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Russian State TV Channel Airs New Program Devoted to Putin

By VOANews MOSCOW — A Russian state-owned television channel has a new weekly current affairs program devoted to President Vladimir Putin. The first episode of “Moscow. Kremlin. Putin.” aired on Sunday night, stressing the Russian president’s work to address various crises and stay in touch with ordinary Russians. The Kremlin has consolidated its control over television stations since Putin came into office in 2000, and Putin’s activities traditionally receive wide coverage

How to Comb Russia’s TV News

This article is part of a larger guidebook by RuNet Echo to help people learn how to conduct open-source research on the Russian Internet. Explore the complete guidebook at the special project page. According to survey research by the Levada Center, the vast majority of Russians (85 percent) say they watch television to learn about the country’s news. While less than half (41 percent) say they also trust the news

Russia 1 Wrongly Reports of Energy Ministry Appointment

On June 30 the site Vesti.ru (Russia 1 TV channel) incorrectly reported that Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko appointed 24-year-old Dmitry Vovk as Ukraine’s Minister of Energy. Dmitry Vovk was in fact appointed head of the Power and Utilities National Commission by the president on June 29. Volodymyr Demchishin remains Energy Secretary. Vovk has held the interim position as head of the National Commission since December 2014.

Russian Media Invent “Union of Zakarpattia and Lviv Regions”

The Russian newspaper Vzglyad has published an article entitled “Zakarpattia May Follow Crimea and Donbas” that falsely claims that the Ukrainian regions of Zakarpattya and Lviv will be united as a single region during decentralization reforms. The article states: “The next step would be the abolition the Zakarpattia region [as a single, federal region]. The Rada [Ukraine’s parliament] will start discussions of an administrative reforms in July. Among the others,

Berdiansk Police Refuted Information about 22 Women being Raped and Killed

January 25, the TV channel Russia-1 demonstrated the talk-show “Sunday Evening with Vladimir Soloviev”. During this talk-show so-called minister of international affairs of “Donetsk People’s Republic” in deadly earnest said that soldiers of the Azov battalion (who, according to him, somehow turned to be Albanians) raped and killed in Berdiansk 22 young women. He also added that this was found out by local journalists and law-enforcement authorities were trying to

“Unrecorded” Victim of the Shelling near Volnovakha on Russia One TV Channel

January 14, Russian TV channel Russia One showed the interview with a woman, who was allegedly injured during the shelling of the bus with civilians near Volnovakha on January 13. The video shows a woman with a bandaged arm and head, who tells the Russian channel that she was injured near Volnovakha. She claims that she did not hear explosions, but only a clap, which means that the bus allegedly

Faked Video of Homosexuality Propaganda among Children on TV Channel Russia 1

On November 28, TV channel Russia 1  showed in its program “Special correspondent” a news item telling that homosexuality was allegedly being propagated in Europe among children, destroying their sense of gender stereotypes. In order to confirm their rightness the channel journalist among others videos showed a fragment of an amateur video. This video allegedly shows a boy who received naked men pictured on the wall in his bedroom as

Fake: The New Year will be Forbidden in Ukraine because Ded Moroz is a Russian

Russian TV channels chase each other telling that Ded Moroz (Father Frost) was allegedly forbidden and replaced with Santa Claus in Ukraine. On November 17, the TV channel REN-TV informed about this. Then the Channel One joined (starting from 00.20): “Kyivans will have to celebrate New Year’s Eve without Ded Moroz who seems to became a fair game on the wave of lustration. The mayor’s office made public the program

Fake Ukrainian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs

On November 23, Russian TV-Channel Russia 1  in its Sunday news digest Vesti Nedeli  with Dmitrii Kiselev showed a report about Euromaidan consequences in Kiev, in which they used an interview with pro-Kremlin Anna News journalist, claiming him to be “Deputy Minister of Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2005-2008 Andrei Veselovskii.” In fact, ex-Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Andrei Veselovskii looks different. The interview was given by Sergei Veselovskii —

Russian TV Published Propaganda About MH17 That Actually Disproved The Kremlin’s Main Theory

Anyone who has been following the debate over the downing of MH17 will know one point of contention is which weapon was used to down MH17. On one side you have people who say it was mostly likely a missile launched by a Buk missile launcher, and on the other people claiming it was cannon fire from a jet. Generally the former claim is used to link the separatists to the

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