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Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry denied the information about the threat to the priest

On March 25th, 2014 the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation issued a statement about the “frequent threats against priests in Ukraine”. “Frequent attacks on the clergy in Ukraine indicate the atmosphere of national and religious intolerance in the country”, – said the Russian Foreign Ministry. Russian Foreign Minister refers to some threatening letter from representatives of the National Socialist Workers Party of Ukraine. Supposedly, the letter was received

FAKE: Czech Republic refused to recognize the Russian annexation of Crimea (updated)

The Russian newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda” reported that the Czech Parliament refused to consider the capture of Crimea by Russia as annexation. “The Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Parliament has refused to recognize the reunification of the Crimea with Russia as “annexation” and is also opposed to economic sanctions,” – says the newspaper. Nevertheless , it is a lie. On the official website of the Czech embassy in Ukraine, this

RIA Novosti reported on Obama’s rating in the wrong light

The Russian news agency RIA Novosti spread information about the record fall in U.S. President Barack Obama’s rating. 59% of Americans do not support his policies – stated the article. The agency stressed that the dissatisfaction of the U.S. population was caused by the action of the President with regard to Russia (54%) and Ukraine (57%). “The survey also touched on relations between Russia and the United States in the context

“The Wolf who cried Fascist!” – Pathology of Russian Propaganda against Ukraine, pt. 1

The F-word is almost entirely meaningless today. “Fascism” has mostly become a perjorative word, used as an insult – and a scare tactic by Russia meant to paralyze opponents, writes Adrian Bryttan in his article for Euromaidan PR on March 21, 2014. In 1944, George Orwell wrote “almost any English person would accept ‘bully’ as a synonym for ‘fascist’”. It is now probably the most misused and overused term of our

Ministry of Defence of Ukraine denied information about 72 military units joining Russian Armed Forces in Crimea

On the 21st of March RIA News stated that on the 20th March 72 military units in Crimea supposedly raised Russian flag and almost joined Russian Armed Forces. According to the media this was stated by Sergei Shoigu Russian Minister of Defence. The Minister said that they are currently regestering officers and personnel that serve in these units. However, Oleksiy Dmitrashkivsky – Chief of Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces

Russian channel misquoted Dmytro Yarosh’s claims about a possible explosion of oil and gas pipeline

In a news release from the Russian TV channel Lifenews on March 20, 2014  the asserion was made that the leader of the “Right Sector” Dmytro Yarosh, speaking on channel “Donbass”, broadcasting in Russian language, confirmed his intention to explode oil and gas pipelines passing through Ukraine. “Earlier, Yarosh on his social network page threatened to blow up oil and gas pipelines that pass through Ukraine. On air the radical publicly

Names of Three Artists Disappeared from the List of Names under Address that Supports Putin’s Actions in the Crimea

The list of cultural figures who support policy of Russia’s President in the Crimea has lost three names. Names of artists Aidan Salakhova and Tahir Salakhov, as well as name of architect Yuriy Gnedovskiy disappeared from the list of those who declared their support for Putin. According to Lenta.ru, as of March 19, 14:38, the website of Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation had 511 names, although the press release

Updated: Russian media distorted the turnout of the residents in Sevastopol

Several Russian media quoting Mikhail Malyshev – Chairman of the committee in the Supreme Council of Crimea, responsible for organization and conduction of the referendum, stated that more than 1.7 million people participated in the Crimean referendum. In particular gazeta.ru stated that Mikhail Malyshev said the following: “1 250 426 people have voted in Crimea by 20.00. This is the data not counting Sevastopol. 1 724 563 people voted including

Pentagon and Russian state aviation entity denied interception of U.S. drone in Crimea

On 14 March, The Military Observer reported  that a U.S. drone MQ-5B was intercepted in Crimea’s airspace by the Russian Avtobaza system. Russian news agencies cited Rostech, the Russian state-owned manufacturer of the system. However, Rostech officiallydenied the use of Avtobaza in Crimea. In addition, the Pentagon’s press secretary Eileen Lainez statedthat the reports on interception of MQ-5B were untrue. Russian media reported earlier about interception of a U.S. drone,

In the list of artists who support Putin, a deceased artist was entered

The list of artists, who support the position of the President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin on Ukraine and Crimea includes dead people. The gallery owner Marat Gelman stated this. “Among the signatories of the letter of artists in defense of Putin there is deceased Victor Tsigal, number 468 on the list. Tsigal V.E, Honored Artist of Russia”, – he said. As it turned out, the artist Victor Tsigal died

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