Real Russians of Miami-Dade County evade law on two continents

Real Russians of Miami-Dade County evade law on two continents

By Sarah Hurst (@XSovietNews), for StopFake Russia has ordered the arrest of Florida-based businessman Sergey Slastikhin, accusing him of embezzling hundreds of millions of roubles in contracts for Roskosmos, the Russian space agency, and of absconding with state secrets. US law-enforcement, and perhaps even Special Counsel Robert Mueller, might want to get to Slastikhin before Vladimir Putin does, because he is involved in a large network of businesses run by

Fake: Kyiv Ignores Minsk Protocol Meeting

Kyiv is sabotaging the work of the Minsk Trilateral Group, announced the so-called human rights commissioner of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) Daria Morozova.  (The Minsk Trilateral Contact Group is a group of representatives from Ukraine, the Russian Federation, and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe formed to facilitate a diplomatic resolution to the Russian fueled war in the Donbas region of Ukraine.) Morozova claims that Ukrainian

Россия в войне. Елизавета Александрова-Зорина – о битвах “своих”

Источник: Елизавета Александрова-Зорина, для Радио Свобода Отряды “добровольцев” и казаков приходят на митинги, чтобы избивать протестующих, пока полицейские стоят в стороне. Активисты патриотических движений борются с “пятой колонной”, составляют списки “национал-предателей”, нападают на оппозиционеров. Представители власти только разводят руками: а мы-то здесь при чем? Религиозные фанатики срывают концерты, лекции и выставки, по их мнению, не соответствующие традиционным ценностям. Церковники вздымают глаза к небу: на все воля Божья. Каждый день в новостях

Arrested for fact-checking: Kazakh court fines Ukrainian journalist after police break up media workshop

By Chris Rickleton, for Global Voices A media fact-checking workshop in northwestern Kazakhstan came to an abrupt conclusion on September 15 when police barged in, broke up the event and arrested one of the workshop leaders, Aleksandr Gorokhovsky. The workshop’s organiser, Lukpan Akhmedyarov, is the editor of independent regional newspaper Uralskaya Nedelya, that has long been the target of state harassment. A respected journalist and media trainer from Kyiv, Gorokhovsky

How France beat back information manipulation (and how other democracies might do the same)

By Christine Schmidt, for NiemanLab “French success resulted from a combination of structural factors, luck, as well as the effective anticipation and reaction of the Macron campaign staff, the government, and civil society, especially the mainstream media.” If France could stop misinformation, could the U.S.? A newly-translated-to-English report reflects on how the country handled misinformation and politically motivated document leaks in its 2017 presidential election and offers 50 recommendations for how gouvernements, société

How to Rob Peter to Pay Paul

By EU vs Disinfo What do you do when one of your heaviest disinformation attacks backfires? You send out way more disinformation attacks and hope that they will silence the outrage about such obvious attempts to deceive and mislead the international community. We have seen exactly this pattern during the last week in Russia’s disinformation ecosystem. The pro-Kremlin outlets were still hectically spreading all kinds of contradictory stories about the Skripal case

Fake: Russian Language Banned in Lviv

Lviv bans the Russian language hailed scores of Russian propagandist media last week. Lviv bans singing Russian songs wailed , while other publications warned that Ukrainian nationalists were oppressing Russian speakers, putting the local population in danger and fostering Ukrainian separatism that is depriving swathes of society from speaking Russian. These fake and distorted claims were Russian media’s reaction to a resolution enacted by the Lviv Regional Council banning

Germany’s friends of the Kremlin “setting the media tone” – Reitschuster

By Kseniya Kirillova, for Integrity Initiative Russian propagandists and agents of influence do not only operate freely in Germany, they even “set the tone” in German media. This is the view of prominent German journalist, author of the book “Putin’s Secret War” (‘Putins verdeckter Krieg’), Boris Reitschuster. He says the Kremlin is now actively using the old intelligence network created by the Stasi in West Germany. “Contrary to popular belief,

Would Visiting the U.S. Help Vladimir Putin ‘Humanize’ His Adversary? Fact: Putin Visited Nine Times

By Polygraph John Wight RT Contributor “Indeed it is arguable that without his prolonged visit to the U.S. in 1959, Khrushchev may not have been so willing to accommodate JFK during the Cuban Missile Crisis three years later in 1962 – the reason being that only in visiting the country or countries of his adversaries is a leader able to humanize it beyond the realm of geopolitical differences. In 2018,

Salisbury suspects number one in top 10 “worst hits” of Russian TV

By Sarah Hurst (@XSovietNews), for StopFake The interview given by the two suspects in the Salisbury novichok poisonings to RT boss Margarita Simonyan was met with disbelief and ridicule around the world, and inspired dozens of memes, but it was just one of a multitude of fakes and disasters that have been fed to gullible views by Russian TV over the years – particularly since the invasion of Ukraine in

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