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Fake: US Ambassador to Russia Calls for Lifting of Russia Sanctions

Russia Today completely misrepresented the position of the American Ambassador to Russia regarding the lifting of sanctions against the Russian Federation. RT’s story entitled “US Ambassador hopes, the sanctions against Russia will be lifted” is misleading and does not correspond to the text of the story. The headline suggests that the American Ambassador wants all Russia sanctions lifted; in the actual story the Ambassador states that sanctions can be lifted

Fake: Russia Sanctions Cost Ukraine $98 Billion

The Russian website Rossiyskaya gazeta published a news item claiming that according to the World Trade Organization Trade Policy Review report published on the Ukrainian Economic Development Ministry’s website, Ukraine has lost $98 billion dollars because of sanctions imposed against Russia. These losses however, are a result of Russia’s bans on Ukrainian exports, something that is clearly stated in the WTO report: “The volumes of trade with the Russian Federation,

Fake: Millions of Russian Citizens in Ukraine to Be Interned

On May 12, Sputniknews falsely reported that a bill has come into effect in Ukraine that could send “millions of Russian citizens” in the country to special internment camps. “If the bill is approved, millions of Russian citizens residing in Ukraine will be interned in special camps as war prisoners,” the article states. According to Sputniknews, the bill “provides for the compulsory internment in special camps of foreign nationals residing

Nine Points at Issue in Putin’s Message to the Parliament

Thursday, December 4 president Vladimir Putin came out with a message to the Federal Assembly of Russia. This is a yearly ritual, it’s point is to retell the priorities of the inner policy, to discuss the achieved and to dream about achievable, so the MPs, officials, members of power ministries and all sympathisers could compare their notes with the president and become encouraged for the effective work. The message was awaited because

Moscow lied that Red Cross had given consent to Russian “aid convoys” for Donbas

Russian media reported that International Committee of the Red Cross (the ICRC) had allegedly supported Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov’s proposition to deliver Russian “aid convoys” to Ukraine. Media referred to the site of the ICRC. However, there has never been such a statement on this web-site. On August 8, Russian mass media spread news about the Red Cross giving its consent to Russian “aid convoys” access

Weekly newscast from StopFake team. Number 15.

And here is ours StopFakeNews #15 newscast. Inside – about attempts to show photoes with deceased children from Syria and Russia as if it were events on the East of Ukraine, about some of the Ukrainian media who didn’t understood well what was stated in UN report and more. You can found all our videos here

Fake: UN Confirmed Russian Intelligence Agencies were Behind the Odessa House of Trade Unions Tragedy

Many Ukrainian news agencies claim that UN experts in their report on the state of human rights in Ukraine confirmed that Russian intelligence agencies were behind the tragedy in Odessa on May 2. Over forty people had died and many had been wounded in street fights, shootings and the fire in the House of Trade Unions Most of the news agencies report the following information: «Evidence found that the clashes in the

Vladimir Putin Exaggerated the Number of Ukrainian Immigrants in Russia by Five Times

The president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin made a mistake in numbers, while speaking about the relations between Ukraine and Russia, during the briefing after the dinner commemorating the 70th anniversary the Allied invasion of Normandy. «As many as five to six million out of Ukraine’s 18-million employable population work in Russia. Well, there are many questions which require a serious approach», – said Putin to underline the negative effects Ukraine

Ministry of Defence of Ukraine denied information about 72 military units joining Russian Armed Forces in Crimea

On the 21st of March RIA News stated that on the 20th March 72 military units in Crimea supposedly raised Russian flag and almost joined Russian Armed Forces. According to the media this was stated by Sergei Shoigu Russian Minister of Defence. The Minister said that they are currently regestering officers and personnel that serve in these units. However, Oleksiy Dmitrashkivsky – Chief of Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces

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