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Fake: Poland Wants To Increase Its EU Influence Because of Old Scores With Germany

Poland has agreed to the deployment of additional US troops on its territory because of “old historic scores” with Germany, Russian pro-Kremlin media announced last week. Looking to increase its influence in Eastern Europe Warsaw is resorting to fairy tales about Russian aggression that even Poles do not believe RT  declared, while RIA Novosti accused Poland of “indulging its American masters’ whims”, intensifying military threats in Europe and of course,

Fake: Crimeans Not Allowed in the EU and US

Recently the Russian Embassy to the United Kingdom announced that United States and the European Union continue to oppress the Crimean people. The refusal of several EU countries to issue Schengen visas to residents of annexed Crimea violates the rights of peoples to free movement and goes against international human rights standards, the Russian Embassy declared with exaggerated self-righteousness. According to Russian officials, since 2014 Crimea residents allegedly cannot travel

StopFakeNews #239 with Marko Suprun

Fake: Kyiv admits shelling Donbas civilian areas. Netherlands hold Ukraine responsible for the Malaysian Airlines MH17 crash. Russia’s obsession with Ukraine.

Fake: Ukraine to Punish Speakers who  Refuse to Use Ukrainian

Legislation on the use of the Ukrainian language and resolutions or programs aimed at strengthening the use of Ukrainian are fertile fodder for the Russian propaganda machine. After centuries of state enforced Russification and official policy, during Czarist and Communist rule aimed at imposing Russian as the main language in Ukraine, the country is attempting to strengthen the position of Ukrainian as the state language through legislation. Each such attempt

Fake: Aided by Islamic Battalion Ukraine Delivers Chemical Weapons to the Middle East

Russian Defense Ministry television channel Zvezda, along with other Russian propagandist sites disseminated a fake story last week claiming that Ukraine was delivering chemical ammunition to the Middle East. These deliveries, Zvezda wrote, are controlled by a 500 member strong Islamic battalion. Zvezda’s source is the deputy defense minister and spokesman for the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic Eduard Basurin, who on April 8, announced that separatist intelligence had uncovered the

Fake: Ukraine National Team Excludes Zozulya

On March 24 Russia’s Life television channel, one of the country’s most Kremlin-friendly media outlets, declared that Ukrainian footballer Roman Zozulya was rejected by the country’s national team on the eve of the Ukraine-Croatia match. The story’s author Olesya Suchylkina, calls Zozulya a Nazi. Suchylkina is a staff writer for Life, a search of her byline yields many short tabloid pieces about sharks, drugs and zombies. “The reason why Ukraine’s

Ukrainian Fake: Depardieu Leaves Russia

Ukrainian media are abuzz with the news that French actor Gerard Depardieu announced he is leaving the Russian Federation. Depardieu, who received Russian citizenship in 2013 allegedly made this announcement in an interview with the French television station Canal+. “If I should ever miss this life, I can always live in my barn for a few days” Depardieu allegedly said. Initially this story appeared on the site Neskuchnye novosti on

Ukrainian Media Spread Fake Uzhhorod Police Accident Story

The Ukrainian web publication Obozrevatel published a fake story claiming that a tram traveling at full speed smashed into a police car in the western Ukrainian town of Uzhhorod. This news item was quickly removed from Obozrevatel’s site, however it can still be found in Google cache. Obozrevatel’s source is the Le Charcan web site which regularly publishes made up stories and calls itself the yellowest publication in Uzhhorod. The

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