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Kremlin Watch Briefing: US and European elections – how to protect them?

Topics of the Week Ilya Zaslavskiy: Israel should acknowledge the threat of the Kremlin’s hostile influence and act accordingly. Are the US midterms already in jeopardy? RT is fond of Trump, but not so much the United States. Robotrolling: Russian-language messages about the Baltics and Poland mainly produced by humans for the first time Good Old Soviet Joke A foreign correspondent asks a Czech citizen: “What’s the situation after Prague Spring? Are the Russians your

Kremlin Watch Briefing: New ranking of countermeasures by the EU28 to the Kremlin’s Subversion Operations

NEW PUBLICATION 2018 Ranking of Countermeasures by the EU28 to the Kremlin’s Subversion Operations. This report, which builds on the Overview of Countermeasures by the EU28 to the Kremlin’s Subversion Operations (published in May 2017), summarizes all the new initiatives, developments, and policies implemented in the last year, analyses the major trends, and provides a current ranking of the EU28 on the basis of their resistance against the Kremlin’s subversion efforts, from

Kremlin Watch Briefing: The Night Wolves, a Russian biker gang, are a tool of Russian intelligence?

Topics of the Week The Night Wolves, a Russian biker gang, are a tool of Russian intelligence The US indicts 12 Russian intelligence officers in connection with the hacking of the DNC, while Maria Butina, a Russian gun-rights advocate, is arrested on charges of conspiracy against the United States The Kremlin’s current narrative: British authorities are blocking successful investigation of the Novichok attacks Study: 10% of Russian-speaking social media users in the Baltic states

Kremlin Watch Briefing: Will Federica Mogherini finally listen to EU Member States?

Topics of the Week he European Council’s conclusions call for a more coordinated and better resourced response to disinformation on part of the EU. Will the High Representative ever acknowledge the will of the Member States? U.S. National Security Advisor John Bolton met with Russian President Vladimir Putin, praising him for “courtesy and graciousness” and planning the bilateral meeting between the U.S. and Russian leaders. New report by Marcel H. Van Herpen: Pro-Kremlin populism

Kremlin Watch Briefing: Nord Stream II is a strategic mistake

Topics of the Week In a public appeal published by the European Values Think-Tank, 50 security experts from 18 European countries outline the reasons why Nord Stream II is Germany’s biggest strategic mistake in a generation. The recent cyber-attack on Germany’s energy networks shows signs of Russian methods, according to the Chief of the BfV. According to a new investigation, 10 properties associated with the Trump Organization have been sold to buyers directly

Kremlin Watch Briefing: How sanctioned Russians are benefitting from the World Cup

Topics of the Week The Brexit campaign had close links to Russia and its ambassador to the UK According to Donald Trump, Crimea is a part of Russia because “everyone there speaks Russian”. (So, by that logic, should the British take back America?!) The US has imposed sanctions on Russian companies accused of assisting the Kremlin in spying on American and European targets The World Cup is a major PR victory for Putin, and we have

Kremlin Watch Briefing: Is the staged murder of Arkadiy Babchenko a success story?

The Prague Manual Funded by the International Visegrad Fund, The Prague Manual (1) describes the toolkit of Russian subversion operations in Europe, (2) comes up with first-ever policy assessments of specific initiatives for countering this threat in 10 mainly CEE countries and (3) sets up a scheme for assessing the state of play of Russian influence in a targeted country with suggested countermeasures, since there is no single blueprint for

Kremlin Watch Briefing: France arrests intelligence officers, Sweden teaches the public how to defend against disinformation in case of conflict

Topics of the Week The Swedish government has produced a pamphlet instructing the nation’s 4.8 million households on actions to take in crisis situations, including military conflict Report: France arrests two former intelligence officers on charges of allegedly spying for China Facebook and Twitter have announced changes to their political advertisement policies in an effort to increase transparency Study: During the 10 weeks before the Italian elections, disinformation operations were

Kremlin Watch Briefing: British MPs Want a Stronger Government Effort in Shutting the London ‘Laundromat’

Kremlin Watch Report Kremlin Watch Report: Czech deputies and senators regularly travel to Eastern Ukraine and Crimea, the regions that are suffering from the conflict with Pro-Russian separatists. There is one concrete goal in these trips and that is to legitimize the Russian foreign policy and their regime and not only for the Russian internal propaganda but to the international audience as well. Czech legislators behave this way with no matter how the

Kremlin Watch Briefing: British intelligence chief names and shames the Kremlin for its hostile activities

Topics of the Week n his first ever international public appearance, British intelligence chief Andrew Parker explicitly named Russia as “chief protagonist” in the campaign to undermine Western liberal democracies. A new watchdog report on pro-Kremlin and anti-Western propaganda in Georgia identifies several new trends, including an increase in negative content about the US and NATO, as well as a shift in focus to Georgia’s foreign policy priorities. Provisions in the new

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