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Fake: Donbas Residents to be Forcibly Resettled to Lviv for Reeducation

Russian media were busy this week disseminating fakes about what Ukraine was allegedly planning to do with the residents of occupied Donbas after the territories are returned to Ukraine. Forced relocation of people  from Donbas, a resettling of the territory with Ukrainian activists and forced Ukrainianization of those who say – these are just a few of the narratives pro-Kremlin publications were hysterically baying about, claiming these plans are outlined

Fake: Russian Language Banned in Lviv

Lviv bans the Russian language hailed scores of Russian propagandist media last week. Lviv bans singing Russian songs wailed Gazeta.eu , while other publications warned that Ukrainian nationalists were oppressing Russian speakers, putting the local population in danger and fostering Ukrainian separatism that is depriving swathes of society from speaking Russian. These fake and distorted claims were Russian media’s reaction to a resolution enacted by the Lviv Regional Council banning

Fake: Lviv Jazz Festival Cancelled Due to Uncollected Garbage

Russia’s Defense Ministry television channel Zvezda published a story claiming that Lviv’s Alfa Jazz Fest, Ukraine’s premier Jazz festival was to be cancelled because of the rubbish collection problem the city is grappling with. Zvezda’s fake story is based on a view expressed by Ukraine’s former Minister of Health Oleh Musiy. In an interview with the Ukrainian National News Agency Musiy said that uncollected rubbish in Lviv posed a danger

Fake: “Slut” Café Opens in Lviv

Russian and Ukrainian media were up in arms last week about a new café that allegedly opened in Lviv with the scandalous name “First Lviv Slut café”. The hullaballoo was much ado about nothing as the café is nothing but a virtual project of the Golova agency and has shown how something that does not exist becomes a viral topic on social media and begins to live a life of

How to Find Information on Facebook. Part 2

Our previous article about Facebook searches discussed how to use the Graph Search tool and what useful information can be retrieved with its help. But when working with Graph Search, some problems may appear: for example, at times it does not process search requests or does not recognize Cyrillic script. Graph Search became reliable at the end of December, 2014, when Facebook dropped its partnership with Bing. The search algorithm

Fake: Monument to Bandera Torn Down in Lviv

On September 14, Russian and separatist media falsely reported that a monument to the controversial Ukrainian nationalist Stepan Bandera had just been just torn down in Lviv. The fake news item was posted on the websites of Russkaya Vesna, Politikus, NewsFront, Antifashist and others. Headlines for these articles claimed that the incident happened in the city of Lviv, while the articles themselves claimed that the monument was demolished in the village

“Separatism” in Lviv – For Money and Russian Propaganda

Western leaders putting pressure on Ukraine to accede to Russian demands and offer the so-called ‘Donetsk and Luhansk people’s republics’ autonomy would be well-advised to notice all the other parts of Ukraine which, according to Russian media, are also demanding self-rule. Around 20 people staged a blitzkrieg demonstration with banners demanding greater autonomy for Halychyna [Western Ukraine] on July 17.  The action lasted no more than 5 minutes, but was

Russian Media Invent “Union of Zakarpattia and Lviv Regions”

The Russian newspaper Vzglyad has published an article entitled “Zakarpattia May Follow Crimea and Donbas” that falsely claims that the Ukrainian regions of Zakarpattya and Lviv will be united as a single region during decentralization reforms. The article states: “The next step would be the abolition the Zakarpattia region [as a single, federal region]. The Rada [Ukraine’s parliament] will start discussions of an administrative reforms in July. Among the others,

Fake: Lviv Urges Recognition of the Crimea and Donbas as Territories of Russia

Russian media falsely reported that deputies of the Lviv regional council demanded that Ukraine’s leadership recognize the Crimea and Donbas as territories of Russia. Initially, the news appeared on the site Politnavigator, and was further reprinted by Russia Today, Ren.TV, TV Zvezda, Gazeta.ru, and others sites. It incorrectly reported that members of the Lviv regional council asked the president “to denounce the so-called ‘Big Treaty’ of friendship and cooperation with

Sputnik Misleads with Outdated Photo

Sputnik International published news about the “economic collapse” of Ukraine on April 25. The report claims that Ukrainians need to tighten their belts, as inflation rises and the GDP falls. The report was accompanied by a photo of a shop with empty shelves. However, the photo was taken in Lviv on February 25, though it is not mentioned in the article. The photo was posted on Twitter on February 27

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