News in the section ‘Context’ are not fakes. We publish them in order to provide you with a deeper understanding of the techniques and methods used by the Russian government in its information war.

Sputnik Launches Website, Radio Broadcasting in Abkhazia

On Monday, the multimedia group Sputnik launched its website and radio broadcasting in the Republic of Abkhazia. The Sputnik-Abkhazia multimedia hub is a major project, bringing round-the-clock news coverage to the republic in the Abkhaz and Russian languages in a variety of formats, and providing objective information to its listeners and readers about current events in the country and the world. “Sputnik in Abkhazia is a high-quality news product that had no counterpart in the local media landscape. It

Russia Threatens To Ban BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed has received a warning over a post on this week’s attack in the capital of Chechnya. Russia has warned BuzzFeed that it will ban access to the entire site over a post published on Wednesday about a deadly gunfight in the capital of Chechnya. BuzzFeed received an email on Friday from Roskomnadzor, Russia’s federal communications agency, saying that the post “contains appeals to mass riots, extremist activities or participation

Ukraine’s New “Ministry of Truth” Ridiculed on Social Media

The creation of a new Ministry of Information Policy within the Ukrainian government has caused widespread consternation among Ukrainians, leading some to dub it the “Ministry of Truth.” Critics say the Orwellian department, aimed at protecting Ukraine in the information war with Russia, will only hinder freedom of speech and set a dangerous precedent, allowing the new government a greater measure of control over Ukrainian media. The new ministry is

Tory blushes deepen over activities of Conservative Friends of Russia

Group finds itself unravelling amid concerns over its ‘political direction’ and claims it is uncritically cheerleading for the Kremlin. It seemed like the perfect fact-finding mission. Ten days in Moscow and St Petersburg, trips to the state ballet (Figaro and Don Quixote), and meetings with top Russian politicians. There was a visit to the world-famous Hermitage Museum. Not to mention gala dinners and an afternoon sightseeing at the Kremlin. At least four

Royals And Russian Money Men Set To Mingle At London Conference

Figures linked to massive Russian fraud cases or connected to Russian state institutions on Western sanctions lists spoke at a Russian business forum at University College London last weekend. As Russia’s actions in Ukraine put the City of London’s tight-knit relationship with Russian money under scrutiny, a student society at one of Britain’s most prestigious universities is holding a conference aimed at promoting those same ties. The former strongman mayor

Le Pen borrowed €9 mln from Kremlin-linked bank

The far-right French party, Front National (FN), borrowed €9 million from a Russian bank, posing questions over its relationship with the Kremlin. The loan, by the First Czech Russian Bank (FCRB), was granted in late September, according to a report out on Saturday (22 November) in Mediapart, an online investigative journal. It notes the FCRB is de facto owned by Roman Popov, a financier with close ties to the Russian

Chinese Diplomat Welcomes Launch of Sputnik Chinese News Service

Plenipotentiary minister of the Chinese embassy to Russia Xie Xiaoyong emphasized that cooperation between Russian and Chinese media plays a crucial role in the humanitarian partnership between the two countries. Plenipotentiary minister of the Chinese embassy to Russia Xie Xiaoyong congratulated International Information Agency Rossiya Segodnya on the launch of the Sputnik Chinese News Service Monday. “We are witnessing a great success that a young but efficient International Information Agency Rossiya Segodnya has managed to achieve

The Kremlin is loving the Ferguson riots

Explosions, violence and social injustice: it’s not the Middle East, North Africa or eastern Ukraine, but Ferguson, Missouri — which is just how the Kremlin likes it. As the world watches the Midwestern US suburb descend into chaos, Russia’s powerful state media machine is exploiting the disorder to highlight what it’s long argued to be America’s penchant for double standards, especially over the crisis in Ukraine. Never mind deep-seated complexities

War of words over Russian policy

There is ostensibly a ceasefire in Ukraine, but since the Minsk Accord was signed in September, the OSCE says it’s been breached some two and a half thousand times. There have been more than 4,000 deaths since April, according to the U.N.. As the deadly battle unfolds on the ground, a heated propaganda war is also being waged. Russia recently launched its “Sputnik” offensive, a new state-run international media outlet

Russian Ambassador To Britain Welcomes New Propaganda Channel With Bizarre Rant

Alexander Yakovenko, Russia’s ambassador to Britain, marked the launch of RT UK, the Kremlin’s British-specific propaganda channel, on Thursday with a lengthy and eccentric Twitter rant that saw him make extraneous references to Financial Times columnist Martin Wolf and novelist Virginia Woolf while claiming the network would “be as innovative as [the] Russian avant-garde.” He started by referring to the station’s launch party, which was disrupted by a fire alarm

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