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Kseniya Kirillova: Countering Russia’s ‘ideologies for export’ propaganda and disinformation war

By Ksenia Kirillova, for Homeland Security Today The theme of the need to confront Russian propaganda is relevant for most Western countries for at least the past few years. As Russian “information operations” spread around the world, more and more initiatives are being created to expose the lies and distortions emanating from the Kremlin: projects to expose fake news, analytical centers that review and monitor disinformation campaigns, and many private initiatives to observe Russian media.

Putin’s Vision of a New ‘World Order’ Increasingly Worrisome, Kirillova Says

By Paul Goble, Window on Ukraine It is perhaps emblematic of the times, but Vladimir Putin is increasingly using video clips and full-scale films to articulate his views of Russia and the world. According to Kseniya Kirillova, the latest such effort, World Order 2018, offers a vision more horrifying in its totality than anything he has presented before. In an essay that originally appeared on the Slavic Sacramento portal and

A guide to Russian propaganda. Part 1: Propaganda prepares Russia for war

The Russian propaganda machine produces endless streams of fakes and manipulative stories. While at times they may seem outrageous or silly, they are far from being random. Russian propaganda for both domestic and foreign audiences follows techniques that stem from Goebbel’s times. Ultimately, it is a weapon of war. In our series A guide to Russian propaganda, we examine how propaganda works, and how one can avoid falling for it.

The Sweet Poison of Propaganda

According to the Kremlin-controlled media, only Vladimir Putin is capable of dealing with the situation. However, there are other propaganda techniques that make even the nastiest, most aggressive and ugly lies into something attractive to the public. These include the exploitation of certain subconscious archetypes embedded in Russian (and not only Russian) psyche from childhood; skillful manipulation of psychological needs, as well as direct flattery. The simplest and most common

Stereotypes paralyze Russia’s potential for change

The Russian opposition and Western analysts have pointed out repeatedly that Russia’s authorities are actually a “Chekist clan” – former KGB officers who obtained control over the country’s basic resources. As Ukrainian journalist Vitaly Portnikov noted in one of his latest articles, recent revelations by Alexei Navalny and the report of a Spanish prosecutor have both exposed one more connection of the “old” Russian security forces: with the mafia, writes

Seven strategies of domestic Russian propaganda

An important attribute of Russia’s modern policy has been the growth in military hysteria and the constant need for both internal and external enemies. The increase in aggression and belligerence among the population was also not implemented in one fell swoop: rather, it was cultivated over a period of several years, although its apogee was reached with the advent of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. Here follows an overview of the main strategies

Will the Burning of Food Lead to a “Conflagration” of Russia?

For nearly a week now, food products that fall under sanctions have been destroyed in Russia. Obviously, such a decision has provoked massive dissatisfaction among Russians and for the first time in the last year and a half, has shaken the government’s authority. Even so, the opinions of analysts differ on the situation. Some researchers believe that the decision to destroy the products will lead to the inevitable collapse of the

Everybody Loves Volodya

With Putin’s approval ratings sky-high, have even his critics changed their minds – or have they just found the door? Analysts in the West are making a nice living these days explaining the workings and effects of Russian propaganda, but there has seemed a consistent gap in those explanations. Yes, many Russians get their news primarily from state-controlled television, which is home to enough hokum, hucksters, and hagiographers of the

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