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Top Takes: Suspected Russian Intelligence Operation. Operators worked across platforms to spread lies and impersonate political figures

By @DFRLab A Russian-based information operation used fake accounts, forged documents, and dozens of online platforms to spread stories that attacked Western interests and unity. Its size and complexity indicated that it was conducted by a persistent, sophisticated, and well-resourced actor, possibly an intelligence operation. The operation shows online platforms’ ongoing vulnerability to disinformation campaigns. Far more than on Facebook, which exposed it, or Twitter, the operation maintained fake accounts

Operation Secondary Infektion: The DFRLab Exposes a New Russian Influence Campaign

By EU vs Disinfo Allegations of planned political assassinations, lurid forgeries, false flag attacks, brazen online impersonations… the universe of Russian disinformation grows ever more grotesque.  A far-reaching and sophisticated Russian disinformation operation, most likely deriving from Russian intelligence, has been uncovered by the Atlantic Council’s DFRLab. The evidence suggests it ran for several years, with some content dating as far back as 2014. The DFRLab’s identification and analysis of

#PutinAtWar: Far Right Converges on “False Flag” in Syria

By Ben Nimmo, for DFRLab Pro-Kremlin, pro-Assad, and far right online communities align to claim chemical weapons attack was a “false flag” Within hours of the reported gas attack on civilians in the Syrian rebel held area of Douma on April 8, claims began circulating on social media that the attack was a “false flag” staged by the rebels, or perhaps the West. Accusations of such deception regularly follow major

#ElectionWatch: Voter Fraud In Russia

By DFRLab On March 18, Russia held presidential elections, widely expected to re-elect Vladimir Putin to a fourth presidential term by a wide margin. With Putin’s victory a foregone conclusion, attention focused on state efforts to bolster turnout, as @DFRLab has already reported. During the day, however, over 2,000 separate reports of electoral violations also surfaced, including “carousel” voting, voter intimidation, ballot-stuffing, and attempts to remove observers from polling stations.

Tens of Thousands Evacuated in Ukrainian Arms Depot Explosion

By Ben Nimmo, DFRLab On March 23, 2017 at 2:46am local time, a fire started at an arms depot in Balakliya, a town near Kharkiv and approximately 150 kilometers away from the front line where Ukraine is fighting Russian/separatist forces. Source: Google Earth The arms depot is the largest in the country, according to the BBC. It is just over 2.5km long at its widest, and half that width, covering an

Lisa 2.0: How pro-Kremlin media in Germany have been using a new fake to justify an old one

By Ben Nimmo, DFRLab In early 2016, the subject of Russian disinformation shot up the agenda in Germany with the false story of a 13-year-old girl allegedly abducted and raped by migrants. A year on, the girl at the center of the case is back in the headlines in Germany, and Kremlin media outlets have been using a new round of false reporting to justify the original deception. The new

Spread it on Reddit: How a fake story about Angela Merkel led to a far-right cluster on Reddit

By Ben Nimmo, DFRLab Germany holds elections in late 2017. Analysts have already reported that Chancellor Angela Merkel is being targeted with fake news and online attacks, espceially from hyperpartisan and conspiracy sites. In this report, the DFRLab tracks one fake story about Merkel posted on Reddit, revealing a cluster of sites supporting populist and far-right politicians in Europe. On December 23, German Chancellor Angela Merkel was given an unexpected

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