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Fake: Ukrainian Right Sector Radicals Attack Peaceful Russians in Athens

Russian media presented a recent football brawl in the Greek capital Athens as an attack on peaceful Russians tourists by radical Ukrainians from the Right Sector group. Russian media claim the story was reported by the local Greek press, however, the story actually told by the Greek press is a far cry from the Russian version. Life.ru, Lenta.ru, RIA Novosti and other Russian sites disseminated the fake Russian version of

Fake: Right Sector and Ukrainian Military in Armed Conflict

Scores of Russian media reported this week that a shootout between Ukrainian military and the radical Right Sector battalion had occurred in the war zone. The source for this story is a literal font of fake news, frequent mouthpiece of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, the DonetskNews Agency. Citing something called “the operative leadership of the Donetsk People’s Republic”, the Donetsk News Agency claims that on August 6 the Ukrainian

Fake: Italian Il Giornale Claims Ukrainian Dancer is a Nazi

The Berlusconi family owned Italian daily newspaper Il Giornale published an article by Luca Romano claiming that prominent ballet dancer Serhiy Polunin is a Ukrainian Nazi. The proof for this outrageous claim according to Romano, are the dancer’s tattoos. Romano claims that the tattoo of the Ukrainian national symbol the trident on Polunin’s left hand is a symbol of the ultra-right organization the Right Sector. Romano saw the dancer’s tattoos

Fake: Right Radicals Beat Up Kharkiv Children for Speaking Russian

Scores of Russian media – the Defense Ministry television channel Zvezda, REN TV, Sputnik Novosti,  Radio Mayak, Russkiy Mir and others – published a story last week claiming that the radical right group Right Sector brutally assaulted a group of Kharkiv children for speaking Russian. The first site to carry this fake story was the News Agency Kharkov, a site that as StopFake ascertained, has nothing to do with Kharkiv.

Fake: Spanish media call Ukrainian coat of arms ultra-nationalist and paramilitary

On August 4 scores of Spanish publications circulated a story about Ukrainian footballer Roman Zozulya claiming he arrived in Seville wearing a t-shirt with the logo of the Right Sector party, a radical right Ukrainian party. Zozulya, who plays for the Seville football club Real Betis was in fact wearing a t-shirt with the Ukrainian coat of arms, the trident. Publico tv, 20 minutos, ABC Sevilla, Reporte 24, Multi Noticias,

Right Sector and Mossad Accused of Football Hooliganism Organization in Marseilles

Along with Russia, one of the groups responsible for the football fan violence in Marseilles is the Ukrainian Right Sector organization.  The Ukrainian group instigated the massive violence in order to set up the Russian fans, several Russian sites claimed last week. Allegedly hundreds of armed Right Sector members secretly arrived in Marseilles in a Cypriot boat in order to provoke a brawl on the eve of the Russia-England game

Russia Sees Its First Real Prison Sentence for ‘Promoting Extremism’ on Social Media

For the first time, a Russian court has handed out a real prison sentence to a user charged with “propaganda of extremism on social media.” Previously, similar charges had mostly resulted in fines or suspended sentences. An Internet user in the Siberian town of Surgut has been sentenced to a one-year imprisonment in a penal colony. The real (not suspended) year-long prison term was handed down by the municipal court

Fake: Ukrainians to Participate in Syrian War

Russian and pro-Russian media have been falsely reporting that Ukrainian citizens will be trained to take part in Syria’s civil war. They have based this information solely on a forged document. On October 21, the separatist website News Front posted an alleged scan of an official document from Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council. It states that the Council decided on October 13 (though the document itself is dated October

Tips to Make a Google Search Easier

Today we are going to look among search solutions offered to us by Google. Fortunately, basic search operators spare us from great investigative efforts. The «OR» and «–» operators are the most common in everyday use. With these operators, as with Twitter, we can look for a website containing one or several queried words in one place. For instance, the query [Nayyem OR Leshchenko] would direct us to websites containing

Fake: Members of the Right Sector Were Attacked by Helicopter Fire in Zakarpattia Oblast

On July 18 some Ukrainian mass media, mainly from Zakarpattia Oblast, wrote: “Zakarpattia Oblast turns into the area of combat operations. Today, at about 8 pm Mi-8 chopper equipped with missile-launching system inserted a force near Velyke Berezne and Zabrody. Then the terrorists from the Right Sector, who took to the bush, were attacked by the chopper fire.” This news was reported by Chas Zakarpattia, Uzhhorod.net.ua, Uzhhorod Online and others.

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