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95 percent of Russians now say victory in 1945 was main event for Russia in the 20th century; 65 percent say It was most important one ever

By Paul Goble, Window on Eurasia In the run-up to the pandemic-delayed Victory Day parade, 95 percent of Russians told VTsIOM that the victory over Nazi Germany was the most important event in their country’s history in the 20th century, with 65 percent declaring it was the most important event in all of Russian history (wciom.ru/index.php?id=236&uid=10339). Such views were more widely held among older Russians and less widely among younger ones,

Throwing darts to see what sticks

By EU vs Disinfo A consistent principle of the Kremlin’s disinformation campaign is to keep its audience’s heads in a permanent state of spin. Confusion, after all, is paralysing. When people cannot make sense of reality, they cannot act coherently in their own self-interest. The devilishly brilliant political parody account on Twitter @DarthPutinKGB said it best: “We don’t make up so many lies so you’ll believe one of them, we do it

Fake: Ukraine Gained the Most from World War II

Russia’s revisionism of World War II causes and results continues unabated. The latest turn in this fake narrative claims that Ukraine, just like Poland, gained the most from WWII. This latest outburst of mendacity is a direct response to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s statement that WWII began because of the collusion of two totalitarian regimes, Nazi Germany and the USSR. In fact Ukraine suffered greatly as a result of WWII,

Kremlin historians, fighting the war on remembrance

By EU vs Disinfo The disinformation campaign against Poland, reported in the Disinformation Review #180, is visible in the transcript of a discussion organised by the journal Russia in Global Affairs on “The memory of the history and its role in Foreign Policy”. Here, a group of historians talk about how to utilise history for improving Russia’s international position. From this transcript it is clear that Poland has been carefully selected as a

Fake: Poland Introduces Censorship about World War II on US Orders

Russian media reacted to Poland’s parliamentary resolution condemning the spread of Russian propaganda about Polish history by declaring that the United States are backing and financing Poland’s anti-Russian policies. On Washington’s orders Poland refuses to accept historic facts, resorts to rewriting the history of World War II and justifying Nazism, Russia’s leading pro-Kremlin publications declared. Raising the hysterical rhetoric up a notch, the newspaper Vzglyad even claims that Poland intends

Russian diplomatic Twitter accounts rewrite history of World War II

By Eto Buziashvili, for DFRLab Official Twitter accounts amplified the hashtag #TruthAboutWWII in an effort to justify the Soviet Union’s signing of the Nazi-Soviet Nonaggression Pact Ahead of the 80th anniversary of the World War II Nazi-Soviet Pact on August 23, 2019, official Russian diplomatic Twitter accounts launched the hashtag #TruthAboutWWII to present a distorted narrative concerning the signing of the pact and the start of World War II. The

Russia rains on D-Day parade

By Polygraph Maria Zakharova Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman “The Normandy landings were not a game-changer for the outcome of WWII and the Great Patriotic War. The outcome was determined by the Red Army’s victories – mainly, in Stalingrad and Kursk. For three years, the UK and then the US dragged out opening the second front.” Source: Twitter, June 5, 2019 False Historians agree D-Day was a “game-changer” despite Russian Foreign

#PackOfLies: Back to the Stalinist past

On the 30th of June, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin signed a decree by which he renamed a few military units and divisions after cities and other places in Ukraine, Belarus, Germany, Poland, and Romania. According to the „Radio Free Europe“, this step embodies the aspiration “to preserve the glorious military and historic traditions, and to nurture loyalty to the fatherland and military duty among the military personnel.” This

Russian embassy press secretary tweets misleading facts about World War II

By Polygraph Nick Lakhonin Press Secretary, Russian Embassy to U.S. “Do not forget to mention – USSR & US were allies – Baltic states were dictatorships Hopefully historian Richie will tell how Lithuania received its capital in 1939, about Holocaust in t/ Baltics, Nordic Waffen SS volunteers” Source: Twitter, January 2, 2018 MISLEADING The press secretary leaves out important facts in his tweet. On January 2, the official Twitter account

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