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Disinformation Groundhog Day

By EU vs Disinfo It is Groundhog Day in the world of pro-Kremlin disinformation, with WWII revisionism and the coronavirus continuing to dominate our disinfo caseload this week. According to Punxsutaney Phil, the world’s most famous groundhog, winter will be ending early this year. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the Kremlin’s persistent disinformation efforts surrounding World War II and the coronavirus outbreak – shadows that even poor Phil

Pro-Kremlin Media Attempts to Make Fascism Politically Correct

By EU vs Disinfo Pro-Kremlin media have recently started to express sympathy for Fascism. This is not entirely new: The Web Site News Front, based in illegally annexed Crimea, has been praising Hitler and Nazism; pro-Kremlin Russia Insider is not only attempting to whitewash Nazism, but is also openly anti-Semitic. But recently, this passion for Fascism seems to have reached new levels. Here are some quotes from January 2020: “Mussolini

European Far Right Soldiers of Russian Propaganda

A briefing by Anton Shekhovtsov for the Legatum Institute. You can read the full text here. INTRODUCTION More than twenty years ago, a convicted German neo-Nazi named Ernst Zundel launched a weekly television programme in Canada. He described it like this: This TV programme differs from the mainstream media, because we […] bring you uncensored news, uncensored commentary. Also, commentary from few points that are seldom heard today in this

Fake: Ukraine Placed on Map of Modern Nazism

Russian and Ukrainian media reported that Ukraine was placed on a map of “modern Nazism” in Europe. This information was published by Korrespondent, Vesti, Russkaya Vesna, Tribuna and others. However, they misrepresented what the map is in fact about. The reports stress that “A resource [named] Amazing maps has recognized the logo of the Azov retaliatory battalion and its coat of arms as a symbol of Ukrainian Nazism. The popular

Russian media operates by law of war, tapping into Great Patriotic War myth

The Great Patriotic War was chosen as  a central foundational myth by the leadership of the USSR. It continues to serve this function in modern Russia, but has received a new life since the start of Ukraine’s Euromaidan revolution in November 2014, when Kremlin-controlled media launched a total information war against Euromaidan and the people that caused it. The pro-democratic uprising needed to be demonized and compromised at all costs:

The Media Has Swallowed Five Russian Myths That Have Helped Putin Win In Ukraine

The West’s latest round of sanctions against Russia and the fragile truce between Moscow and Kiev fails to alter the fact that the Kremlin has already succeeded in achieving most of its aims in Ukraine. Crimea is an all-but-accepted lost cause, and territories in Eastern and Southern Ukraine are under serious pressure to follow suit.  But the US and the EU should realize that it was not solely militias in

Russians Re-write History to Slur Ukraine Over War

Vladimir Putin has turned the idea of fascism into a political tool, and now Russian historians are adapting to the Kremlin line, Simon Shuster writes for Time magazine. The trio of German historians, as well as a handful of their colleagues from Eastern Europe, flew into Moscow last week for what they thought would be a conference on the history of Nazi war crimes. It was the fifth in a

Fake: Prince Charles Apologised for Comparing Putin with Hitler

During his visit to Canada a few days ago, Prince Charles compared the actions of the Russian President Vladimir Putin with the deeds of the German Chancellor Adolf Hitler, which had preceded the start of the Second World War. He also condemned the Russian annexation of Crimea, noting that Hitler had also seized territories of other countries.

Fake: Chief Rabbi of Odessa Reported Fascism in Ukraine

Russian e-title “Voienno-Politicheskaia Povestka Dnia” published news about Chief Rabbi of Odessa and South Ukraine Abraham Wolf addressing citizens and asking them not to let “the spread of fascism in Odessa and in Ukraine in general”. “Today we must unite in the face of the Brown Plague like never before. “Odessa Khatyn” has shown everyone that fascism did not disappear, it flourishes in Ukraine. We have no right to let

“The Wolf who cried Fascist!” – Pathology of Russian Propaganda against Ukraine, pt. 1

The F-word is almost entirely meaningless today. “Fascism” has mostly become a perjorative word, used as an insult – and a scare tactic by Russia meant to paralyze opponents, writes Adrian Bryttan in his article for Euromaidan PR on March 21, 2014. In 1944, George Orwell wrote “almost any English person would accept ‘bully’ as a synonym for ‘fascist’”. It is now probably the most misused and overused term of our

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