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Russia’s Second Invasion of Donbas is Well-Orchestrated

Russian tanks, heavy equipment, and soldiers are once again streaming across Ukraine’s now nominal border in the Donbas, reinforcing pro-Russian positions and greatly escalating the risks of new open conflict in Ukraine. To be clear, the ceasefire proclaimed in September has never been successful. The Minsk Protocol, signed on September 5 and which was designed to bring peace to Ukraine, instead resulted in a ceasefire in name only. In reality,

Reuters’ Investigation: Russia helps “Militia” in the Donbas by Troops and Equipment (photo)

Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly stated that the Russian soldiers fighting in Ukraine are volunteers, the Russian paratroopers in eastern Ukraine simply got “lost”, but Russia does not help the so-called militias in the Donbas by any professional military people or military equipment. Reuters journalists gathered evidence – photos and eyewitnesses – that prove the situation is otherwise. Reuters found the blackened carcasses of what military experts have since identified

Spring Video Showing a Column of Russian Military Machines is Presented as a Current Event

On October 21 and 22, several Ukrainian web sites spread the news entitled “Belgorod, Russian Federation – a huge column of military machines is moving towards Ukraine. VIDEO”. Indeed, the video shows a column of military machines moving along the streets of the city. However, this video was not filmed on October 22. This can be determined even from the fact that there are absolutely no leaves on trees, as

Russian Ministry of Defense Qualified the Information about Russian Militaries Taking Part in the Conflict in Ukraine as “Speculations”

The member of the Russian State Duma Dmitriy Gudkov received from the Ministry of Defense a response to his enquiry about Russian militaries taking part in the conflict on the Ukrainian territory. He wrote about this in his blog and published soft copies of both documents – his enquiry and the response to it. In its response the Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation qualified the information about Russian militaries

Russian Human Rights Activist Posted one more Proof of the Death of Russian Soldiers in Donbas

Russian human rights activist and advocate Elena Vasilieva posted in a social network one more proof of the fact that Russian soldiers are fighting and dying in the Donbas. It goes about the screenshots of a conversation posted in Facebook by Elena Vasilieva with a reference to the group “Cargo 200 from Ukraine to Russia”. According to these screenshots some Kristina Gershwild (probably an employee of the program Free time

Fake: Russian Soldiers’ Mothers got Caught with American Grants

Russian sites disseminate false information alleging that the Russian Soldiers’ Mothers Committees in St. Petersburg, Pskov and Kostroma has recently received American grants and now they have to lie about what is happening in Russia and in the eastern Ukraine. Some picture, which is said to be a screenshot of American charitable foundation National Endowment for Democracy website, appeared in Facebook. You can see on this picture the information about

Kremlin has Launched a new Information Attack

The armed conflict in eastern Ukraine lasts already for more than four months.  Lots of money has been spent, many people died.  The tension of the political conflict elevated each day.  The military component of the conflict is incremented. With the start of a new round of military aggression to Ukraine by Russia the Kremlin information war gained new forms.  This was facilitated by features of the military-political situation during

Faked photos of Russian “humanitarian” tanks at the Ukrainian border are being spread throughout social networks

White-painted photos of Russian tanks and APCs are being spread through social networks. A lot of bloggers post these photos with the explanation that this is Russian so-called “humanitarian” enginery at the Ukrainian border. Bloggers assume that tanks and APCs had to be hastily repainted white when it had become known that they would accompany humanitarian aid. However, these photos were not made at the Ukrainian border last days. Some of them are taken from

Ukrainian site Censor.net published edited photo of a Russian soldier

One of the most popular Ukrainian news site Censor.net published a photo, changed for the purpose of the news with a graphic editor. This image is said to be a photo of a Russian soldier. As far back as May 26 Censor.net published the news “Russian terrorists leave near Sloviansk bodies of their “comrades-in-arms”. Shocking PHOTOS” and used several photos of bodies with a reference to the site Glavnoye. July

Fake: European Court has Refused to Return Crimea to Ukraine

June 8 LifeJournal social network user Pavel Shipilin posted a message about European Court allegedly refusing to return Crimea to Ukraine. This information was further spread by a number of Russian websites. In his post Pavel Shipilin claims that European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) allegedly handed down a decision, in which it refused to help Ukraine in retrieving Crimea. Now, according to Shipilin, Kiev will have to deal with Moscow directly,

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