Anatomy of a Russian media escalation

Anatomy of a Russian media escalation

​By Polygraph Point of View The latest escalation in the Sea of Azov provides a case study of how Russia’s vast state disinformation apparatus is employed to muddy the waters and curb Western attempts to halt Russian aggression. What we know: Three Ukrainian ships were fired upon and then captured by Russian vessels as the Ukrainians were preparing to transit through the Kerch Strait in the Sea of Azov on

Fake: Ukraine Becomes Drug Entry Point for Russia and Europe

Last week Russia’s Interior Ministry announced that Ukraine has become a regional leader for drug trafficking. Kirill Smurov, the Deputy director of Russia’s Interior Ministry Main Directorate for Drug Control announced that Ukraine is now one of the main entryways for the European drug trade, a “fact” that is being noted by the United Nations and the European Union. Smurov claims that drugs are coming in through Ukrainian ports and

Fake: European Court of Human Rights:  Ukrainian Sailors Held by Russia not POWs

The European Court of Human Rights ignored Ukraine’s request to recognize the 24 sailors seized by the FSB Russian Security Service in the Kerch Strait area on November 25 as prisoners of war. This fake news item made the rounds in Russian media on December 5 as a lead story in such publications as RIA Novosti,, NTV and others. These pro-Kremlin publications also casually mention that the European Court

Russian Reporter Blames George H.W. Bush and the Persian Gulf War for Fomenting ‘Chaos’ in the Middle East

By Polygraph Dmitry Smirnov Kremlin Special Correspondent for Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper “At the age of 94, George Bush Sr. died – the man who started the Gulf War, marking the beginning of the current chaos in the Middle East. If we say nothing but good about the dead, about Bush Sr. say nothing.” Source: Twitter MISLEADING President George H.W. Bush did not start the war in the Persian Gulf. On

Putin falsely claims seized Ukrainian ships gifted by U.S.A.

By Polygraph Vladimir Putin President, Russian Federation “Two little cutters that the United States gifted Ukraine didn’t pass through the Kerch Straight, and you want a nuclear submarine visiting our base?! A bad film.” Source: Russia 24 YouTube, December 2, 2018 FALSE The two ships reportedly made in Ukraine were not gifted by the U.S. Speaking to reporters after the G20 (Group of Twenty) Summit in Buenos Aires on Saturday,

Russian state news chief raps on air, claims Russian rap is home grown

By Polygraph Dmitry Kiselyov Dmitry Kiselyov, CEO of Rossiya Segodnya and TV host “It’s believed that rap as a culture came from Black America. We got it in the 1990s. That’s not entirely true, however. The precursor of the Russian rap poetic tradition was Vladimir Mayakovsky, of course.” Source: Vesti Nedeli (News of the Week), December 2, 2018 FALSE Russian rap is indeed inspired by Western music. On the Sunday,

Kremlin Watch Briefing: Does Putin underestimate the West?

Topics of the Week Head of MI6: Putin should not underestimate British determination and capabilities. Czech counter-intelligence agency published a detailed Annual Report describing Russian and Chinese activities in the Czech Republic. US Secretary of Defense Mattis has accused Vladimir Putin of continually “mucking around” the US midterm elections. From the Kremlin leadership to consumers – what the Russian disinformation chain looks like, according to RAND. Good Old Soviet Joke A poll question in a Russian

Disinformation against Sweden Democrats and the Swedish Election

By Martin Kragh Plenty has already been written on the anticipations of outside (read: Russian) interference in the 2018 Swedish parliamentary election. There were no major disturbances, which in my opinion was not a surprise. However, a few fake documents that I recently discovered shed interesting light on a perhaps botched campaign to smear the Swedish election process, a campaign which involved the implication of the Sweden Democrats in a Russian intelligence operation. It remains unclear who was behind

StopFake #212 with Marko Suprun

Fake: Russia attacks Ukrainian ships in the Kerch strait and accuses Ukraine of provoking the whole thing. Ukraine shells occupied Donbas after Kerch strait attack.

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