Moscow claims ‘sham’ Donbas election stems chaos it sowed

Moscow claims ‘sham’ Donbas election stems chaos it sowed

By Polygraph Maria Zakharova Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson “After the murder of [former DNR leader] Alexander Zakharchenko under the conditions of a possible vacuum of power, there was a real risk of the total destabilization of the situation in southeastern Ukraine…. The holding of elections made it possible to avoid such a scenario.” Source: Tass News Agency, November 15, 2018 FALSE Moscow falsely claims stability in eastern Ukraine, despite its

New York Times sheds light on decades-old tradition of Kremlin disinformation campaign

By EU vs Disinfo A three-series multimedia project by the New York Times reveals how current Kremlin disinformation campaigns stem from a long tradition of weaponizing information. Titled “Operation Infektion”, the series tells the story of a “political virus”, invented decades ago by the KGB to “slowly and methodically destroy its enemies from the inside”, and which the Kremlin continues to deliberately spread to this day. EU vs Disinfo takes

Fake: Ukrainian Ministry funds radical nationalistic organisations

On November 12, the Washington Post published an article entitled “Training kids to kill at Ukrainian nationalist camp”, which later appeared in other publications as well. The author claimed that the Ministry of Youth and Sports allegedly funds radical nationalistic organizations. Namely, the article said that this year the Ministry of Youth and Sports earmarked 4 million hryvnias (about $150,000) to fund some youth camps organized by nationalists, in particular

Oxford’s Word of the Year: Toxic

By VoANews It’s official: 2018 is toxic. Oxford Dictionaries has chosen “toxic” as its international word of the year. Oxford University Press monitors changes in the English language and each year selects a word that catches the annual mood. Oxford’s lexicographers said it’s “the sheer scope of its applications that has made it the standout choice.” Traditionally defined as “poisonous,” Oxford said people are also using the word to describe

Chaos as a strategy: Putin’s “Promethean” Gamble

By Donald N. Jensen, Peter B. Doran, for CEPA 15 November 2018 Can Vladimir Putin’s nonlinear strategy succeed against the West? For all of Russia’s weaknesses as a Great Power, the Kremlin increasingly is willing to take risks—sometimes recklessly—to balance its disadvantages against the relative power of Western competitors like the United States. Risk taking is a dangerous business for any state—declining or otherwise. But what if the Kremlin believed that

How The Wall Street Journal is preparing its journalists to detect deepfakes

By Francesco Marconi and Till Daldrup, for NiemanLab “We have seen this rapid rise in deep learning technology and the question is: Is that going to keep going, or is it plateauing? What’s going to happen next?” Artificial intelligence is fueling the next phase of misinformation. The new type of synthetic media known as deepfakes poses major challenges for newsrooms when it comes to verification. This content is indeed difficult

Heavyweight megaphones of disinformation in Eastern Ukraine

By EU vs Disinfo Sunday 11 November was a tricky day for the pro-Kremlin disinformation campaign, on two fronts. In Ukraine, the Russia-backed separatists held illegitimate elections that were not recognised by the international community. At the same time in Paris, world leaders gathered to commemorate the World War I centenary. Later at the Paris Peace Forum, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko discussed the unlawful electionswith the French and German leaders – without

Fake: Poland Leaving the EU

European Union bursting at the seams, Poland ready to leave, announced, RIA and TASS on October 11, claiming that Warsaw was poised to launch “Polexit” because of a conflict with Brussels. The source for this latest fake was none other than European Council President and Poland’s former Prime Minister Donald Tusk who criticized Poland’s latest judicial reform. Russian media couldn’t manage to spin this fake in just one direction

Love conquers truth: New romantic comedy by RT chief Simonyan spins Crimea drama

By Robert Coalson, for RFE/RL Even back when construction of the controversial, $3.7 billion Crimean Bridge was just beginning, RT Editor in Chief Margarita Simonyan already knew how the story ended. Crimea Bridge: Made With Love! — a new film written by Simonyan and directed by her husband, Tigran Keosayan — is an uber-patriotic romantic comedy that was filmed against the backdrop of the rising edifice, which links Russia via the

Alaska purchase: Kremlin’s trolls suggest a refund

By EU vs Disinfo Wheels were turning last week in the St. Petersburg troll factory. Its very own news agency, RIA FAN, published a statement by Kremlin-linked publicist Nikolai Starikov, who suggested that Russia might withdraw from the 1867 treaty with the United States on transferring the ownership of Alaska. According to Mr. Starikov, Russia is ready to refund the United States the $7.2 million it paid for Alaska and bring the

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