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Falsified Photos of Russian Soldier in Donbas

A number of Ukrainian media have published fake screenshots from a social network page. Through this, they have produced a photo of a Russian soldier who is alleged to be involved in war crimes in Donbas. On June 22, the site Peacekeeper (Миротворец) reported that a certain Dmitri Simonchik, a Russian, fought in eastern Ukraine in 2014. Screenshots taken from his social network page are presented as proof. Texts accompanying

Video of Chechen Family’s Execution Turns out to Be Fragment from Fictional Film

A video showing a Chechen family being executed by Russian soldiers was falsely spread among Ukrainian social networks as a real event and viewed as many as 100,000 times. In fact, it is from a fictional film, The Search, by French director Michel Hazanavicius. This was explained by the chief editor of the site bit.ua Vladyslav Nedohibchenko on his Facebook page: “A few years ago my friend Maksim Zapisochnyi acted

NTV Channel Presented Old Video from Mariupol as the Latest News about Shelling of Donetsk

January 26, the Russian TV channel NTV demonstrated in its news program Segodnia (eng. – “Today”) a news item about shelling of Donetsk by the Ukrainian Army. “The situation on the south-east of Ukraine continues to be difficult. Militia men claim that Ukrainian forces drew up about 30 tanks to the town of Avdiivka – it is situated to the north from Donetsk – and forbade the locals to abandon

Fake: Defense Ministry of Russian Federation Denied the news, Posted be Ukrainian media, about Extermination of Russian Major-General at the Donbas

On January 20, the website Military Review published untrue news with the title “The Defense Ministry commented on the publication of the Ukrainian media about the ‘extermination of Major General of Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in DNR’.” The report said: “The Ukrainian media literally vied with each other to go out with materials that allegedly on the territory controlled by DNR militia allegedly some ‘Ukrainian partisans’ brigade ‘Shadows’ exterminated,

Analysis of the Volnovakha incident

Originally the analysis of the Volnovakha incident can be found here: Evidence Strongly Implicates Russian-Backed Fighters In Bus Shelling That Killed 11 Civilians http://t.co/Im2bZjw6VS pic.twitter.com/0drXW00Yy8 — The Interpreter (@Interpreter_Mag) January 13, 2015 Here is a situation map: On a larger scale that looks like this: Clearly the rockets came from Russian occupied territory. In addition I tweeted these things about it, because they argued it was cased by a Ukrainian

One base to rule them all – five facts you should know about Russia’s main invasion hub

On January 6, @DajeyPetros spotted that the latest updated Google Earth satellite images revealed / included the base, many people knew about, but nobody could ever locate due to Russian army security measure to not leak meaningful footage of it and the lack of recent satellite footage from the area. The Russian invasion, that started in April 2014 and continues to that very day includes hundreds of tanks, apcs, MLRS and other vehicles as

SU-25, MH17 and the Problems with Keeping a Story Straight

While the investigations in to the downing of MH17 continue there’s been much debate about who was responsible, and the weapon system used to down MH17. These theories can be generally split into two broad groups, one where a Buk surface to air missile system was used to shoot down MH17, the other where a Ukrainian military jet, usually specified as a SU-25, shot down MH17. Bellingcat has examined much

BBC finds Russians fighting in eastern Ukraine

It is eight months since the start of the conflict in eastern Ukraine, and the fighting has claimed more than 4,000 lives. Russia has consistently denied its forces are involved, but the BBC has spoken to Russian fighters in Ukraine who talk openly about taking on the Ukrainian army. Tim Whewell from BBC reports.

Photo from Chechnya Dated 1994 is Presented as Depicting Actual Events in Rostov

Information about the revolt of soldiers’ mothers, which is said to start in the Russian city of Rostov-on-Don on December 2, is being actively spread around social networks. According to their users, mothers gathered from all over the country in order to find their sons, who had disappeared during a “long tour of duty”, that is had perished in Ukraine. Besides, locals also revolted, because lots of their relatives died

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