News in the section ‘Context’ are not fakes. We publish them in order to provide you with a deeper understanding of the techniques and methods used by the Russian government in its information war.

Russian Media Columnist Alexander Mercouris struck off over claim that senior law lord had him kidnapped

Another author on Kremlin’s Sputnik International will be A. Mercouris, disbarred for deceiving a client. Now A. Mercouris is a columnist of RT, Voice of Russia and Alexander Mercouris concocted a web of “tortuous deceit” to convince a client he was pursuing the bogus claim, including forging a Supreme Court judge’s signature, a tribunal heard. He even alleged that Lord Phillips of Worth Matravers, President of the Supreme Court,

David Cameron compares Russia to Nazi Germany on eve of Putin meeting

PM says that the world must ‘learn the lessons of history’ and be prepared to step up sanctions against Russia David Cameron has compared Russia to Nazi Germany because of its actions in Ukraine on the eve of a tense meeting with Vladimir Putin. Mr Cameron will on Saturday night challenge Mr Putin about Russia’s continued acts of aggression in Ukraine as it supplies heavy weapons and tanks to the

Kremlin’s propagandists created a network of pseudo-Ukrainian Internet news portals

Editorial teams for Internet news portals that pose as Ukrainian actually work out of St. Petersburg offices on Savushkin Street, while media sites supporting activities of the Russian terrorist DNR and LNR “republics” in the east of Ukraine are controlled from Moscow. This is reported by the Russian media site “Snob,” referring to “Delovoi Peterburg” newspaper. Despite its name, “Kharkov News Agency” is not located in Kharkov, Ukraine, instead it

Russian Tanks Move Across Ukraine Border: NATO Chief Breedlove

Russian tanks, artillery and air defense systems have poured into Ukraine over the past two days, NATO’s top commander said Wednesday, NBC News reporting. U.S. Gen. Philip Breedlove expressed concern that the border between the former Soviet allies was now “completely wide open,” allowing Moscow to potentially bolster rebels in eastern Ukraine who are skirmishing with government troops despite a cease-fire. NATO confirmed his remarks to NBC News, and U.S.

Russia Has A New Propaganda Outlet And It’s Everything You Thought It Would Be

The Kremlin on Monday launched a brand new global propaganda effort called Sputnik as it seeks to build on the success of its English-language propaganda channel Russia Today. Sputnik will comprise a website and radio, and will broadcast in 30 languages from “multimedia hubs” based everywhere from London to Rio de Janeiro to New Delhi and Washington, the Moscow Times reported. The new global effort comes nearly a year after the Kremlin suddenly “liquidated”

UK regulator threatens RT with sanctions for biased reporting

Britain’s broadcasting regulator has issued a stern warning to RT because of biased reporting in four of its news bulletins during the Ukraine crisis earlier this year. Ofcom warned (PDF) the Russian state-backed channel that it would consider imposing a statutory sanction or other regulatory action if there were any future breaches of the due impartiality rules contained in Ofcom’s Broadcasting Code. RT is the Russian government-funded, English language television

Vladimir Putin says there was nothing wrong with Soviet Union’s pact with Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany

Russian president says he sees nothing wrong with treaty with Nazi Germany that led to the carve-up of Poland – and blames Britain for destroying any chance of an anti-fascist front Vladimir Putin has said there was nothing bad about the Nazi-Soviet Pact, the non-aggression treaty which led to the carve-up of Poland at the outset of the Second World War, suggesting Britain and France were to blame for Adolf

Russia Activates New Defense Management Center

Since President Vladimir Putin appointed Sergei Shoigu as defense minister in November 2012, the greatest organizational innovation in the Russian Armed Forces has been the creation of a National Defense Management Center (NTsUO), aimed at integrating the leadership and direction of defense and security structures in real time, Roger McDermott writes for Jamestown Foundation. Following some advances toward realizing this goal, including various tests of the center, the NTsUO will be

Putin’s Friend Profits in Purge of Schoolbooks

The purge began in late winter. One by one, hundreds of textbooks that Russian schoolchildren had relied upon for years were deemed unsuitable for use in the country’s 43,000 schools. The reasons varied, but they shared a certain bureaucratic obstinacy, The New York Times writes. One publisher saw all of his company’s English-language textbooks barred because he had failed to include their subtitles on the paperwork required for government approval.

Sham observer org for Ukrainian separatist strongholds invented day before election

There will be a facsimile of an election Sunday in the Donetsk People’s Republic, which is just a faint facsimile of a state. So it’s fitting that a facsimile of an election observer organisation was invented to watch over the process. The Agency for Security and Cooperation in Europe, or ASCE, was unveiled Saturday evening at a bewildering press conference here in the centre of this war-battered city. The ASCE’s

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