Russian Defense Ministry’s Latest #MH17 Denial — ‘a Lie, Pure and Simple’

Russian Defense Ministry’s Latest #MH17 Denial — ‘a Lie, Pure and Simple’

By Polygraph Russian Defense Ministry “Not a single anti-aircraft missile system of the armed forces has ever crossed the Russian-Ukrainian border.” Source: TASS, June 27, 2018 FALSE Russian ownership of the missile that shot down MH17 is proven The European Council said on June 26 that it will “adopt conclusions on the downing of flight MH17“ and call on the Russia “to accept responsibility and fully cooperate with all efforts to establish

Russia falsely denies hunger striker, Oleh Sentsov, a prison visit by Ukraine

By Polygraph Tatiana Moskalkova Russian Commissioner for Human Rights “I received an official response from the leadership of the FSIN (Russia’s correctional service) that since she (Denisova) is a citizen of another state, and he (Sentsov) is a citizen of Russia, she cannot yet be allowed in.” Source: Interfax FALSE Oleh Sentsov is a citizen of Ukraine, and entitled to visits from his government On June 28, the Voice of

#PackOfLies: Lies about Ukraine in Putin’s speech

During the annual live broadcast “Direct Line“ which airs on all the biggest Russian TV channels, Russian president Vladimir Putin was asked what advice he would give to his grandchildren. Not to lie, he said. He did not, however, apply this to himself. Here we present the parts of his speech concerning the lies and disinformation about Ukraine. Sanctions. Putin criticized the Western sanctions on Russia which are allegedly enforced

Make Russia look successful – at any cost

By EU vs Disinfo The Americans finally acknowledged that Russian fighter jets are superior to American fighter jets! And why complain about the Russian government hiking the pension age? People in China don’t even get a pension! Both these messages recently appeared in Russian media. And thanks to the journalists from the independent Russian outlet The Insider, which specialises in scrutinising disinformation, both claims were quickly challenged. Su-57 vs. F-35 The

Dehumanizing disinformation as a weapon of the information war

By EU vs Disinfo Dehumanization is a quite common trait in conflict situations, where the opponents usually intend to build support for their own actions as well as lessen the support for their adversary through harsh rhetoric and disinformation about the other side. Within the pro-Kremlin disinformation machinery, dehumanization is often used as a tool to denigrate in particular the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF). This despite the fact that the official

Fake: Ukrainian Rock Star Calls for Destruction of Current Rule in Ukraine

Ukrainian rock star and activist Svyatoslav Vakarchuk calls for the destruction of Ukraine’s current government announced Russia’s REN TV, the RBK agency, Vechernaya Moskva, URA.RU, Ridus and others.  The Kyiv regime is a cancerous tumor which must be destroyed so it does not continue to eat at the country; Russian sites quote Vakarchuk’s address to Ukraine’s Leadership Academy on June 23. Vakarchuk did address the graduates of the Leadership Academy,

Fake: Economic Disaster Awaiting Ukraine

On June 18 several pro-Kremlin media circulated the distorted claims of Ukrainian MP Vadim Rabinovich who predicts that Ukraine’s economy is heading for hard times., RT, and all featured stories based on Rabinovich’s pronouncements, warning about the West’s underhanded dealings with Kyiv and Ukraine’s unavoidable future default. Fake and distorted stories about Ukraine’s public debt are a regular staple of the Kremlin’s propaganda and disinformation machine. This time

Figure of the Week: 6.4%

By EU vs Disinfo This week, Russian state media more than tripled the defence budget of Latvia, a NATO member and neighbour of Russia. The bogus figure appeared on, a state-controlled Russian news website, which claimed that the Baltic country spends a whopping 6.4 percent of its Gross Domestic Product on defence. The real figure for 2018 is 2 percent, up from 1.7 percent in 2017. The incorrect figure

Kremlin Watch Briefing: Nord Stream II is a strategic mistake

Topics of the Week In a public appeal published by the European Values Think-Tank, 50 security experts from 18 European countries outline the reasons why Nord Stream II is Germany’s biggest strategic mistake in a generation. The recent cyber-attack on Germany’s energy networks shows signs of Russian methods, according to the Chief of the BfV. According to a new investigation, 10 properties associated with the Trump Organization have been sold to buyers directly

CONIFA alternative World Cup boosts Russia-backed separatism

By Sarah Hurst (@XSovietNews), for StopFake In the World Football Cup that you probably haven’t heard of, which took place in London earlier this month, Karpatalya beat Northern Cyprus in the final. The event was organised by CONIFA, the Confederation of Independent Football Associations, which calls itself the international governing body for non-FIFA associations, and sponsored by Irish bookmaker Paddy Power. It sounds harmless enough, but CONIFA gives a remarkable

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