Fake: Hungarian Foreign Minister Threatens Ukraine with NATO Troops

Fake: Hungarian Foreign Minister Threatens Ukraine with NATO Troops

This week several Ukrainian and Russian sites disseminated fakes claiming that the Hungarian foreign minister threatened Ukraine with NATO troops. In reality Hungary’s Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó in an interview with Russia’s Rossia 24 television channel made no such threats, he merely said that if Ukraine were to expel Hungary’s  consul, Budapest would have to follow suit. Inforesist, Novosti bez Granits, Russkaya Vesna, From-ua.com, replyua.net, Rossiyskiy dialog and others all

Fake: Ukrainian President’s Wife Finds True Ukrainian Identity Only in the US

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko’s wife Marina allegedly said that true Ukrainian identity is found in the United States. This claim was disseminated by the pro-Kremlin sites Ukraina.ru, Times.com.ua SMI2, all of whom refer to the Ukrainian President’s press office as the source for their claim. According to these Russian sites, Marina Poroshenko allegedly said this when she visited the Ukrainian museum and library in Stamford, Connecticut. Mrs. Poroshenko was accompanying

The Disinformation Maps Aimed at Tearing Our World Apart

By EU vs Disinfo With a quick move, the camera zooms in on the map of Ukraine. One by one, pieces of Ukrainian territory get wolfed down by the EU member states, Hungary, Romania and Poland. “Kyiv’s eccentricity has already split the country”, the presenter explains intensively. Since Transcarpathia belonged to Hungary prior to the beginning of the 20th century, Budapest wants to “regain control” of the region. “In the

Skripal Suspect Boshirov Identified as GRU Colonel Anatoliy Chepiga

By Bellingcat Investigation Team Bellingcat and its investigative partner The Insider – Russia have established conclusively the identity of one of the suspects in the poisoning of Sergey and Yulia Skripal, and in the homicide of British citizen Dawn Sturgess. Part 1 and Part 2 of Bellingcat’s investigation into the Skripal poisoning suspects are available for background information. In these previous two parts of the investigation, Bellingcat and the Insider concluded that the two suspects

Fake: Protective Levee on Ukrainian Territory Damaged

Scores of Russian media reported this week that a levee on Ukrainian territory separating lake Sivash from an acid waste accumulator facility belonging to the Crimean Titan chemical factory in the northern Crimean town of Armyansk, was partially destroyed. REN TV, Versii, Rosiyskaya Gazeta, Sputnik, the Crimean television channel Millet and others all featured this fake story citing Crimean Titan factory director Andrei Akulov as the source of the information.

Figure of the Week: 20

By EU vs Disinfo Facebook is opening a “War Room” to protect elections from disinformation attempts on the social network. Scheduled to become operative on 24 September, the War Room will house about 20 Facebook staffers “focused on rooting out disinformation, monitoring false news, and deleting fake accounts that may be trying to influence voters.” The team will use specially designed software to spot and track unusual activity flowing across the social

Russian TV host calls war on Georgia Moscow’s ‘operation for enforcement of peace’

By Polygraph Vladimir Solovyov Russian TV talk show host “It [the 2008 Russian-Georgian War] was an operation for the enforcement of peace.” Source: Rossiya 1, September 23, 2018 FALSE It was a war. Vladimir Solovyov, host of one of Russia’s most popular Sunday-evening television talk-shows, had Russia Today editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan as his guest on September 23. During the program, Simonyan tried to explain how popular Russia and President Vladimir

Russian election meddling in the US and beyond

By EU vs Disinfo On Thursday 20 September 2018, the US targeted 33 individuals and entities with sanctions over interference in the American Presidential election in 2016. This followed the US Justice Department’s indictment of 12 Russian officials. Previously, 13 Russian citizens as well as the Internet Research Agency, Concord Management and Concord Catering had been charged with interfering with the US political system. Russian military intelligence officers created false online personas and websites in order to

Investigators Were Not Silent, Following a New Russian Claim on MH17

By Polygraph Nicolas Dhuicq A spokesman for the Debout La France (France Arise) party “We are unfortunately living in a propaganda era, when media and the Western establishment are trying to discredit any information coming from Russia. The team that investigates the plane’s downing will be obliged to take into account this new information released by the Russian authorities but the international community will remain silent. They prefer not to

Facebook: Expanding fact-checking to photos and videos

By Antonia Woodford, Product Manager, Facebook We know that people want to see accurate information on Facebook, so for the last two years, we’ve made fighting misinformation a priority. One of the many steps we take to reduce the spread of false news is working with independent, third-party fact-checkers to review and rate the accuracy of content. To date, most of our fact-checking partners have focused on reviewing articles. However,

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