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Language Issues Did Not Bring War to Donbas

During his marathon press spectacle on October 10 Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that the war in Donbas began over the language issue (video 02:15), thus repeating one of the Kremlin’s most entrenched propaganda narratives, i.e. Russian speaking Donbas was being forced to speak Ukrainian and that is why they rebelled. The reality, of course is completely different. The Kremlin media use a set of specific narratives to tell their

Fake: Ukraine’s New Language Law Violates Country’s Constitution, Violators Criminally Liable

On April 25 the Ukrainian Parliament passed a new language law and Russian media went apoplectic with new doom and gloom predictions and condemnations.  The law violates Ukraine’s Constitution, they wailed, Russian speakers will be discriminated against and their rights will be violated, they warned, the pro-Kremlin publication Ukraina.ru even declared that the new law violates scores of international agreements and treaties that Ukraine was party to. The president of

Fake: New Language Law Prohibits Use of any Language other than Ukrainian

Ukraine’s new draft law on language has not yet been passed but it is already the source of many a myth, the predominant one being that once enacted, it will prohibit the use of all languages except Ukrainian. Ukraina.ru, Rambler, Pohnews all disseminated this fake citing statements made by two pro-Kremlin Ukrainian politicians, Yuriy Boyko and Viktor Medvedchuk. The draft law “On safeguarding the Ukrainian language as the state language”

StopFake #225 with Marko Suprun

Fake: European Parliament accuses President Poroshenko of church schism to win presidential election; Ukraine is an artificial language constructed by the USSR. Five years of relentless fakes about Crimea.

Fake: Russian Language Woes in Ukraine

Russian propagandist site Ukraina.ru published an article this week declaring that the Russian language was in the worst possible situation ever in Ukraine. The source for this claim was an interview with the Director and Secretary of the Venice Commission Thomas Markert to the Ukrainian internet newspaper Evropeyska Pravda. Markert was discussing Ukraine’s new law on education, according to which, the Russian language has found itself in a worse position,

Fake: Kyiv Forcing Waiters and Shop Clerks to Speak Ukrainian

Nationalists demand shop clerks speak Ukrainian, declared RIA Novosti. Only Ukrainian in cafes and shops, announced Vesti.  Kyiv city council surrounded by nationalists demanding only Ukrainian is spoken, warned Novostnoe Agentstvo Kharkov.  Complete Ukrainization starting in Kyiv blazed News One. All these fake warnings raising fake alarms arose because the Kyiv City Council agreed to explore a new language project. The document, which was approved as a draft and its

Fake: Songs of Utyosov and Dunayevsky Are Forbidden at Odesa Railway Station

On May 29, the Russian television channel Zvezda falsely reported that songs of Soviet composers Leonid Utyosov and Isaak Dunayevsky, which have traditionally greeted visitors arriving in Odesa, were to be forbidden and replaced with Ukrainian songs at the city’s railway station. The Russian site Pravda.ru also followed a similar line on May 29, adding: “The management of the railway station decided that their songs should not be played for

Fake: Latvians Want to Establish “Ghetto” for Russians

Several Russian mass media, including Moskovskiy Komsomolets, have reported that Latvians plan to establish a special “ghetto” for Russians, though the basis for these stories is almost certainly a fake. On April 25, the site of the Russian English-language news agency Sputniknews posted an article “Latvia Considers Establishing Segregated Neighborhoods for Ethnic Russians”. These articles are based on a circulating petition entitled “To Stop the Russian Fifth Column in Our

StopFakeNews #49. How Did It All Begin? Stopfake’s Anniversary

StopFakeNews #49. One year ago a group of us gathered in order to try to do something helpful for Ukraine under its difficult circumstances. As journalists, we decided to fight against pseudo-news, against fake reports. In this issue, we recall the disinformation that was in the beginning: the main horror stories of Russian mass media about fascists in Ukraine, the oppression against the Russian language, and anti-Semitism. And, of course,

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