Fake: Ukraine Doesn’t Have Enough Gas for the Winter

Fake: Ukraine Doesn’t Have Enough Gas for the Winter

Ukraine’s underground gas reserves are melting before our very eyes,  declared the pro-Kremlin publication Ukraina.ru last week, claiming that Ukraine did not have enough gas to keep homes warm during the oncoming winter. This is how Ukraina.ru chose to interpret data presented by Ukraine’s gas transportation company Ukrtransgaz; that gas reserves in the country’s underground storage facilities had decreased. According to Ukrtransgaz data, as of December 19 Ukraine’s underground gas

Fake: Kyiv Preparing Crimea Offensive

Last week Russia’s Izvestia newspaper announced that Kyiv was preparing to launch an offensive in Crimea during the Christmas period. Citing an anonymous “highly placed source in Russian diplomatic circles”, Izvestia claims that Ukraine will launch a land offensive in an effort to provoke Russia to respond and after Moscow responds, shout from the rooftops about Russian aggression. Russian media all dutifully picked up this fake story as did Kremlin

Annual news conference: Despite the evidence, Putin calls Skripal poisoning a pretext to attack Russia

By Polygraph Vladimir Putin Russian President “Sirkpal, thank God, is alive. Nevertheless, there are a bunch of sanctions against Russia …This is a politicized Russophobic approach. It is a pretext, nothing more than a pretext to organize another attack on Russia.” Source: RT, December 20, 2018 FALSE Putin tries to spin failed Skripal assassination into anti-Russian provocation. On Thursday, December 20, Russian President Vladimir Putin held his annual year-end press

Putin on Butina: Our poor innocent girl, who none of us know

By Polygraph Vladimir Putin President, Russia “This poor girl is in jail, our Butina, she is facing 15 years imprisonment, for what? When I heard that something was going on with her … first I asked all the heads of our special services, who is this? No one knows anything about her at all; the only person who knows something about her is in the Federation Council; she was perhaps

You got it all wrong: Russia is innocent, always blame the West

By EU vs Disinfo According to pro-Kremlin outlets, this week the Americans should be proud of successfully organising the ‘yellow vest’ protests in France and autocéphale in Ukraine. Yet Kremlin-linked media also state that Americans are increasingly in love with Russia and President Putin. But let’s start in Brussels and with the EU which – according to Russian media – is an obedient vassal of Washington and is currently harassing the countries which wish to normalise relations with Russia. And one

Mythbusters: Guide to Critical Thinking

On 13 December StopFake, represented by digital strategist Maria Zhdanova, together with the Centre for Euro-Atlantic Integration and Democracy from Hungary, represented by its director Dániel Bartha, has held an international workshop on countering disinformation. The event was organised by the Centre for International Relations in cooperation with the Prague Security Studies Institute from the Czech Republic in the framework of a project “Mythbusters” supported by the International Visegrad Fund.

Kremlin Watch Briefing Special Edition: The winners and losers of 2018

With the holidays fast approaching, we decided to do something special for the last Kremlin Watch Briefing of the year. This week, we summarize the major successes and failures of the fight against the Kremlin‘s influence operations in Europe and the United States. The first part features a Hall of Fame and Hall of Shame for actors that made the most progress in confronting the Kremlin threat, and those that made

Manipulation: EU calls on Kyiv to Lift the Ban on Russian Language Education

Russian pro-Kremlin publication Ukraina.ru reports that the European Union allegedly urged Ukraine to lift the ban on the” use of the Russian language in education”.  The publication claims that at a meeting of the Ukraine-EU council held in Brussels on December 17, the EU urged Ukraine to fully implement the recommendation of the Venice Commission relating to the language clause of a Ukrainian law on education which was enacted in

Fake: EU Refuses to Punish Russia for Seizure of Ukrainian Ships in Kerch Strait

Russian media claim that the European Union is not going to punish Russia for shelling and seizing three Ukrainian ships along with their crew in the Kerch Strait area on November 25. This is how pro-Kremlin media chose to interpret a European Council resolution adopted in Strasbourg on December 12. The EU is not insisting on new sanctions against Russia for the Kerch Strait incident, declared RIA Novosti. European Countries

Russian State TV broadcasts staged interview

By EU vs Disinfo As Ukraine marks the anniversary of the 2013 Maidan revolution, a young Ukrainian man tells his story to Russian state TV Pervy Kanal. The interviewee is disappointed about the development in his country: “The Euromaidan didn’t give me anything. And look at where we are now. We should have looked into the future; a future without heating, with super expensive energy bills; and it isn’t clear

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