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Russian Foreign Minister: ‘Meddling or non-meddling… No collusion’

By Polygraph Sergey LavrovForeign Minister, Russia“We have highlighted once again that all speculations about our alleged interference in the domestic processes in the United States are baseless. There were no facts that support that. We did not see these facts. No one has given us these proofs because simply they don’t exist.”Source: C-Span.org, Dec. 10, 2019 False Multiple reports cite evidence of Russian interference in U.S. politics On Dec. 10,

The US investigations highlight Europe’s laxity on disinformation

By Jakub Kalenský, for Disinfo Portal This article is a part of a special series for #StratComDC 2019. Learn more at stratcomdc.org On October 8, the United States Senate Intelligence Committee released its updated report on Russian interference into the 2016 US presidential election. Labeled as “the most comprehensive look at the efforts of the now-infamous Russian propaganda factory,” this new Senate report is another entry on the long list

Figure of the week: 400 000

By EU vs Disinfo RT’s video about the Mueller report was recommended over 400 000 times on YouTube, Washington Post reports. The research by AlgoTransparency reveals that RT’s clip was recommended to viewers looking at videos from at least 236 YouTube channels, that belong to major news corporations, fringe websites as well as pundits from across the political spectrum. The clip itself, in line with extensive pro-Kremlin disinformation campaign around

Mueller report summary doesn’t deny Russian interference in 2016 election

By Polygraph Russian Foreign Ministry Twitter account Official social media account “We hope #Washington will eventually master the courage to officially admit that there was no collusion whatsoever & that all the allegations about (Russian) interference are nothing more than a defamation attempt designed for use in (U.S.) political infighting” Source: Twitter MISLEADING The summary confirms Russian election interference. On Sunday., March 25, U.S. Attorney General William Barr released a lettersummarizing

Understanding and Combating Russian and Chinese Influence Operations

By Carolyn Kenney, Max Bergmann, and James Lamond, for the Center for American Progress Download the PDF here Russia’s interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential elections has focused American attention on the long-standing and complicated subject of malign foreign influence operations. While Russia has brought this issue into the mainstream political conversation, concerns over the ability of foreign nations—particularly autocracies—to exploit the openness of America’s democracy in order to influence U.S. policy and

The New York Times asked for examples of election disinformation — and got 4,000 responses

This election might have less misinformation than 2016’s race, but “Christine Blasey Ford — proudly posing with Soros” and “We’re making a Woman’s Vote Worth more by staying home” are still out there. The New York Times’ Kevin Roose (and other reporters and editors) sifted through more than 4,000 examples of misinformation on social media, messaging apps, and emails submitted by readers over the past two months. “Times journalists are hoping to use your

Military Intelligence, fake online personas, fake local news: How Russia targeted US elections

By EU vs Disinfo On Friday 13 July, the US Justice Department took a further step in their investigation of Russian meddling into the 2016 US Presidential election by indicting 12 Russian officials. Previously, 13 Russian citizens as well as the Internet Research Agency, Concord Management and Concord Catering had been charged with interfering with the US political system. The first indictment focused on the actions conducted by the above mentioned St Petersburg “troll factory”

Figure of the Week: 50 million

By EU vs Disinfo The data analytics firm Cambridge Analytica took private information from more than 50 million U.S. Facebook users without their permission to support Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. Cambridge Analytica has also worked with the successful Brexit campaign. The revelations were made by Christopher Wylie, the co-founder of Cambridge Analytica since turned whistleblower. The case constitutes one of the biggest data breaches in Facebook’s history and sheds

Fuel hysteria, sow discord, spread confusion. Detailed account on manipulation attempts before US elections

By EU vs Disinfo A more than two year long operation involving dozens of employees, hundreds of thousands of followers and millions of dollars – such is the scale of Russia’s operation aimed at influencing the public opinion on social media before the 2016 US Presidential elections. This is the conclusion from the indictment prepared by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller in February. Thirteen Russian citizens are charged with interfering with

Update on Twitter’s Review of the 2016 U.S. Election

By Twitter PublicPolicy Updated on January 31, 2018 We have expanded the number of people notified about interactions with Twitter accounts potentially connected to a propaganda effort by a Russian government-linked organization known as the Internet Research Agency. Our notice efforts are focused on certain types of interactions, and they will not encompass every person that ever saw this content. Our goal in providing these notifications is to advance public

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