Putinism is 21st century fascism with nuclear weapons, Yakovenko says

Putinism is 21st century fascism with nuclear weapons, Yakovenko says

By Paul Goble, Window on Eurasia Putin’s Russia manifests in one way or another all of the 14 signs of “eternal fascism” Umberto Eco has outlined, “from the cult of tradition, the rejection of modernism, and reliance on historical traumas to the ideas of international and domestic conspiracy, and a cult of death,” according to Igor Yakovenko. But it is distinctive from 20th century models of fascist regimes in “about 20

Holiday reading list: From ‘Macron leaks’ and IRA to WeChat and Russian interference

By EU vs Disinfo As disinformation never sleeps – and there might be some free time during the holiday season – EUvsDisinfo shares the creme de la creme of reports that have caught our eyes this year. 1. Information Manipulation A Challenge for Our Democracies is a French study based on about 100 interviews and focuses on information manipulation orchestrated by states with purpose to weaken democratic debate in other states. In

Russian Embassy in Canada Uses Butina Case to Attack #MeToo and Feminism

By Polygraph Russian Embassy in Canada A screen shot of the Russian Embassy in Canada’s Twitter account. “#FreeMariaButina is a showcase that exposes all bias & hypocrisy of #feminist agenda, actively promoted in some western countries … #MeToo someone?” Source: Twitter, December 27, 2018 FALSE Criminal charges against Butina have no connection with feminism or the Me Too movement On Wednesday, December 26, Russia’s embassy in the U.S. tweeted a

United Ukrainian Church causes the Kremlin a headache

By Ukrainian Election Task Force Attempts to influence and interfere in elections can happen in a number of ways such as denigrating or promoting particular candidates or using the hottest topics that have the potential to polarize debate in order to destabilize the situation in a targeted country. Perhaps one of the most significant yet underappreciated topics surrounding this sort of election influence is the struggle of the Ukrainian Church

Manipulation: OSCE Secretary General Calls Creation of New Church in Ukraine ‘Provocation’

Initiating the creation of an autocephalous church in Ukraine, Kyiv has once again provoked a deterioration in relations with Moscow, writes the Kremlin propagandist Ukraina.ru. The publication claims this was the message that OSCE Secretary General Thomas Greminger conveyed in his interview to the German Osnabrücker Zeitung newspaper. Ukraina.ru’s distorted version of Greminger’s interview was reprinted by PolitNavigator, Pravslavie I Mir, Rusvesna, DonPress, Donetsk24 and NewsFront. According to Russian media,

Kremlin: U.S. must ‘babysit’ Poroshenko after funding Ukrainian revolution

By Polygraph Dmitry Peskov Russian presidential spokesman “Too much money was invested into Ukraine, too much money was poured into the coup in Ukraine, and justifying this coup also requires too much money.” Source: TASS, December 20, 2018 FALSE Claim that U.S. funded “coup” in Ukraine long-since disproven On Thursday December 20, Kremlin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov told theTASS news agency that the upcoming presidential election in Ukraine, set for March

Fake: Ukraine Refuses Christmas Truce and Prisoner Exchange in Donbas

No Christmas truce. Ukraine does not agree to a prisoner exchange. This is what pro-Kremlin media and Olga Kobtseva from the recognized-by-nobody Luhansk People’s republic said following the last meeting of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe with representatives from Ukraine and Russia.  Ms. Kobtseva accused Kyiv of “breaking the negotiation process” and preventing a prisoner exchange taking place before the end of 2018.   Ms. Kobtseva’s claim

Kremlin Ignores Evidence in Calling US Meddling Reports ‘Unfounded’

By Polygraph Dmitry Peskov Russian Presidential Press Secretary “…unfounded claims… The Russian state and the Russian government have nothing to do with any meddling…” Source: TASS, December 18, 2018 FALSE There is an abundance of evidence in the reports and indictments. On Tuesday, the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence released two reports by data analytics firms that concluded the Russian government’s “computational propaganda to misinform and polarize US voters” dates

StopFake #215 with Marko Suprun

Fake: Kyiv preparing Crimea offensive. EU refuses to punish Russia for seizure of Ukrainian ships in Kerch strait. Manipulation: EU calls on Kyiv to lift ban on Russian language education.

Russian sources blame Coalition for destroying hospital in Syria, even before it was damaged

By Polygraph Sputnik News Russian state-owned media outlet “The Friday airstrikes of the US-led Coalition have completely destroyed a hospital in the Syrian city of Hajin in the eastern Deir ez-Zor province, Ikhbariya broadcaster reported.” Source: Sputnik, December 7, 2018 FALSE The hospital was still standing as of December 9. On December 7, the Russian state media outlet Sputnik published a story which claimed that U.S.-led coalition forces fighting the

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