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Fake: “Vatnik” Renounces Ukrainian Citizenship

On April 20, the internet site eric-hartmann.com published a false news item, entitled “‘Vatnik’ Renounced Ukrainian Citizenship and Applied to Putin for Political Asylum. Subtle Trolling.” It was quickly spread among social networks. In a posted video, Nikolai Kozhushko (who is referred to as a “vatnik” – a supporter of Russia’s aggressive policy and the so-called republics of east Ukraine) is seen saying the following: “I am a citizen of

Fake: Viktor Yushchenko to fight in Donbas

On March 16, the internet resource ukr.media published a sham report about Ukraine’s former president, Viktor Yushchenko, with the headline “Yushchenko is sent to fight in Donbas in order to do penance for his guilt.” The Truth in Ukraine then ran with the story and headline, and it has since spread to other sites and social networks in different variations. In fact, there was no such absurd official call to

Fake: Jen Psaki Says that Yanukovych “Resigned” of His Own Accord

In a February 14 broadcast, Russia’s First Channel covered a briefing by U.S. State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki. TASS journalist Andrey Shitov asked her about the change in Ukraine’s government in 2014. First Channel gave the following translations of Psaki’s reply: “I don’t think I need to go through the history here, but since you gave me the opportunity – as you know, the former leader of Ukraine resigned of

Oliver Stone’s Latest Dictator Suckup

The film director’s attempts to curry favor with Vladimir Putin are craven, dishonest, and disrespectful to the Ukrainians who died fighting off Russia. Who needs Russia Today when you have Oliver Stone? That’s the question Russian President Vladimir Putin ought to be asking himself in light of the film director’s latest foray into the anti-American conspiracy genre. “Excuse my absence these past weeks,” Stone announced last week on his Facebook page, the

Dmitry Kiselev Is Redefining the Art of Russian Propaganda

Nobody exploits basic human insecurity and fear quite like Putin’s favorite TV host, writes Joshua Yaffa in the article for Newrepublic. On the evening of February 23, a little more than a day after Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych fled Kiev in the middle of the night, ceding power to protesters on the Maidan, Dmitry Kiselev was in an especially apocalyptic mood. Kiselev is host of “Vesti Nedeli,” or “News of

The lie: Parubiy requested The State Border Service to organize a diversion against Russia

Photos of a letter dated May 28 of the Secretary of the National Security Council of Ukraine Andriy Parubiy to the Head of the State Border Service Mykola Lytvyn are being massively spread in Internet. In this classified letter Parubiy allegedly asks Lytvyn to stage a showdown with militants in the frontier area and to capture Russian arms in order to discredit Russia in the eyes of the international community.

Russian Grade 9 History Textbook Modified to Include Lies about Ukrainian Abolishment of Language Laws

The new textbook for Russian grade 9 students, reprinted by Russian publishing house “Prosveshenie” (English: Enlightenment) upon instruction of Russian president Vladimir Putin, contains this information: one of the first decisions of the new Ukrainian government after Viktor Yanukovych’s escape was deprivation of Russian language’s status; this was the reason for Crimean authorities’ decision to split from Ukraine. “Towards the end of 2013, beginning of the year 2014, the situation

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