’s Cyber Warfare Has Bigger Aims Than Electing Donald Trump

Recent high-profile cyberattacks are all part of a coordinated Russian effort to disrupt U.S. elections. The ultimate goal isn’t to elect Trump, but to undermine Americans’ faith in democracy, John Daniel Davidson wrote for The Federalist. Russia is meddling in the U.S. presidential election. From the email hack of the Democratic National Convention in July to the cyberattacks on Hillary Clinton’s campaign and recent reports of hacks at The New

Russian TV Airs Video Of U.S. ‘Spy’ Altercation Outside Embassy

Russian television has made a fresh sally in an ongoing diplomatic dustup between Washington and Moscow, airing purported footage of an altercation outside the U.S. Embassy between a Russian guard and a U.S. diplomat who Moscow says was a spy returning from a mission. The video, broadcast by Gazprom subsidiary NTV, shows a uniformed man spring from a guard station and tackle the diplomat after the latter exits a taxi

As in Soviet Era, Russian Intelligence Harasses Diplomats, Reporters as Relations Deteriorate with West

By Catherine A. Fitzpatrick, for The Interpreter Josh Rogin, a journalist for the Washington Post, has published two articles about the harassment of US diplomats by the Russian secret police. In the first dated June 27, Rogin writes that the Russian intelligence and security services have been “waging a campaign of harassment and intimidation” against US diplomats, embassy staff and families in Moscow and other capitals that has even compelled

What explains the sometimes obsessive anti-Americanism of Russian elites?

Speaking earlier this month at the Munich Security Conference, Russia’s Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev warned that his country and the West are headed towards a “new Cold War.” He criticized Western leaders’ characterization of Russia as their biggest threat and wondered aloud whether the year was 2016 or 1962, Maria Snegovaya wrote for The Brookings Institution on anti-Americanism of the Russian elites. Yet the West is hardly to blame for

Team Fortress 2 poster mistaken for US propaganda on Russian state television

As part of an effort to show how theUnited Statesuses propaganda to influence the mindset of its citizens, a historical documentary recently aired by Russia’s Channel One offered up what it said was a First World War poster portraying German soldiers as monsters who literally eat babies. One problem: It wasn’t a soldier, it was the Soldier, and the poster is actually Team Fortress 2 fan art. The show, which

Russian News Media Fake Stories About US

Did you know the U.S. Ambassador to Russia, John Tefft, once gave a press conference on the moon? – Molly McKitterick asks for Voice of America. And at center-ice of a hockey game? ​And with General Douglas MacArthur when the general landed in the Philippines during World War II? Well, of course, he was not in any of those places. Tefft was born in 1949, well after World War II

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