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Fake: Ukraine Preparing to Stop Gas Transit in 2021

Russian media have once again declared that Ukraine is preparing to stop transporting Russian gas through its gas transit system immediately after an extensive interview with the chairman of Ukraine’s Gas Transit Systems Serhiy Makohon was published in a Ukrainian online newspaper. Citing the interview,  Russian publications such as Ukraina.ru, RBC and RT claim that as of 2021 Ukraine will cease transporting Russian gas through its territory leading to an

Fake: Ukraine’s National Gas Company Naftogaz is Wrecking Negotiations with Gazprom and Blackmailing Russia

Instead of meeting Russia’s Gazprom halfway and beginning constructive negotiatiщns, Naftogaz, Ukraine’s state gas company continues to intimidate Russia without cause, declared Russia’s RT after the latest round of gas transit negotiations between Ukraine, Russia and the European Union. According to Russia’s Sputnik agency the parties cannot agree on the details of a new contract because of Ukraine’s destabilizing position. Instead of offering Russia’s Gazprom amenable terms for cooperation, Naftogaz

Fake: Ukraine Buys Gas in Europe for Double Price

Russian media has been eagerly disseminating a claim by a Ukrainian MP that Ukraine allegedly buys European gas at a much higher price than its real value. In fact gas is bought and sold on the commodity market through open bidding. Currently the price of gas has dropped significantly due to the warm winter and a glut of liquefied natural gas and as a result, Ukraine’s state gas company Naftogaz

Fake: European Gas Costs Ukraine Four Times More than Russian Gas

After the Stockholm Arbitration Court ordered Russia’s Gazprom gas company to pay more than $2.5 billion to Ukrainian energy firm Naftogaz  for having underused the Ukrainian transit system to  deliver gas to Europe, the pro-Kremlin internet newspaper Ukraina.ru featured a story claiming that Ukraine was buying natural gas from Europe at four times the price it would pay for Russian gas. According to PEGAS, the central gas trading platform of

Fake: Ukraine Admits Russian Gas Imports Profitable

Russian propagandist site Ukraina.ru declared this week that Ukraine has recognized the commercial profitability of Russian gas imports. The publication cites a television interview with the Naftogaz Ukrainian state gas company chairman Andriy Kobelev as the source for its fake claim. At the center of this fake story is the Stockholm arbitration court decision regarding the “take-or-pay” gas dispute between Ukraine and Russia.  Ukraina.ru claims Kobelev called the court decision

Fake: Poland Wants to Deprive Ukraine of Gas Transit Revenues to Europe

Russia’s Fund of Strategic Culture (FSC) published a story at the end of August claiming that Poland is trying to deprive Ukraine of profits from the transit of gas through its territory. Founded in 2005, the Strategic Culture Fund is a publication that adheres to an editorial policy closely mirroring that of the Kremlin. Alongside the story about Poland and Ukraine’s alleged shrinking gas transit profits FSC features a story

Fake: Nord Stream 2 Will Make Ukraine’s Gas Transit System Obsolete

Big, empty and unnecessary – that’s the future that Russian site Ukraina.ru predicts for Ukraine’s gas transit system once the Nord stream-2 pipeline is built. While Russian media is eager to bury Ukraine’s vast gas transit system, Kyiv is planning the pipeline’s modernization, signing contracts on long term transit cooperation and restructuring the company that oversees the network. Ukraina.ru is not the only Russian propaganda outfit predicting the imminent demise

Fake: Ukraine Doubles Gas Consumption

On January 10 scores of Russian media featured stories claiming that Ukraine had doubled or even tripled its gas consumption due to severe winter temperatures. Russia’s national press Agency TASS is the source of this story. TASS in turn cites the Ukrainian gas transit company Ukrtransgaz as its source for these claims. TASS suggests that despite Ukraine’s reassurance that it has sufficient gas reserves; it may in fact not have

Fake: Obama Signs Law on the Privatization of the Ukrainian Energy Sector

Germany’s “Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten” published an article about a law (HR5859) that has been signed by U.S. President Barack Obama, claiming that the law will promote the privatization of the Ukrainian energy sector and the financing of Ukrainian military and mass media within the U.S. State Department’s budget. Following this, the Russian portal “ПолитНавигатор” (“Political Navigator”) published a translation of the German article, with additional commentary and acknowledging the source,

Fake: Poroshenko Gave Orders to End the ATO by August 22 and to Cut Off Gas Transit to Europe

On August 20 the largest Russian service specializing in the translating foreign news and articles published the material of a Chinese website haiwainet.cn, titled “The Limit of Putin’s Patience,” which contains several false statements. In the first paragraph the author, Lao Mu, argues that Poroshenko gave orders “to solve the problem of the eastern regions by August 22” and says that this is the reason government forces have increased their

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